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How Will Your Valentine's Day Play Out?

by Sherene Schostak February 01, 2012 07:23 PM EST
How Will Your Valentine's Day Play Out?

The Moon and amour! Explore how the lunar energies on Valentine's Day will influence your love life! Click the link below for your Sun sign to see how your Valentine's Day will unfold ....!

With the Moon in your travel zone this Valentine’s Day, love is calling you from faraway lands. Think passport, think overseas and think exotic. In honor of Cupid’s holiday, treat yourself to an amazing getaway you adore and preferably where the locals are adorable. Travel not only expands your mind, but could radically alter your love life if you play your cards right tonight, Aries. With the Sun in your social sector and the Moon in fiery Sagittarius, the operative theme is fiesta, baby! And you’ll happily choose illusions (what love affair isn’t fraught with such?) over reality any day -- but especially under today’s strong Neptunian auspices. Just be careful that you’re not partying until he or she is cute. At the end of the day, a Sagittarian lunar influence will douse you with her strong truth serum, straight up and without a chaser. Are you ready to cut to the chase about your love life this Valentine’s Day? Of course you are -- Rams were born ready!

With the lunar influence impacting your sex sector this Valentine’s Day, you’re all about the subtle and the sultry. Seduction is as effortless as breathing under today’s erotic star influence. And with Venus, the love planet, taking up residence in your dream zone, you’re in the midst of a very rich fantasy life. It may be difficult to decipher where fantasy ends and reality begins. But then again, why would you want to ruin the dream? Illusions keep life interesting and the romance sparkly. And with the Sun sitting at the top of your chart, and lucky Jupiter blessing your sign -- your confidence level is off the charts. What Taurus desires, Taurus gets (because you’re willing to wait and persevere). Your life has been expanding in the best of all possible ways, and today is like the icing on the cake. Nothing is more attractive than strong, beautiful and confident -- and baby, you’re a triple threat!

With the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius illuminating your relationship sector, you’ll have the stars doing your romantic bidding this Valentine’s Day. Your energy levels might be a bit on the sluggish side, but that just means you should extend the bedtime pleasures as much as possible. Better to rely more on body language and less on verbal communication as you and your amour are likely to fall prey to foot-in-the-mouth syndrome. When tempted to blurt out, bite your tongue before the romantic ambiance bites the dust. Words can and may be used against you under today’s lunar opposition. Glamour is in the air, so why not experiment with your most elaborate fantasies? Neptune rules illusions and is in strong aspect to the Moon in your partner zone today. This is an anything-goes Valentine’s Day where more is definitely better. Think outside the box when it comes to your seduction ritual tonight -- you can’t be too outrageous!

The Moon as your luminary lover enters Sagittarius today -- the expansive sign of wanderlust. Whether hitched or single, you’re feeling more optimistic and open-minded about love than you have in many Valentine’s past. Dare to love big and dare to love out loud. A little getaway or some kind of exotic adventure is calling you on this day dedicated to Eros and pleasure. Be spontaneous and take a risk by trying something totally new. You’re being called to shed your shell and let go of the comforts of home in order to celebrate the fiery magic of today’s Sagittarian Moon. Luna is inviting you to expand your romantic horizons and embrace new vistas. Go beyond your normal conceptions of love, romance and relationship. Too much is never enough under today’s expansive star patterns. Indulgence of every kind is highly suggested. Use your romantic illusions and let yourself fall under the seduction of Cupid’s spell.


Dear, sweet, romantic Leo, this is surely one of your favorite holidays. You’re the lover of the zodiac, and this Valentine’s Day you’ve got the fiery Sagittarius Moon in your romance house to see you through. Love and pleasure are guaranteed under today’s auspicious stars. Leave your workload for another day so you don’t miss one single second of these glorious aspects. With the Sun in your relationship sector and the Moon in your love zone, the cosmos is playing the perfect Cupid. And yes, your wish is most definitely the stars’ command. Wish big and share your love in large quantities. As always, this is a holiday to celebrate all the sources of love in your life, but of course your sweetie will always get the best of the best. You hate to choose favorites, but your loyal Leonine heart is inclined to hold that special place for that special someone.

You’ve been working yourself to the bone so much lately that you may have forgotten that today is the most romantic holiday of the year. Put down that to-do list and indulge in some long-overdue pleasure. With the Moon in expansive and indulgent Sagittarius, you’re being called to a love adventure. Forget about practicality, this is a day to submerge yourself in all of your favorite decadent extremes. And with the Moon in your home sector this V-day, you may prefer to linger about with your lover in the privacy of your own home rather than deal with crowds. But if an intimate romantic getaway is possible, grab it! Consider it your sexy home-away-from-home love sanctuary for the day. In any case, let yourself think, feel and love beyond the normal bounds of what you consider safe when it comes to romantic adventure. This is a time to push yourself past your normal comfort zone in honor of St. Valentine.


