March 05, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

If you made it through yesterday’s cosmic blitzkrieg, give yourself a row of gold and silver stars. Healing forces are regaining their potency today as Mercury parallels wounded-healer Chiron (1:40AM PST) while Venus merges with Chiron at 10 degrees of Pisces (1:30PM PST). Write down dreams with possible precognitive content. Expect deja vu type experiences as Chiron strong can send you unexpectedly into the heart of the twilight zone. Learn more about healing techniques such as massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, and reflexology.

Causing some consternation may be the intervention of a frictional Moon square to Mars (7:29AM PST) that simultaneously launches a void lunar uncertainty cycle in Sagittarius lasting until 4:15PM PST. You are better off completing odd jobs and old projects during the void time-span than trying to control a loved one’s behavior patterns.

Once the Moon enters earthy, industrious Capricorn (4:15PM PST), put more effort into reaching long-sought career aims. You may be quickly tested via an abrasive, 45-degree contact from Mercury to Juno (4:24PM PST) that can temporarily ignite mental and emotional fireworks. Fortunately, a supportive, 60-degree liaison from the Moon to Neptune (9:52PM PST) puts you back in the catbird seat — sensitively envisioning the shape of things to come.

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