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How To Stress Right

by D. Light January 13, 2014 06:42 PM EST
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Stress isn't all bad. Some kinds of stress give you a burst of energy that you can use to be more creative, quick and able than you would be in the "chill-zone." Then there's the bad stress that overwhelms and immobilizes you. That's the kind you can't really muscle through, and you have to find ways to cope instead. So, when is it best to kick it into high gear and when is it better to throw on the brakes or U-turn your way in the opposite direction? The answer may depend on your Sun sign.

Good Stress: Conflict? If it's about fighting for what's right out of loyalty to a person, creed or principle -- no problem, no stress. A good conflict will release stores of energy and purpose for the warrior sign.
Bad Stress: Feeling trapped is among the worst sources of stress for independent, freedom-loving Aries.
Stress Buster: Realize that there are always more options than one. To avoid feeling trapped, detach, stay non-emotional and assume there are more options that are readily apparent.

Good Stress: Audacious goals bring motivation. Taurus is uniquely suited to sectioning off the pursuit into doable chunks and creating daily tasks that will consistently move things along.
Bad Stress: Environmental stress -- sensory distractions, too much noise, visual clutter, lack of fresh air and cheery light -- could have Taurus feeling too anxious to perform well.
Stress Buster: Anticipating environments and endeavoring to make things as pleasing and comfortable as possible will help Taurus relax. Basic items such as earplugs, music on a headset, a book light, flashlight, snack or sweater could make all the difference in Taurus's comfort or stress level.

Good Stress: Gemini enjoys intellectual challenge, games and conversation. Social situations that have more-introverted personalities shaking in their boots are usually something that Gemini actually looks forward to.
Bad Stress: Having to deliver news that might be considered bad or that will disappoint people in any way can be a source of worry and fret for the social Twins.
Stress Buster: Setting priorities will be a move that makes Gemini's life much easier. When the Twins know what they are saying yes to, they almost don't even have to say no to the other option because it's implied by the path they're already on.

Good Stress: Challenges around domestic life and the work that goes into making homes and relationships run smoothly give Cancer an edge of can-do energy.
Bad Stress: Because Cancer relishes the safe haven of home, anything that threatens to disturb the domestic peace will be a source of worry for the Crab. Most commonly, financial issues will be the source of worry, but weather, bad neighbors or a negative element in the community can also cause the Crab distress.
Stress Buster: Hobbies are a stellar release for moonchildren. Whether it's cooking or crochet, racquetball or rock music, Cancer can work off frazzled nerves by setting aside time each day for a favorite pastime.

Good Stress: Leos thrive under the stress of a deadline. If the final hours bring sweat and tears, it fulfills Leos deep-seated need for drama.
Bad Stress: If this sign doesn't get the reaction they were going for, it can cause great inner turmoil. Leo hates to be ignored.
Stress Buster: Flexing creative muscles is a must for this imaginative, playful sign. Creating new worlds and moods through theater, writing, fashion, painting, sculpting, floral design, photography, paper crafts … almost any artistic endeavor will be a mood lifter for Leo.

Good Stress: Every mess is an opportunity for cleanliness, neatness and organization. So while Virgo may have a visceral reaction to a sink full of dishes or a random and disparate pile of paperwork, that kind of stress is actually good for Virgo, as it provides a purpose and an opportunity to straighten up a corner of the world thus making it a better place.
Bad Stress: Guilt produces a negative stress in Virgo. This sign has a hard time letting things go. Also, because the sign of the Virgin tends to be hyper-vigilant, Virgo sometimes feels guilty for things that are, in reality, not their fault and beyond their control.

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Stress Buster: Meditations and mantras that focus on detaching from upsetting situations, thoughts and patterns are most helpful to Virgo. Repeating the simple mantra "Let it go" while breathing deeply in and out is a simple and effective mood changer. Also, leaving a situation by taking a walk or drive can lend a helpful new perspective.

Good Stress: "Social pressure" is a term that often has a negative connotation, even though there's a lot that happens through social pressure that is actually for the good of society. In a civilized culture, people are encouraged to treat one another with courtesy and respect, and honor each person's need for space and self-expression. Libra is a natural diplomat and deals well with social pressure in whatever form it comes.
Bad Stress: Non-decision can produce varying degrees of anxiety in Libra. The sign of the Scales loves to carefully weigh the options, and yet there comes a point when doing so is detrimental to Libra.
Stress Buster: Knowing that it's okay to make the wrong choice -- people do it every day. Fearing the wrong choice is paralyzing and robs Libra of life experience. They need to lighten up and know that how they live is more important than what they actually do.

Good Stress: The death of a loved one, divorce and loss of work are all counted among the most stressful of life's events because they are large-scale, life-changing events. And though these types of bigger events can in no way be considered "good stress", Scorpio -- the sign of transformation -- does understand at a core level a secret that helps them move through events with relative grace.
Bad Stress: Change itself doesn't hurt Scorpio. It's what happens when Scorpio resists change that hurts.
Stress Buster: Surrender is the greatest stress reliever. Whether Scorpio is surrendering to laughter, the touch of a massage or chocolate -- there's something healing in the temporary loss of control.

Good Stress: Sagittarius is undaunted by the stresses involved in adventure and thinks little about the risk or cost of new experiences.
Bad Stress: Is boredom stressful? Not for everyone, but it's kryptonite for Sag. The idea of experiencing the same-old-same-old is so fearsome to Sagittarius that it actually could weaken their immune system.
Stress Buster: When Sagittarius doesn't have tickets to a new experience, the next best thing is the art world. Movies, books and other mediums, particularly visual mediums, provide transport for the restless Sagittarian soul.

Good Stress: Leadership comes with stressful responsibilities and expectations. The leader will be asked a million crazy questions and be constantly presented with people's problems as if they were some kind of magician whose job it is to make everyone happy. But somehow that doesn't bother Capricorn the way it would others.
Bad Stress: Capricorn may feel anxious in situations where complete control must be relinquished to another person -- say a pilot or a surgeon. In these instances, Capricorn may need a stress remedy.
Stress Buster: What soothes Capricorn's soul the best is faith, prayer and a connection with a higher power and a belief in the goodness of the universe.

Good Stress: Babies go hungry, rainforests disappear, disasters happen. Thinking about the problems of the world can be enough to send even the most level-headed person into depression. Somehow Aquarius is uniquely equipped to stay positive and find solutions.
Bad Stress: Disharmony among friends stresses Aquarius out. If there's a disagreement among friends, it's all Aquarius will be able to think about until the issue is resolved.
Stress Buster: Action and service calm the Aquarian mind and nerves.

Good Stress: Some find Limbo Land a stressful place, but ethereal, open-minded, creative Pisces enjoys the puzzling, mysterious nature of this land. Pisces is typically comfortable between the coordinates of "on" and "off," "is" and "isn't" and the like.
Bad Stress: Being separated from loved ones is what causes Pisces the most stress. This sign is sensitive and also able to attach to loved ones with a superglue type of bond that makes being apart painful.
Stress Buster: Plain and simple, Pisces is healed by hugs. There is no better relief than a heart-to-heart embrace.
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