Healing Signs

Healing signs

Chiron in Aries

If Chiron falls in Aries in your chart, you bear a pain inflicted upon your sense of self. This Chironic placement makes for a person who can wallow in self-pity over wounds, which can be physical, mental or psychic, self-inflicted, inherited or accidental. At the heart of Aries' influence are the ways in which you attain fulfillment with who you are on the inside and out. With Chiron in Aries, you can't help others because you can't see that you're not at peace with yourself. Instead of floundering in doubt, punishing yourself for who you aren't, Chiron in Aries encourages you to embrace who you are.

By celebrating your strengths, you gain peace of mind and an opportunity to reach out to others going through similar pain. Healing yourself opens you (and your wound) up to the world, giving you a chance to give back what you've learned from your pain. Give your time to causes dealing with self-esteem or appearance issues -- especially with children and adolescents -- like eating disorders, self-mutilation or any behaviors that people inflict upon themselves out of self-loathing.

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