December 23, 2012

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Appreciate those 24-hour time-periods like today when there are relatively few celestial aspects and you can catch your breath. The monthly Moon-Saturn opposition from Taurus to Scorpio (4:14AM PST) is a clear cosmic signal to pause and reflect about recent events. Of course, if you want to slap on some elbow grease and work hard on an art, craft or hobby, go right ahead and be practically efficient. Enjoy physical fitness exercises or trek a favorite nature trail — weather permitting.

It is important to realize that this past Thursday’s Jupiter-Pluto 150-degree link — in addition to yesterday’s Jupiter-Saturn 150-degree tie — compose part of a larger geometrical pattern called a Yod or Finger of God triangle. Coming up on December 26, Saturn will form a supportive, 60-degree base for this triangle with Pluto that may be coinciding with some of the Mayan calendar mysteries being more fully understood or other esoteric anomalies coming to light.

This evening offers a superlative, 72-degree connection between Mercury and Neptune (10:30PM PST). Read a sci-fi masterpiece or enjoy a film marathon of award-winning caliber.

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