February 05, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Yesterday’s Mars-Neptune alliance is early Pisces should now be seen as an opening salvo by the universe in a psychic battle with humanity. Every day between now and Tuesday February 12 reveals one or more volatile sky patterns involving the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Vesta, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This unusual sequence of planetary misbehavior deserves an exclamation point! The disturbing aspects may change from day to day, but your job will be to stay upbeat — to the best of your ability.

Today’s Moon in Sagittarius can be a natural jolt for enhancing your optimistic goal-orientation. However, a frictional, 45-degree tie from Mars to Juno (12:59AM PST) begins a process whereby mood swings can become extra intense.

Mercury entering Pisces (6:57AM PST) is more connected right now to chaotic communications than crystal clear reasoning. A Sun-Moon 60-degree support system (12:43PM PST) can offer a brief interlude of illumination, but it also starts a void lunar uncertainty zone lasting until 9:56AM PST tomorrow.

In the meantime, batten down the hatches and keep a low profile on the love front as Venus parallels distant Pluto (8:39PM PST) while Mars forms a similar parallel with dreamy Neptune (9:47PM PST).

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