How well do you know your grandparents
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How Well Do You Know Your Grandparents?

by November 01, 2009 04:45 PM EST
How Well Do You Know Your Grandparents?
They're your parents' parents, and often your best friends. Grandparents play special roles in the family: protector, mediator and unabashed fan. What should you expect from these folks, and how can you enhance your relationship with them? The profiles herein will show you why a Capricorn grandparent might be more conservative and traditional, where a Leo grandparent will always be the life of the party. Send your musical Pisces grandmum over to the piano to play a few melodies. Read on to get the scoop.

Think of your Aries grandparent as a pal — a really active pal. This is a person you can count on to accompany you to a soccer game, or to cheer you on while you attempt a triathlon. Chances are good that in their youth, your Aries grandparent would have engaged in these activities as well. An Aries grandparent is a built-in, non-stop cheering section. These are very active folks who will have little trouble keeping up with you. Initiators that they are, the Ram grandparent will always offer to lend a hand with a household project, and will likely suggest a few of their own; this kind of energy and resolve should not be wasted. Luckily, you can also count on your Aries grandparent to be up on the latest trends, since these folks are forever young at heart. If you have any projects you want to push ahead, ask your Aries grandparent for help, and they'll be right there for you. Possessed of tons of energy and a sincere desire to interact with others, you can expect an Aries grandparent to be when you need them.

When you think of typical grandparents, it's more than likely you will have a Taurus grandparent in mind. These are the folks who live in a very big house with lots of lovely things, especially antiques. Taureans are focused on their possessions and want only the best of the best. They enjoy collecting this and that, and have no doubt worked very hard during their lifetime to be able to indulge in their prized items. It’s safe to say your Taurean grandparent is traditional, conservative and as soft — though not as worn! — as an comfortable old shoe. Expect your Taurean grandparent to be touchy-feely as well, the kind of person who will always be kissing and hugging. When visiting your Taurean grandparent, remember to watch your manners, as this is quite important to them. It's also likely you'll be spending most of your visit around the dinner table, since mealtime is a favorite time for your Taurean elder. Don't expect a 21st century sort here — as the archetypal grandparent, your Taurean grandparent is firmly fixed in the old days, and quite happy to remain there.

Are you ready for some fun? Well, you're in luck if you've got a Gemini grandparent. This person is nothing if not playful, so think of engaging them in a few hijinks — or at least a game of cards or Trivial Pursuit. The Gemini grandparent is possessed of a blessedly short attention span, so expect them to be all over the place and looking to do lots of things. You can easily chat with your Gemini grandparent about pop culture and current events, as these folks are the forever-young sort who keep up with what's current. In keeping with their penchant for ever-more hobbies and interests, expect them to be the first on their block to pursue new fads and trends as soon as they arrive. Enjoying conversation as they do, your Gemini grandparent will also take great pleasure in amusing you with tales. This is a person who loves information as well, so don't expect them to let you off the hook with a brief recap — they want to know it all. Curious, clever and creative, your Gemini grandparent will surely keep you entertained for hours.

It's hard to imagine a more familial grandparent than the Cancer. These people live and breathe the family unit, so you can bet you'll be mighty important to them. The Cancer grandparent is very involved in the family as well. They are the head of the family, and the person who sees that things get done, be they reunions or simply times for family bonding. During holidays, the Cancer grandparent kicks it into high gear, seeing that everything is just right. These folks also love to plan family trips and expect the entire clan to come along. As a further sign of their connection to family, the Cancer grandparent will be very mindful of their ancestors and will enjoy telling tales of the family's past. Consequently, they are also the logical person to go to with any questions about the family tree. The Cancer grandparent enjoys being helpful as well, so they are a good one to turn to in times of trouble. As they are homebodies at heart, the Cancer grandparent thinks of entertainment as a fun evening at home with the family. And if you do the cooking, well, they'll love you that much more for it.

Your Leo grandparent, bless their heart, can't help but attract attention. Maybe it's that big, flashy house of theirs (don't be surprised if there are gold faucets in the bathroom). Or perhaps it's just their generosity, as the Leo grandparent will be quick to heap plenty of gifts on their grandkids, especially around birthday time. The Leo grandparent has a few basic ground rules — respect and fair play chief among them — but that's really not too much to ask for all they're willing to give back. It's also worth keeping in mind that since Leo rules the back and the heart, your Leo grandparent might be more susceptible to problems in these areas. Ever the dramatic one, your Leo grandparent is wickedly good at telling stories, especially from the old days. They will also be proud of your accomplishments and won't hesitate to tell all their friends what a star you are. Self-assured as they are, your Leo grandparent can be counted on to be your strongest supporter.


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Do you always clean the house before company comes over? If you're expecting your Virgo grandparent, you'd better! If not, they'll clean the place up themselves, and that wouldn’t be right. You'll also notice that your Virgo grandparent is not the showy type who slathers you with compliments and flatters you with gifts. Rather, these are folks with simple tastes who'll see to it that you have everything you need. Supportive and more than willing to help, you can certainly count on your Virgo grandparent to be there when you need them, and to do any grunt work necessary to help your cause. Lovers of facts and information, it wouldn't be unusual for a Virgo grandparent to go back to school for another degree, or simply to learn something new. For this reason, these people will seem young, even when they’re not. Perfectionists they are, your Virgo grandparent will always know what they want.

