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How to Be a Man Magnet

by D. Light July 17, 2013 11:55 AM EST
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Sure, you can attract a guy. But is it the guy you want to attract? When you're attractive to all men, you get your choice of which one you'd really like to pursue. It's not about looks, either -- it's about activating your sign's super-attractor, which works like a power switch you can flip on to help your true essence shine through.

So how do you turn on your super-attractor? Find your own Sun sign below to learn how!

If you're an ARIES...
Tap into your naturally high energy
You possess an adventurous spirit and a long list of exciting pursuits you absolutely must experience in this lifetime, and each item on that list stimulates an insatiable curiosity within you. This vitality is what you need to be in touch with if you want to reign in your object of affection. When you're fully engaged in your own journey, he'll be pulled to join you.

If you're a TAURUS...
Give in to your appetite
A sensual, Venus-ruled creature, you crave good food, soft caresses, shiny gems, the sensation of the earth under your feet and the satisfaction of a few dollars in your wallet. So, follow your hunger. When you're filling your senses with all the things you appreciate so well, you'll make yourself irresistible to everyone around.

If you're a GEMINI...
Know it all, but don't show it all
You're sexy when you study, ravishing when you read and arresting when you argue. Your savvy, sassy ways put you on the radar of every guy around, though your execution of your intellect makes all the difference. Know-it-alls are more attractive when they don't also tell it all. Be strategic!

If you're a CANCER...
Make your feelings work for you
Cancers get accused of moodiness, but you can channel those intense feelings in a positive way. Only act when you feel in complete control. Ward against appearing too needy or coming on too strong. When you feel an intense desire for someone, put your emotion into an art form or use it to fuel your projects and work. Your soulfulness makes you an amazing creator, which in turn will bring the one you want to you.

If you're a LEO...
Put your show face on and dazzle 'em!
You're not shy, but now and then you forget to present yourself in the best light. Just because you haven't dated in months doesn't give you a free pass on leg shaving. Keep up with your upkeep and you'll feel sexier -- and odds are you'll attract a sexier guy. Furthermore, square those shoulders, tummy in, chest out and raise your inner smile, all while flashing an outer one to your best contenders.

If you're a VIRGO...

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Love yourself 'as is'
As the sign of self-improvement, you're ever vigilant against your faults. Like a true person of character, you combat your vulnerabilities and strengthen your weaknesses. It's a beautiful quality, but also realize that your vulnerabilities are nothing to hide away. Embrace those flaws and frailties because they're exactly what make you irresistibly attractive.

If you're a LIBRA...
Be fair, not nice
Since it throws off the equilibrium of your inner "scales," being nice isn't a sexy look for you. When you follow your innate sense of balance, you treat yourself with as much care and attention as you do others. If you decide to put some effort toward pleasing someone, you invest equally in your own pleasure. Being self-sacrificing or too eager to please is a sign of insecurity. Instead, command respect by respecting yourself. That's sexy.

If you're a SCORPIO...
Be the seductress you are
Most people will plainly state what they want and expect the world to give it to them. There's something inside you, however, that knows romance can be more exciting than that. Your talents are perfectly suited to studying and executing attraction as an art. Seduction is not child's play. It takes sophistication, selflessness and patience to build a lovely mystery for others to unravel.

If you're a SAGITTARIUS...
Savor your daily stretch
Stretching is not just for your body. You're a soul-stretcher, constantly expanding your knowledge, network and resources. For you, outreach can be a way of life, and you're at your best when you're doing what it takes to be more flexible, tolerant and loving. Whether you're learning to zumba, working in a Third World country or simply trying to understand a difficult boss, when you put yourself out there, the effort is noble and oh-so-attractive.

If you're a CAPRICORN...
Seize the moment
Leave hesitancy and awkwardness to the amateurs, for you know what you want and you have the confidence to go for it. Make no apologies for your boldness -- it's what turns heads and makes guys take notice. That said, you don't always have to be direct to be bold. For example, instead of directly asking a guy out, it's more effective to flirt boldly by dropping a hint that you're available.

If you're an AQUARIUS...
Abandon yourself
Maybe it's while you're dancing or laughing or cooking: The way you can lose yourself in a rapturous moment, letting go completely of any self-consciousness, ego or etiquette. Observers see you enflamed with a passion for life, and they're bound to think it's all about them. It makes them feel both powerful and powerfully attracted to you.

If you're a PISCES...
"Get into" the other person
You have a gift for getting under people's skin. This cannot be done from a self-centered place. It requires that you temporarily forget about your own opinions, concerns and feelings and slip into the other person's perspective; as a result, the other person feels thoroughly understood. In achieving this uncommon state of union, you set yourself apart as a rare and attractive individual.
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