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Health & the Moon: Your Vulnerabilities -- and How to Strengthen Them

by Stefanie Weiss March 17, 2014 05:11 PM EST
Health & the Moon: Your Vulnerabilities -- and How to Strengthen Them Getty Images
Our emotional wounds often translate into physiological aliments -- the mind-body connection is that powerful. That’s why so many holistic doctors like to say: “disease is dis-ease”. Luckily, our astrological chart can show us how to heal our deepest wounds and prevent illnesses, simply by revealing our vulnerabilities.

The Moon symbolizes our emotional interior, and it shows us how we need to nurture ourselves. Even if you didn’t always get what your tiny infant heart desired from your actual mother or guardian, the Moon can help you identify your emotional imbalances and teach you how to heal yourself. Find out your Moon sign, here, and explore how best to stay healthy!

Moon in Aries
Your head is your most vulnerable area. You may suffer from migraines, tension and eyestrain. Don’t allow anger to consume you. Repressed resentments can translate into searing headaches. Find a physical outlet for that emotional pain.

Moon in Taurus
Your throat is your most vulnerable area. When you hide your feelings and feel like you cannot express your creative instincts, you suffer from sore throats and other throat/neck issues. Make sure you have outlets, even if that just means writing in your journal daily.

Moon in Gemini
Your nervous system, lungs, arms and hands are your most vulnerable areas. When you stuff your feelings you can suffer from breathing issues like anxiety, asthma and chest congestion. It’s essential that you learn to calm yourself through deep breathing exercises. Meditation is your best friend.

Moon in Cancer
Your stomach, breasts and solar plexus are your most vulnerable areas. You can suffer from digestive issues and weight gain around your mid-section. Aside from eating healthy and taking daily probiotics, it’s essential that you nurture yourself at all times. Make sure your home environment is a sanctuary that you can retreat to when you feel stressed.

Moon in Leo
Your heart and spine are your most vulnerable areas. Having a creative outlet is the number one way for you to tap into self-esteem, the force you must have in order to be healthy. When your self-love wanes, you can experience anxiety, palpitations or back pain.

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Moon in Virgo
Your intestinal tract and digestive system are your most vulnerable areas. It’s essential for you to have time alone to regroup and meditate. If you don’t have a sacred space to clear out the external noise of daily life, you can suffer from digestive and nervous disorders.

Moon in Libra
Your kidneys and lower back are your most vulnerable areas. It’s important for you to honor your need for harmony and to avoid the kind of extremes that throw you off balance. When your relationships aren’t right, you don’t feel right, and you can experience urinary tract issues, kidney stones and lower back pain.

Moon in Scorpio
Your reproductive organs and generative system are your most vulnerable areas. Your greatest vulnerability comes from your fear of losing control, which is why it’s so necessary for you to practice letting go. If you allow yourself to get caught up in jealousy or vindictiveness, you can experience reproductive disorders and blocked digestion.

Moon in Sagittarius
Your hips and thighs are your most vulnerable areas. Freedom is your raison d’etre. If you feel emotionally constrained or bored, you might respond by overeating. This can cause weight gain in your hips and thighs and give you high cholesterol, which can lead to other, more serious health issues. Seek appropriate adventures for optimum health!

Moon in Capricorn
Your bones, skin and knees are your most vulnerable areas. “Work yourself to the bone” is a Capricorn phrase if there ever was one. Don’t crowd out all the other joys of life in favor of ambition, or you might suffer from knee injuries, skin/joint issues and bone degeneration.

Moon in Aquarius
Your circulatory system, ankles and calves are your most vulnerable areas. You have a tendency to be so emotionally detached that you don’t always recognize when loved ones are reaching out to you. Work on healing any childhood wounds that have made you emotionally distant, or else you might experience circulatory disorders, leg cramps and spasms.

Moon in Pisces
Your feet and your lymphatic system are your most vulnerable areas. You are an emotional sponge and you often take on other people’s problems just from sheer proximity. It’s essential for you to avoid being a martyr. Learn to take care of your own emotional needs or you might experience immune disorders, lymphatic sluggishness or foot injuries.
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