Not only will your Libra grandparent look good, they'll also feel good. On top of that, they'd love it if you told them just how good they looked! Libra is all about appearances and beauty after all, and your Libra grandparent will be no exception. If you want a crash course in the aesthetic and the finer things in life, go pay them a visit, as their home will be a temple of culture. Similarly, your Libra grandparent is the person you’ll want to turn to if you have a hankering for more knowledge of the arts and better living. Initiators as well, your Libra grandparent will be likely to plan get-togethers, familial, or otherwise. Diplomatic as well, your Libra grandparent is a good person to seek out when you need a mediator to solve a dispute. Not only do these folks have a sense of fair play, they also hate an argument and will do whatever they can to diffuse a bad situation. Refined and gracious, the Libra grandparent makes for a wonderful and understanding companion.

Intense by nature, your Scorpio grandparent will be very devoted to those that they care about — and you should hope that group includes you! Family is of utmost importance to these folks, so they’ll certainly be looking to form a bond with their grandkids, and they’ll also enjoy their role as figurehead of the family. One of the smartest things you can do with your Scorpio grandparent is to engage them in a chat about their life. Ask them to tell you stories about the things they've done, because they will surely have done plenty. These folks live life to the fullest and will have tales to tell as a result. Along with these stories may come a risque joke or two, since the Scorpio grandparent will enjoy pushing a few buttons for good measure. These are people who can't, and won't, skim over the surface of life — they want details, information, and truth. Your Scorpio grandparent will remain sharp, so don't try to keep secrets from them, for these folks don't miss a beat. Your main rule of thumb with your Scorpio grandparent should be that once their mind is made up, it's done. Simply cheer their resolve and move on.

You may have a little trouble keeping up with your Sagittarius grandparent, if only because they move around so much. This is a fun-loving, independent sort who will relish the ability to travel extensively as they get older. The fact that your Sag grandparent is forever young at heart will ensure that their destinations are daring, as well — think of them atop a mountain in Tibet or on safari in Kenya. Your Sag grandparent has a zest for learning that’s unparalleled in the Zodiac, so they're also likely to take a class at the local community college. These folks love to teach others as well, so listen up when they speak. And speak they will — you'll often find your Sag grandparent indulging in philosophical musings, an activity that feeds their soul. They also find themselves devoted to their pet causes, be they religious, socially aware or otherwise. In addition, this is a broad-minded person who’ll be willing to hear you out on most any subject. On top of all this, you can expect your Sag grandparent to stay fit well into their old age as well.

Your Capricorn grandparent is likely to be someone to be reckoned with, at least for those in their corporate circle. This relative may well be the Big Kahuna, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or an influential person in some other realm. But there’s no need to feel intimidated — they're your grandparent, after all. The Cap grandparent is traditional and conservative, someone who has more than likely worked hard all their life and is now reaping the rewards of their labors. For this reason, you should indulge them in this glory and let them enjoy their world; if you're not the corporate type, at least pretend a bit. It won't be hard to live in their world, after all, as it's one filled with the trappings of money and success. Remember, these folks have grown accustomed to comfort, and that's exactly what you'll find in your Cap grandparent's home. Being so success-oriented, this relative will also want to see you make something of yourself, so don't slack too much — the success of their progeny is very important to them. Looking for a warm fuzzy for your birthday? Look elsewhere, as your Cap grandparent will probably shower you with stocks and bonds. Oh well, at least the price is right.

Any ideas of your Aquarius grandparent sitting in a rocking chair telling you about the good ol' days need to go right out the window. This person is progressive, and that's putting it mildly, as the word which springs to mind to describe this individual is “eccentric.” The Aquarian grandparent surely marches to a different drummer, one who beats to wild ideas and other new age pursuits. The inventive and creative Aquarius grandparent is still going out and protesting on behalf of their favorite causes, maybe even in the remnants of their 1960s past. This is certainly a person with their own definitive style, not at all conservative or interested in keeping up with the crowd. A free-thinker as well, your Aquarius grandparent can be opinionated but will also make room for your divergent opinion, if that's the case. Clearly looking into the future as opposed to being stuck in the past, your Aquarius grandparent would certainly appreciate a plate of tofu turkey for Thanksgiving as opposed to a blameless bird. The social conscience of the family has arrived!

If you're looking for a loving and nurturing elder, you've found one in a Pisces grandparent. Sympathetic and compassionate by nature, your Piscean grandparent offers a soothing shoulder to cry on while also being your biggest cheerleader. This is someone who truly understands the beauty of giving to others, and they make it their life's work. Don't be fooled by your Pisces grandparent's dreamlike quality — they are well aware of you and your needs behind that hazy gaze. These are the caring and sensitive souls of the Zodiac, after all, and you are very special to them. Not materialistic at all, you're more likely to find your Pisces grandparent doling out meals at a soup kitchen than shopping at the mall. Artistic and musical by nature as well, your Pisces grandparent is the one who’ll lead the sing-alongs during family shindigs. Supportive to the core, your Pisces grandparent is the person you should call when you need a boost with a new project, or advice on a family dilemma. The most precious skill you can learn from your Pisces grandparent is compassion. This strong and sage individual can teach the family a great deal.
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