June 16, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Before you can remember to say abracadabra and understand the word’s true, esoteric meaning, Chiron becomes another genie-like celestial body to enter the retrograde sweepstakes as it becomes motionless (2:18AM PDT) at 14 degrees of Pisces and begins a retrograde cycle that lasts until November 19.

All Chiron themes — the wounded healer, shamanic magic, catalysts, mavericks, twilight zones of strange timing, keys that open doors to higher consciousness, rainbow bridges between soul and personality, chakras, oracles, geomancy, runes, deja vu and reincarnation, ETs and UFOs — are emphasized throughout the day. Working with affirmations, visualization exercises, mandalas, talismans, sacred dance, chanting, mantras and meditation are other tools that Chiron can offer to you on this day when twists of fate and destiny may seem more commonplace than usual.

Psychic storms can rumble into town in concert with the First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (activating 26 degrees of Gemini and Virgo at 10:25AM PDT). Cut through apparent obstacles in your path, and manage business affairs with greater finesse. Mercury parallel Mars (12:33PM PDT) adds an extra concern to your plans on this weekend — especially if you are traveling or engaged in an important discussion.

Another hurdle shows up as the Moon squares Jupiter (2:27PM PDT) — beginning a 3+ hour void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until the Moon enters Libra (6:20PM PDT). Let go of minor worries, stress and anxiety during this void-of-course cycle in order to enter the Moon-in-Libra two-day transit with the hopeful attitude of improving the quality of your key partnerships.

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