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How to Help Your Child Excel in School

by Fern Feto Spring August 10, 2014 01:24 AM EST
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You can help your child do well in school this year by giving them the right kind of support at home. Every sign learns in their own way and at their own speed, so each will have their own specific needs in order to be successful in the classroom.

Since Aries students can grow impatient with a slow pace, it's important that they have a way to burn off steam. Integrate plenty of study breaks into homework sessions and encourage them to get some exercise before they return to their studies.

Taurus needs plenty of time to integrate new ideas and concepts. Plan ahead so that they don't feel rushed when trying to understand their schoolwork. Taureans will also benefit from hands-on learning, so make sure that practical life skills get incorporated into their curriculum.

Mentally active and curious, Gemini may seem to have endless questions about everything they're learning. Ensure they have supplemental books and materials on hand so they can draw upon more than one source.

Imaginative Cancers may seem to spend more time dreaming than focusing on their lessons. Help them create a bridge between the two by telling stories that frame schoolwork in a more creative way. This sign loves to read fiction, so find storybooks that support their class work.

Leo just wants to have fun, so they may become bored if their schoolwork consists of too much routine and not enough creativity. Inject games and contests into their study habits to help keep them invested. These young Lions also need plenty of encouragement and rewards to stay motivated to learn.


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A Virgo student wants to do everything right, so they may be hesitant to try learning something new for fear of making mistakes. Help them by encouraging activities that are less about getting it right and more about the experience of the activity -- this sign will benefit from environmental- and experience-based learning.

Social Libra loves school because it's an opportunity to spend time with friends. Help them excel by planning study sessions and learning opportunities that involve group collaboration and cooperative projects.

Scorpio students have no patience for learning anything that seems shallow. Integrate a bit of mystery into their lessons so they'll have to dig deeper for answers. These Scorpions will get bored if the material is too easy, so they may need supplemental support to remain engaged in their lessons.

Sagittarius loves to learn for the sake of learning. Since they appreciate a broad perspective rather than getting hung up on the details, they may need help in developing patience for rote classes and lessons that simply aren't as interesting to them. Try to keep them engaged by explaining why they're learning what they're learning.

Capricorn students will work hard to excel, applying themselves with an almost adult-like self-discipline. To balance out this serious sign, it can be helpful to encourage them to integrate imagination and fun into their study routines; remind them that downtime and relaxation can actually help them be successful as well.

The rebel sign of the zodiac is prone to resisting the structure and schedule of the traditional educational system. This student would do well in an alternative environment that gives them the freedom to question, while at the same time allowing them to learn about what interests them. Failing that, do your best to help them to learn with new technologies and cutting-edge materials.

This sensitive sign can get a bit overwhelmed with the reality of school rules and regulations. Help Pisces acclimate by giving them plenty of opportunities to daydream, spend time in nature and connect with their pets. Immersing them in the arts can an excellent way to help these creative kids get more excited about school.
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