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Horoscopes for the Week of July 28

by Chani Nicholas July 28, 2014 11:55 AM EST
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Venus is a busy bee this week as it makes its way through Cancer, setting off the Uranus/Pluto square. Sunday night/Monday morning Venus opposes Pluto and Thursday night/Friday morning Venus squares Uranus. 

The Uranus/Pluto square is an overarching theme of upheaval and change that has been occurring for the past two-plus years, and will continue to be active for the next eight months. Both planets move slowly and are considered transpersonal planets, meaning that their movements speak to our collective experience. Their dance is slow, steady and strong. We build our collective movements around theirs. 

Venus is known for its ability to connect, love, relate and create. Its journey through the crosshairs of this gnarly set up has historically been no picnic. But picnics don’t seem to be what we need at the moment. Venus in Cancer speaks to us of the ties that bind. Cancer represents the tribe, the family and the bonds that blood brings. But Venus in Cancer moving through this transpersonal terrain reminds us that we are all family. Venus creates culture, Uranus and Pluto change it. 

It’s time to change how we do things on this beautiful spec of life that floats in an unending sea of space. Venus reminds us that the only way to make big change is to create small ones in our everyday interactions. If you know someone suffering, call them. If you know someone in an area of the world that is caught in the crossfires of something much greater than themselves, call them. If there is an opportunity to reach across religious differences, cultural divides and historic gridlocks, reach. Venus reminds us that we are the way to peace. 

Mercury will move into Leo on Thursday, and will cozy up to Jupiter and then square Mars on Saturday. This combination can create a whole cacophony of sounds. Big talk, big plans, big ideas, big conflict but if we are lucky big vision. It’s always easy to overdo it when Jupiter is in the mix. It’s always easy to overheat when Mars is. It’s almost too tempting not to. Jupiter can get us out of ruts but can land us in a whole heap of debt if we aren’t careful. Jupiter can lift us out of depression but if we aren’t conscious, we can become manic from the ascent (especially with Mars in the mix). But when Jupiter is really working for us, it can remind us of the larger, overarching reasons for being on this planet. Jupiter reminds us of the laws, the philosophies and the faith that can make the human experience a worthy pursuit. Jupiter reminds us that the spirit is free and that anchoring that knowledge in the physical experience is a worthy and noble pursuit. Best of all, Jupiter can help us to relax so that we can access these greater states of awareness. Jupiter reminds us that our real wealth is always spiritual in nature, and the best way to demonstrate that is through gratitude and generosity of heart. 

Lend yours whenever and where ever you can.


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Aries & Aries Rising

Healing occurs when we are least aware that we need it to. Healing sneaks up on us and kisses our neck passionately, knocking us off our feet. We have no choice but to submit once it lays those luscious lips upon us. 

Whatever is happening in your family, home or innermost sanctuary is asking for your full attention. It needs you to commit to it. It wants to relay something to you but it needs to know that you are present and willing to listen with compassion. It is asking you to listen without formulating your response. It’s wondering if you can listen without needing to win. 

Vulnerability is a pain in the ass when it comes to productivity. Having so many feelings tends to impede our speed. But nothing is lost and maybe, just maybe, something is gained this week by allowing your heart to have a moment.

Nothing is lost. In fact, there's a tremendous amount of creative energy brimming and it could very well lead you to some important discoveries. Discoveries that illuminate, expand and allow you to think beyond your known reality. Write those suckers down. You're sitting on an artistic goldmine right now. Don’t hesitate to lay in bed with lovers, expounding on your visions. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves with the little ones in your life and get schooled by the greatest improvisors on the planet. 

Don’t be afraid to let your heart open. Embrace the hard stuff because ultimately it’s what gets you to a greater creative capacity. Embracing our heartbreak can lead to our greatest escape ... from a life lived too close to comfort to allow any growth to occur. Don’t be afraid of the very thing that can get you out of jail -- free. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising  

In some ways it’s time to see yourself in a new light. In some ways it’s time to understand yourself by standing on new ground. In some ways you are being tested by forces beyond your comprehension, and the only thing that you can do is: go with it

Trust in your ability to connect to those who will help you along the next leg of this journey.

For some of you, the journey will entail shifts in physical space. But for most of you, this week will be about cultivating a deeper understanding of how you can feel secure in the world and how feeling secure has little to do with how anything is set up on the external realm, and more to do with how you’ve decorated your space in the internal one. 

