Healing Signs

Healing signs

Chiron in Cancer

If Chiron falls in Cancer in your chart, you bear the pain of a lack of love. This placement posits someone who feels unworthy of love and turns their energy outward, giving too generously to everyone but themselves. You sacrifice your own pleasure to avoid the pain you feel. At the heart of Cancer is the need to nurture, make a home and seek security. Cancer loves to bring the downtrodden into their arms and nurse them back to health -- they're always taking in stray cats and relatives fallen on bad times -- but with Chiron in Cancer, they neglect their own pain. Rather than giving all your love to others,

Chiron in Cancer encourages you to give love to yourself. Unlike other Signs, with Cancer, you must give your time to your OWN cause for a change! Cherish your own need for love and nurturing and you open yourself (and your wound) up to the world, allowing love to flow back to you. Once you concede that you need love, you can give of yourself again, this time in a more balanced, healthy way. Allow for self-indulgence, a well-deserved reward you give yourself for all you've done for others.

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