July 23, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

The two days after a Full Moon represent a 48-hour time-span to disseminate the light, love and wisdom just received during the illuminating solar-lunar rapport. Venus forming a supportive, 60-degree liaison with Pallas (3:41AM PDT) can give you the right tools for a superb level of problem-solving, strategic thinking, and in-depth research. Brainstorms can also arrive as the Moon in Aquarius connects favorably with Uranus in Aries by a similar 60-degree tie (7:02AM PDT). However, this Moon-Uranus link also starts a 28+ hour void lunar uncertainty zone that lasts until 11:23AM PDT tomorrow when the Moon enters Pisces.

Steer clear of disagreements with dear ones as the Moon makes its monthly union with Juno today at 10:13AM PDT. Be more fashion-conscious and mull over ways to redecorate a favorite room of your residence. Style, beauty and elegance are highlighted.

The most challenging alignment of the day strikes at 1:42PM PDT when the Sun makes a contra-parallel to Pluto. When July began, the Sun and Pluto reached their annual polarity in the zodiac. Now the Sun is 20 degrees north of the Celestial Equator while Pluto is 20 degrees south. The bottom line is that you need a large dose of emotional calm and sensitivity to keep primary partnerships in a state of harmony. Browbeating anyone is a no-no. Praise the merits in significant others, and don’t magnify their faults.

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