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Get On Your Boss's Good Side

by October 04, 2009 02:49 AM EST
Get On Your Boss's Good Side
Do you play to your boss's strengths, or fill in for their weaknesses? Getting on your boss's good side means knowing what makes them tick and what they value most.

The Aries boss likes to win, but is not averse to a robust discussion. Indeed, they can be contemptuous of employees who don't fight for their own point of view, so never hesitate to speak up. They are not inherently practical or good with details, so keeping their feet clear of trivialities will help. You'll need to think and speak fast around your Aries boss, show initiative and learn to react to their often tactless comments with a mischievous smile.

Two things to know about the Taurus boss: They like power, and they hate change. Don't upset them by constantly suggesting improvements their idea of heaven is staying on the same track for the next decade. They are practical but can lack flair. Develop a strategy for avoiding disagreements with them by learning to fit in and saying yes.

The Gemini boss will talk constantly, overfill your schedule, multitask like mad and expect you to do the same; they'll also never be there when you need a decision. But if you can survive their snowstorms of information, you'll do well. They'll expect you to know the answer to a million different questions, but they certainly don't want an hour-long lecture from you. They won't always tell you the truth, but it won't do you well to point that out.

The Cancer boss is creative, ambitious and hyper-sensitive, so you'll need to tread on eggshells. Don't show your hurt at their moodiness, since it will only worsen the situation. Thoughtful gestures like bringing them coffee (or even a gift) will help, and remembering their birthday will definitely put you into their good books. They have initiative and appreciate new ideas, so have a ready stream of suggestions at the ready. Just be sure to stand back on stormy days.

The Leo boss adores appreciative courtiers, so always tell them they are right and wonderful, all while you laugh at their jokes and praise their outfits. Criticism even of the constructive variety makes them crumple. They are a fixed sign and tend to dislike too much change, so curb your jitterbug tendencies. They can be impractical, so be prepared to do the donkey work while they take the glory. If you appeal to their hearts, you'll get more out of them.


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The Virgo boss prefers life to be organized to the nth degree. Even if they can't manage themselves, they'll expect you to be super efficient and on top of every last detail. When they get crotchety and critical, don't gripe back. Just realize it's their fear of chaos that brings up their hackles. Get everything in on time, be straight and appeal to their sense of fairness when you fall short.

The Libra boss needs tranquillity, elegance and respect, so don't turn up scruffy or poorly dressed. They have an unnerving habit of always taking the opposite point of view not because they're argumentative, but simply because they like to balance the scales. Get used to it and prompt them gently as they interminably weigh every option before reaching a decision. Finally, tell them how wise they are. They'll like that.

The Scorpio boss may appear a pussycat, but they've got cougar claws tucked out of sight. Be prepared to defend your point of view, since there's nothing they like more than an intense discussion. They don't always play fair, so toughen your hide and certainly don't lie to them, since they have an uncanny instinct for digging out the truth. And don't forget to schmooze them whenever you have the chance.

The Sagittarius boss is good fun, always on the go and rather brutally outspoken at times, but they'll be upset if you take offense. They don't like wimps, so straighten up and give as good as you get. They're not the practical type, so they'll need a helping hand with details and long-term projects, each of which bore them stiff. Usually well-read, they'll expect you to be knowledgeable too, so do your homework before meetings.

The Capricorn boss can seem cool, rigid and rather narrow-minded. But in turth, they're goal-setters who know where they're going, and they've got a plan to get there. They understand hierarchies, so get into your place and help them on their upward ascent. They won't appreciate oddball jokes, too many days off or anything that gets in the way of a result. If you work as hard as they do, they'll warm appreciably.

The Aquarius boss is an odd mix: They appreciate mavericks with their own ideas, but don't take kindly to having their schedule constantly changed. They won't care what you wear or how friendly you are to them. But don't push your luck too far, since they can turn into a diva and throw a tantrum if you misjudge their mood. They love the latest techniques and equipment, so always point them to what's on the leading edge.

The Pisces boss can be irksomely vague or a voracious monster, depending on whether they're a little or big fish. Either way, they'll want hardheaded, practical workers under them to sort out their chaos. They have strong intuition and can be very sympathetic when not too spaced out, but they still require some smoothing over from time to time. They're sensitive to moods and criticism, so keep boosting their ego. Finally, they hate a noisy work atmosphere, so play it cool and quiet.
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