March 28, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The two days following any Full Moon constitute a 48-hour time-period to disseminate the enlightening energies just received at the climax of the solar-lunar cycle. This is where your role as a goodwill ambassador can really make headway within humanity.

Libra Moon for a good portion of today ought to be a help in improving the quality of key relationships, but — as we know from yesterday’s calendar entry — the Moon in Libra became void on Wednesday only 8+ hours after the Full Moon. The void condition of the Moon can weaken its overall influence and this void miasma lasts until 5:55PM PDT today.

On the other hand, today reveals four top-notch alignments as Mercury trines Saturn in water signs (2:49AM PDT), the Sun unites with Venus (10:06AM PDT), Venus unites with Uranus (4:02PM PDT), and the Sun unites with Uranus (5:39PM PDT). What’s odd and yet also intense and special is that three of these alignments — the Sun-Venus, Venus-Uranus and Sun-Uranus conjunctions — occur at 9 degrees of Aries and while the Moon remains void-of-course.

The forces of love and wisdom are not only striving to enter human hearts, but they are attempting to awaken each individual’s higher intuition and ability to revolutionize his or her life for the good. Future generations may look back on this particular date due to the birth of a radical-agent of change or the start of a transformational movement throughout humanity to evolve faster through increased compassion, faith and knowledge of the higher realms of consciousness surrounding the physical dimension.

Be aware that Scorpio Moon clocks in at 5:55PM PDT — ending the long 30+ hour void lunar cycle. Solve personal mysteries and turn the psychic spotlight on familial secrets. Strengthen sisterhood and fellowship ties this evening when Venus makes an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with Vesta (10:51PM PDT).

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