Focus on the sense of family and home that you're in need of recreating. Find the ways in which you're able to expand your sense of place in the world and the ways in which you're able to grow beyond the limits that your parents lived within. Use your manifesting capabilities to draw to you (or to at least envision) that type of place you wish to wake up in and live from every day.

Feeling at home is a luxury. Being in a home that feels even close to safe is also a luxury, as so many of our brothers and sisters around the world do not. And so, to whatever degree you can, to whatever degree it’s possible, work on creating even more of this for yourself and your family. Not only because you have the privilege to do so, but because in doing so you create more of that in the world.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

More. More. More. Your mind is revved up and ready to rumble, rambling down roads of righteousness. 

We spoke about this last week, but I think it bears repeating: It’s time to think big, Beauties. 

Speak boldly. Speak your truth. Do not hide it. Write it all over your walls. Have hope. Fill up on it. Fill up on fortifying conversations with far-out friends that lay your freaky fears to rest. If there were ever a time to spend with siblings or the people who feel like your kin, this is that time

Don’t get lost in compliments or self congratulating, self-aggrandizing time warps. Your ideas aren’t that great if all you do is fill them with hot air. Put some lead in those balloons. Bring those badass bandits to justice by capturing some of their exquisite insights, and do something with all of this sweet, sweet inspiration.   

The folks you're chatting with, the brothers and sisters you're kicking it with, are all teaching you something essential about partnership. They are all informing you about how to be open and free with your heart so that you have more to give in your intimate affairs. You need a diversity of relationships. It’s just not practical to count on one source for everything. 

The other component to this week is that the people you're with will stir your cravings for new adventures at work, and you are poised to take those leaps of faith, now. Whatever you've been wanting to shift or reinvent in this area, this is the perfect time to do so.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

It’s time to unlace the too-tightly-strung corsets that prevent you from the inhale that you need right now. The kind of growth you need is offended by such a tight bind. 

It’s time you understand your influence in the world. It’s time you understand your influence by witnessing the confluence of energies that are happening around you as signs of your worth. 

It’s time to embrace the chaffing that intimate relationships produce because it gets you out of your self-protective ruts. This is no time to play it safe. Your heart, your reputation, your way of being in the world -- all want to be courageously engaged with.

You have nothing to lose.

You have nothing to lose but your little shell, the one you know is far too small for your big, big heart. And big hearts take big swings. They feel the suffering taking place on the other side of the world. They feel the grief of their ancestors who fought for freedoms yet realized.

Big, big hearts aren’t afraid to admit when they're wrong, when they're jealous, when they're afraid and when they just don’t know what to do anymore. Big, big hearts know that to be in the unknown is like spiritual gold. To be even a momentary beginner is a phenomenal fortune. 

Let yourself wonder this week. Get curious instead of callous. Get investigative instead of insolent. Get humble instead of hostile. Get gracious instead of greedy. There are enough wars in the world, the last thing you need is to start conflict where the only thing truly required is compassion.

Leo & Leo Rising

The clouds clear, the fog lifts and the ability to see for miles and miles disturbs your otherwise tunneled vision. This week carries with it the building of the new Moon, the one that just sprouted tender shoots in your sign -- which is to say your soul’s home. You're seeding your Self. You're making room for you and all the yearnings, big and small, that your heart cradles and yearns to cultivate. You're allowing life to live itself through you. You are becoming. You are new. You are precious and you are awakening to your potential.


I’m not saying that you aren’t up against every oppressive structural evil there is. I’m not blind to the fact that many of us still must wage a daily war against the very ideas that slew every child of the hope your ancestors birthed. Too many do not have the luxury to turn a blind eye to the wrath that injustice incurs. 

There are ways to outsmart, outwit, outrun and illuminate how outdated and unnecessary said structures are and, in the process, discover your talent for living, your plans for thriving and your hopes for procreating the most precious of precocious progenies. We need your story so that we can understand ours. We need the piece of the puzzle that you are. We need to watch you preen your devastatingly beautiful mane so that we can see the beauty in our own. We need you to plan your biggest of plans, cause it gives us courage to do so too. 

This week aims to expand your mental capillaries so there are greater avenues for your scrumptious sounds, your loquacious and loving lullabies, and your skills as a virtuoso of victorious verbiage. Tell us your tales until we wag ours. 

Tell us your tales, but don’t leave out the heartbreak because we suffer it too. Everyone wants to know that they are not alone. Everyone wants to know that something, someone or some energy is out there waiting to receive them exactly as they are. You have this energy/ability with you now. I suggest that you turn that inward as much as you can in search of balance, depth and meaning. There is a lot under the surface that wants to inform the more obvious and outward explosions. Bring your whole self to the party.  