With the Moon illuminating your communication sector this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be feeling a strong urge to pour your feelings into written word. What will it be -- a card, a poem or perhaps a long, delicious love letter? It’s sexier when written by hand, so why not take a break from digital format to express your deepest longings? Since you’re a diehard romantic, this holiday has a way of stirring up all of your amorous tendencies. Don’t hold back -- the fiery energy of today’s Sagittarian Moon in your house of messages gives you cosmic carte blanche to speak straight from your heart. Subtle approaches easily fall flat under such a brazen lunar influence. Your amour will appreciate your powerful declarations. This doesn’t mean you can’t flirt, flaunt and act a tease in the beginning of your seduction ritual. But when it comes to laying your feelings on the line, be bold and direct. That kind of fearless confidence will rock your lover’s world.

With this Valentine’s Day Moon gracing your money sector (possessions, values, the sensual realm), you’re looking for a rock-solid love. Nothing flimsy or compulsive will do. You can decipher the real from the fake on demand. It’s just an instinct you were born with. You’ve been weeding out negative relationship patterns and energy vampires from your life over the past few months, and with your newfound clarity, you’re holding the bar high and holding out for the kind of love you truly deserve. If someone wants to show a Scorpio some love today, it’s got to be in the tangible form. Words alone won’t cut it unless backed by committed action, loads of physical affection and a well thought-out gift. Your lover needs to see and appreciate your unique depths and your matchless passion.

Lucky Sag, today’s Valentine’s stars have your name written all over them. With the Moon in Sagittarius on Cupid’s favorite holiday, you’re totally in your element and radiating your fiery best. Trust your openhearted instincts, and shine your love. There is no reason to downplay your feelings with the stars supporting your romantic cause. In fact, take a risk and put your heart on the line if you haven’t already made your feelings known to that special someone. If you’re already tight and secure, use today’s lucky aspects to take your love quotient to the next level. Break through any stagnant plateaus and put all humdrum habits to shame. This is your day to shake thing up and make your love life adventurous and fabulous again -- the way it was meant to be. As famous Sagittarian Woody Allen likes to say, “A relationship is like a shark, it has to keep moving forward or it dies.”


Today’s Valentine’s stars put the emphasis on seclusion and bedtime pleasures. If you can slip away and avoid crowds on this crazy love holiday, you may actually feel like celebrating. If not, you could easily feel drained and cynical about the whole thing. Rather than ostentatious displays of affection, Capricorn prefers something more subdued -- but dripping with class. You like to create classic memories that last rather than buy into the flimsier trends of commercialism. A romantic dinner at home prepared with ample amounts of love is better than a garish display of bling and teddy bears. Not one for elaborate expletives when it comes to expressing your feelings, a simple card or engraved message will suffice. You prefer to show your love through consistent action rather than grand declarations. In your world, actions definitely speak louder than words.

This is the kind of holiday that triggers your most rebellious instincts. Just because everyone else is doing it is your cue to do the exact opposite. And considering that you’re just as romantic (if not more so) with your friends than your lovers, there is a good chance that you’ll shower your love and affection on your BFFs first and do something less conventional with your lover, later. With the Moon in your social sector this holiday, you’ll definitely be in a more-the-merrier kind of party zone. If you can bring your love relationship into your social world, all the better. Hopefully you won’t feel forced to choose your lover over your friends or this could leave you cold, bitter and resentful. Your lover needs to allow you plenty of freedom to make this an adventure in celebration of this Valentine’s Day: free-bird Sagittarian Moon!

You’re often the most soulfully romantic sign of the zodiac, so you probably secretly love this day. Any excuse to write poetry, sing love songs and do something decadently glamorous in the name of love is enough to inspire you. With the Moon glowing brightly at the tip-top of your horoscope today, you’re feeling on top of the world. Your optimism is contagious. If you haven’t yet found your soul mate or are in-between lovers, tap into your powers of manifestation and let your wishes be known under this auspicious holiday. You’re the master at powerful incantations, especially when love is involved. Light your Venus candle today (pink) and surround yourself with as much self-love as you can muster. You wrote the book on this but sometimes you forget the obvious spiritual principle: That which you focus your attention on is exactly what you attract. Make it good!

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