June 14, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

As indicated at the end of yesterday’s calendar entry, start off the day in the right mood and spirit as Venus makes a flowing trine in water signs with Chiron (3:08AM PDT). Positive healing forces are on the march and you can even play a shaman-like or mentor role with dear ones who need a psychological lift.

Drop old worries like a hot potato as the Moon makes a supportive, 60-degree rapport with giant Jupiter (4:15AM PDT). However, overdoing a good thing is anathema as this lunar contact with the King of the Gods planet starts a 5+ hour void lunar cycle that lasts until 9:27AM PDT. Complete odd jobs during the void twilight zone and wait until the Moon enters Virgo (9:27AM PDT) before tackling brand new activities.

Once the lunar orb graces the sixth sign of the zodiac, repair work, clean-up campaigns, weeding, research and analysis are reinforced. Go shopping for veggies, fruit, cereals, grains, vitamins, supplements, herbs, tea, nuts, seeds and seasonings. The little things in life can either make everything hum or lead to large-scale breakdowns due to lack of attention and focus. Innovative ideas are pervasive as the Sun forms an inspirational, 72-degree rapport with revolutionary Uranus (5:35PM PDT).

The main cosmic event happens at the close of the day as the asteroid Juno becomes stationary and turns retrograde at 19 degrees of Aquarius (11:43PM PDT). All Juno themes — emotional empowerment or dis-empowerment in primary partnerships, marriage and interpersonal devotion, elegance, style, fashion, beauty, peace treaties, diplomacy, fair treatment under the law, respectful relations between labor and management or (when negative) their disputes, and rage/terror by the belittled and disenfranchised — are accentuated today and into this weekend.

Juno’s archetypes are as potent as those of a regular planet. Therefore, be wise and tune into the positive side of this important celestial goddess. [Juno will remain in reverse until September 24.]

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