Virgo & Virgo Rising

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It doesn’t have to be all work. It doesn’t have to all make sense. It doesn’t have to be all and only practical, useful or ready for the world to be worthy of doing. It doesn’t have to be when you are awake. It doesn’t have to happen anywhere but in your imagination. 

It can happen in the pages of your journal with your pen in hand ready to peruse and ponder, in your sketchbook with brush poised for realness, in an alleyway with your spray can shaken ready to rumble with the partitions that pretend to have power. Those bricks are cowards.Those walls are only walls until they meet the sledgehammer of awakening. Why not bust down a fortress or two in terms of your subconscious borders? Why not leave envy in a heap? Why not change the stories of being left out, unappreciated and alone to instead be monuments of resounding self-affirmations?

You don’t have to fit in. That’s just a story you were raised on. It’s just the soup in which you swim. You don’t have to be like anyone or anything that has ever been. You don’t have to know what group or what scene or what camp you have membership to. The truth is that you belong to all of them, because you belong to this whole disastrous and glorious global family.  

You do, however, need to confront your feelings about such affairs. This week is the culmination of a series of situations that have been occurring in your friendships and social circles and, like I have been urging, it’s good if you address these situations in whatever tactful, thoughtful and mindful way you can. 

Bring inspiration with you to everything you do this week. Bring the dreams you're dreaming. Bring the inner visions that would make Mr. Wonder proud. Your real power lies in your meditations, visualizations and symbolic songs you sing yourself. Everything that happens behind the scenes has a tremendous impact on what others can see and what they experience through you. Focus on the internal landscape for sources of success and roadmaps of redemption.

Libra & Libra Rising

One of the ways in which astrology can help tremendously is when we understand which planets rule which House or areas of our life. For example, the planet that rules your Relationship House and your House of Finances has just slipped out of Libra and back into one of its home signs, Scorpio. This bodes well for both of these domains of your life. 

The planet that rules your sense of self and your business partnerships is currently in your house of career, and it's getting put through the ringer. Part of this is about a personal reinvention and a reformulation of the relationship dynamics in your current career. 

Sometimes whiney babies just need a bottle, and sometimes it’s time for a babysitter. 

This is the perfect week to get with the good folks who want to give you love. Some of that love will definitely help you in the long run in your career. Keep having the conversations with colleagues you know you need to have. Keep telling the appropriate people that you want the job, the contract and the responsibility. Be excited and enthusiastic with the people who can help you get it. 

Keep showing up in all the ways that you naturally gravitate towards. This is no time to hide. This is no time to shirk a difficult professional situation. It could very well be that anything you tackle in a public sphere gets you recognized as the bad-ass freedom fighter you are. People take note of those who aren’t afraid to take their own side. Stand for yourself this week, and you’ll see who stands with you and wants to support the brilliant being you are. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Don’t be afraid to speak big truths, to plan big plans and to write them all down this week.

Declare your intentions to the deities that you are devoted to. Demand their help. Derail the demons of destructive doom. And remember how fantastic living life can be.  

Trust your talents. Tame your tendencies to terrorize the sweeter parts of yourself with that scrutinizing and skeptical gaze you can have. Give yourself a break. I know you’ve lost. I know you’ve loved. I know you’ve been a self-protective prick at times, and you know what? We have too, and we still love you. But it’s easier to do so when you are truthful about the whole of you. It’s easier for you, too. 

Relationships will take you for a ride this week, and the carriages you carry you will test certain components of your endurance. Being temporarily stranded isn’t a bad thing. It’s sometimes the only thing that can knock some sense into us. 

In many ways, you're gathering the strength you're so famous for, and I am encouraging you to use it cautiously, graciously and humbly. You have been asked to master yourself the past couple of years. It’s not impressive when a highly skilled assassin annihilates someone, but it’s extraordinary when they resist the urge, lay down their weapon and listen instead.  

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The best ideas are born on their own time. Our best-laid plans are the favorite jokes of any governing spirit. 

You can’t rush genius and you can’t force insight, but this week it comes barreling down on you like a summer storm, East-Coast style. Get out your rain barrels and catch the moonshine from this monsoon. Leave time to let you mind wander. Loiter in the liturgy that leaves you levitating. Love the ideals that induce intoxication. 

Let life be your guru, your guide and your governess. 

Those who you share intimate moments with will also tell you tales of redemption in the midst of revelry. It’s a good time to taste the confections that connection brings. Let others help you. Be warmed by the minds and the moments you're so lucky to share. For some of you more frisky centaurs, there may be more than one mustang you want to do that with. It’s certainly a moment of abundance for you, however that plays out in your individual life. 

