November 02, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

You may recall that some very long void-of-course lunar cycles happened last month. We will all have to re-visit that unusual situation during the next four days as well as during the last week of November. The latest example of lunar void-ness shows up during a Moon-Mars polarity from Gemini to Sagittarius (2:23AM PDT) — beginning a twilight-zone of uncertainty that last until 12:44AM PDT tomorrow. Wisdom dictates that you focus attention on finishing old business on a high note, but put new, bold enterprises into hibernation until an auspicious time-period occurs down the road. Pushing your personal agenda too far too fast right now can easily backfire — creating instant karma.

It’s questionable whether the monthly Moon-Vesta union in Gemini (2:33PM PDT) will be a wasted opportunity because of the Moon being out-of-sorts. Usually, this Moon-Vesta alliance provides a way to increase the value of your assets and investments. For the time-being, at the very least it is recommended that you study up on national and global economic trends in order to learn more about what’s going on in stock, bond and commodity markets. It won’t hurt to review safety and security precautions around your residence. Make sure your insurance coverages are up-to-date.

Hit the books tonight as Mercury in Sagittarius — slowing down as it nears a station and reversal on November 6 — and Saturn in Scorpio connect through a subtle and yet still constructive, 30-degree rapport (11:57PM PDT). Reflect on a mentor’s teachings and life philosophy.

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