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Is a Honeymoon Baby in the Stars for Prince William and Kate Middleton?

by Kiki T. April 28, 2011 10:28 PM EST
Is a Honeymoon Baby in the Stars for Prince William and Kate Middleton? Prince William and Kate Middleton: Mario Testino/Clarence House
Today marks the biggest day in recent British history, with the marriage of Prince William to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. Most of the world is excited for this celebration, especially since we all know what this royal wedding really means: the start to the royal baby-making! So is a honeymoon baby in the stars for Kate and Wills?

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Quite possibly! Kate is a Capricorn, which means as of June 4, Jupiter, the planet of fortune, will be in her Fifth House -- which happens to be her fertility house! -- for a year. While this won't give her the lucky chance at a honeymoon baby, it does indicate that she's likely to conceive within the year, and it'll probably happen no later than June 2012. However, this doesn't rule out a honeymoon baby completely. William, a Cancer with a Sagittarius Rising, just happens to have Jupiter in his house of children now through June 4, making it likely that an heir to the throne will appear sooner rather than later.
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