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Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle (August 11th to August 25th)

by Saraswati J. Miller August 13, 2014 07:35 PM EST
Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle (August 11th to August 25th) Getty Images

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Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle from August 11th to 25th

Heart and relationship matters swell, but it still feels like they are lurching you in all directions. Your heart valves are learning how to open and close more harmoniously though right now it may be a bit ungraceful. Things get laser focused for you with children, passion and romance as well as knowledge and learning once Sun moves to Leo- your 5th house- on the 16th. What details need your attention in order for maximum progress? Don't expect clarity with relationship matters though. The mind will be trying to over think which may lead to heart burn. Continue to attend to your self care and healing on a high level. The challenge will be to not fall off the wagon into your old potholes.

Taurus: Cravings are strong, passions and desires are high and your creativity is expanding and flowing. Your heart and home matters get fired up, but be wary of the flames. There's a strong tendency right now for you to be delusional in your desires. Are you seeing the whole picture? Or terribly blinded by your cravings for nourishment? Intuition can be shadowed now that Rahu is in your 5th house. Make sure you aren't making choices that are irreparable. I've said it before, I'll say it again, get your gut in check and pay attention to your digestion. The best way for you to get clear in the heart is by clearing out the gut. Watch out for relationships, teachers and friends that are enemies in disguise. Pay attention to your internal warning signals.

Gemini: Comfort, nourishment and support are the name of the game! Just don't OD on sweets, fats, and intoxicants in the process- oh but it's tempting! Get clear and courageous and courageously clear. Your heart and emotions may be clouded and uncertain, so it will take very intentional work to navigate the smoke and mirrors of the mind. I suggest a 3 level check in and regular harvesting for your process. (Find details on my blog: www.swatijrjyotish.com). Passions, children, romance and intuition may be up and down and all around- remember to always move towards that which feels nourishing, supportive and comforting. This is especially important with career matters as you navigate the many changes arriving. Let the inspiration and possibilities be nourishing as well.

Cancer: Head congestion or heart congestion- or both? May I suggest the neti pot? It's time to clean and clear the inner vessels and try to get some clarity in your mental/emotional bodies. There's some rigidity within you and your heart, but also great courage to take action, create, share and communicate. Watch your mouth in the coming weeks and always speak as a leader- with integrity and compassion- but dump the ego. Your passions could get the best of you, so be mindful of who and what you are connecting to and ask for the why as well. If you can cut through the intense passionate fog within your head, and truly listen to your emotional wisdom, you will find the answers you need. Enjoy the influx of creative potential.

Leo: You light up as soon as Sun goes into your first house on the 16th. Until then, continue to put attention into your silence, meditations, and self care needs. Issues may improve with emotions and heart, teachers and dharma at that time. The past is a teacher for you right now. What is resurfacing and reminding you to listen closely? Early childhood experiences are directly linked to your concerns for safety, comfort, nourishment and support right now and this assists you in your homework with relationship matters. Intuition is strong, so pay attention to your emotional body wisdom. Courage may feel unsteady at times, strong at others. Trust your process and have compassion for your path of growth and wisdom.

Virgo: Now that Rahu is in your first house, the smoke is getting thick and clarity is hard to come by. You may not even notice just how much smoke is actually in your head in this next 1.5 years, but when the smoke clears eventually, you will see more clearly. For now, keep moving towards nourishment- whatever that may feel like to you. Not the false kind that doesn't last, but the kind that you can feel in your bones and blood and tingles up your spine. There are friends that can offer support, but some of your relationships really need to be let go of- once and for all. Can you tell which ones are not nourishing you on every level? As Sun moves into your 12th house on the 16th, it's time for a long holiday, a retreat, some alone time and meditation. Traveling may help your career so be open for messages and ideas that come forth.

Libra: Grand plans are afoot! Are you cleaning and clearing within, or losing sight of your goals for change and transformation? Necessary alone time, retreats and meditation are the most worthwhile efforts, but will be the hardest to accomplish. Friends may offer gains in the coming weeks- especially the high level kind. But don't get burned or blinded by their light. You are learning temperance right now. Remember to go slow and don't make hasty decisions. Career is especially susceptible to big changes and restructuring so start dreaming and scheming about your next steps. Continue to rip off your band aids and keep peering through your shadows.

Scorpio: As soon as the Sun moves into your 10th house of career on the 16th, you take your heart wisdom into action and attract the crowds who love what you do. Always start from the inside out and share your magic from your depths, not from the ego. Connect, create, share, advise and council. With creativity and connectivity so high right now, you are likely to attract some abundance. Share the wealth. Let the love flow from your heart and make it a win/win. As you share with others, you are learning so much in return. This is the true meaning of reciprocity and will expand your heart, dharma and wisdom in one swoop. Enjoy this expansion phase.

Sagittarius: Heart sparks are happening and are likely causing some heart burn. It's a time of letting go and processing your past. Now is the time to learn from it, gain insights, but not get absorbed by it and lost in the old, familiar territory. Old friends can be a resource, but don't let them drag you further into the past, into your old, bad habits. Career requires new courage and will be worth the effort with unusual pay offs. Keep going but get innovative. As Sun moves to your 9th house on the 16th, it's time to share and shine. What can you do to be of service and how can you maximize the way you offer guidance? Be sure you're listening to others as well- your teachers have a lot to share with you. Enjoy the wisdom.

Capricorn: It's your quiet time and transformation time as Sun dips into your 8th house on the 16th, but I wouldn't expect you to keep the covers pulled over your head. In fact, ideas, grande plans, and manifestations, sweep through you as you envision new possibilities and paths. Meanwhile back at the ranch, you've got steady work to do. It's passionate and courageous and makes your heart sing, but may be lurching forward ungracefully nonetheless. Keep teaching, keep sharing, keep guiding and trusting the path. You are getting the support you need, make sure you give gratitude for the pieces that have really lined up.

Aquarius: In true Aquarian nature, there are a few pluses and a few minuses all happening simultaneously. Depth brings you perspective on the past, on some bad habits and old ways of doing things. Your messages and communication are a huge source of growth for you. Sharing your insights with others may be helpful for you as you clarify your findings. Teachers, relationships and friendships may give a bit of both comfort and burn. What are the kisses and what are the slaps? Can you figure out what your part is in the dynamic? Let the past illuminate your present but start choosing a new path in order for different outcomes.

Pisces: Sparks of illumination and sudden insights share valuable information for your heart and mind. Likely you are learning a lot about how you interact with others and your relationships. Pay attention to your emotions as they are offering great intuitive guidance. Eat gently and avoid excess sweets, fat and intoxicants. Use this time to clean up your diet, your gut and try not to succumb to old habits. Career requires old steps, the slow and steady kind; let friends inspire the journey and get you super charged with possibilities. You are in a period of transformation. Trust that it's leading you to new possibilities and momentum in the coming months.

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