Deeper notes do resound this week, however. Something is up with either a group of colleagues and/or your health. There's some kind of threshold you're crossing or new understanding of relating to an old loss in these areas. This is all up for healing, though, and your mind is strengthened in ways that help you to see the good in even the more difficult of duties you're being asked to perform. Trust is your tonic this week. Drink up!

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The relationship issues we've been talking about over the past few weeks are finally coming to a head. Or at least this round of them. 

It looks like it’s time for a renewal. Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel. Sometimes you just have to let something revision itself. Sometimes it’s good to leave well enough alone. Whomever it is you're dealing with, whomever it is that is trying to give you a run for your money, whomever it is that is stringing up, bringing up and winding you up is conspiring with the universe to help you work out the issues that could be blocking your creative currents and your career confidence. The situations are not separate, and it seems like you're held to something until its ready to release you. 

What you can do is pay attention to the inheritances that help you. The things that your ancestors graced you with that you can graciously receive and use to your benefit. You may even get news of something good coming your way via a partnership that is suddenly abundant. 

However this unfolds, It’s important that you feel like you can ask for help from the dearly departed -- even if you don’t believe in such things. Even if you're embarrassed to even entertain such frivolities. You can think of it this way: you can pray to those who have passed who helped you while they were here. You can pray to those you never knew who walked this land before you. Or you can pray to the part of you that is them, the part of you that is wise, capable, dependable and resilient. You can pray to all of the things that you've inherited, even if you don’t know who or where they're from. 

But pray. Pray for help. Pray to choose peace. Pray not to engage in petty wars. Pray to find another way to be alive and vulnerable in the world, a way that will protect you from your rage, hostility and fear. Pray to be a part of your own renewal, to be your own object of affection and to love everyone exactly as they are.

Even if that is only from a great distance. 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Maybe if everything we suffered and everything we triumphed over tattooed itself on our skin, we would be able to see each other as we really are: beloved brother, misunderstood genius, survivor of untold injustices, loving mother doing her best, teacher, widow, tender heart under tough skin, animal rescuer, loving father, keeper of lost hearts, best friend to all who seek refuge. 

But that would be too easy. Great Spirit hides in the details of our lives and in the circumstances we survive. She hides in the beauty that we conceal.  

This week’s astrology urges you to find the fascinating in your foes. It urges you to fumble through the fictions to get to the freedom that truth serves without cost. It urges you to unlock your tight grip on figuring another out. Remind yourself that you don’t know what others really hold in their hearts. It’s just a gorgeous mystery that you get to be witness to, if you're lucky. 

This week puts many-an-illuminating conversation within earshot of you. In fact, if you're really paying attention, they're directly in front of you. The circumstances that you are witnessing want to in some way or another knock you on your ass. Make sure you're listening!

There's something twisting and turning its way through your work life and/or your physical body. The situation could momentarily drop you into a type of existential crisis. It hits you at your core and you may feel that you are rendered powerless -- save for the angels coming your way singing songs of faith to fortify you. 

No one holds the key to our salvation, but they often point the way to our redemption. Listen closely and give freely of your own thoughts, hopes and insights. A good conversation can sustain us for a lifetime.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Being of service in ways that feel authentically in line with your spirit equals success for you right now. Beauty needs not to shout from the rooftops; it just IS. Truth can be the quietest yet the most powerful of forces. 

You're poised this week to give out advice like a pro, help out like a saint and love like someone who’s never been hurt. In all the places that may have felt broken, wounded and used up, you're getting refreshed, reworked and renewed. 

The good news is that all of this giving you're giving doesn’t have to be at your expense. You're being gifted with some good energy and encouraged to give away what you have in excess. Notice the overflow and give of it freely. 

It looks like this directly impacts your intimate relationships and your family dynamics. Sometimes it’s so nice to just no longer care if we are accepted. Sometimes it’s just such a relief to embrace the fact that we are outcasts, sometimes it’s so necessary to know that we truly do not need anyone's acceptance of us before we give it to ourselves. Only then can we know how and who we actually want to spend time with. Only then can we understand what is an energy drain and what is a boost. Only then can we take a stand for ourselves, our beliefs and our well-being without apology. 

It’s time for the service that you give to be a reflection of the good care you give to yourself. It’s time you walk your talk and put yourself first. In that generous gesture to yourself, you will be able to serve others in ways that won’t take from you, but will give them more than you -- and they -- bargained for!

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