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Happy Year of the Water Snake! How Will it Affect You?

by Susan Levitt February 04, 2013 01:33 PM EST
Happy Year of the Water Snake! How Will it Affect You?
Chinese New Year arrived on February 10, signaling the dawn of the wise and introspective Year of the Water Snake!

Throughout the next 12 months, you'll find rewards in the inner world of spirit, not the outer world of material things. The year's pace will be slow, offering an opportunity to not only recover from the hectic Year of the Dragon about to pass, but to prepare for the wild ride of 2014's Year of the Horse.

Your Sun sign can help you get the most out of the transformative Year of the Water Snake. Read on to find out how best to utilize the energies of both your Chinese and Western signs this year!


Snake is smart, sharp and clever, making this a very favorable year for you. If you were successful in 2012, your good fortune will continue. If you weren’t, success is on its way!

You start a new, lucky life cycle in 2013. Finally your hard work is rewarded. This is your year to cultivate a spiritual practice, be it yoga, tai chi or any other form of meditation.

You want to act, express and do -- whereas Snake is content to coil up, contemplate and seek answers within. Slow down and don’t lose your temper this year, Tiger. Patience! The Year of the Horse will bring you joy in 2014.

Luck is with you this year, as the Snake brings calm energy after the stress of the Dragon in 2012. The slower pace is reassuring for a gentle and peaceful soul like you.

Your good fortune continues from 2012's Dragon year. Be sure and move slowly now, building on your newly set foundation. You have much to look forward to.

Snake year is about transformation for you, marking the start of a new 12-year cycle. The meditative focus of a Snake year is even stronger now because this is a Water year, inspiring reflection.

Horse is yang, Snake is Yin -- these two signs approach life quite differently. It's best for you to slow down this year and make plans for 2014 -- a lucky Horse year for you.

This is an excellent year as a new attitude overtakes you, Sheep! Your life is far less stressful, and your kindness is infectious. This Snake year launches a three-year lucky cycle for you.

Restless Monkey doesn't always flow with the slow pace of Snake. You two are allies, but you're not quite in sync. If 2012 was successful for you, maintain what you accomplished. If it wasn’t, learn from your mistakes and start over.

Snake makes your dreams come true. Your hard work pays off and your luck blossoms. The year ends in a beautiful transformation. Plan well and anticipate good fortune.

This is an excellent year to recover from any difficulties the Dragon threw your way in 2012. The Water Snake's easy flow offers you stability. You won't feel stressed or under pressure anymore. Breathe!

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Snake is your opposite -- don’t expect too much this year. Go slowly and make no major changes. It’s okay to dream, but avoid things like moving, marriage or changing careers.


You were born ready to go, but this year you must learn to slow down and be patient, especially with children and family. Use your dynamic energy to strengthen your relationships and enhance your living situation.

The coming year looks lucky for you -- an ideal time to enjoy museums, music, and creative expression of all kinds. Snake is slow and steady, just like you.


You are smart, fast, and curious ... and yet Snake is none of these things. Resist telling others what to do; instead, use your bright mind to develop plans for 2014's Horse year -- your lucky time!

You're sensitive and intuitive, just like wise Snake, and you'll enjoy plenty of chances to center yourself this year. Utilize Snake's artistic influence to energize your home all throughout 2013.

You may thrive in the spotlight, but introverted Snake does not. Hold your tongue when you want to speak your mind. Events will occur quietly behind the scenes this year, so listen before you act.

You and Snake share a tendency to be analytical and cautious. You benefit from your close attention to detail, so you're very likely to enjoy great success this year!

As long as you stay balanced and remain truthful, you've got a good year ahead of you. Spend more time developing relationships and allowing events to unfold instead of falling in love too fast.

Secrets will be revealed this year ... and you'll love it! Actual events look to be clandestine, but you're intuitive enough to figure out what's happening -- and why. You and Snake are on the same wavelength.

You are a speaker of truth, but Snake does not easily reveal its thoughts. This is not the year for whistle-blowing, but when the time feels appropriate, you'll be right on target.

Your steady nature will enjoy the year of the Snake, as events slow down and your career plans demand structure. That said, be aware that others could be prone to sneakiness this year!

Snake loves to learn -- the more esoteric the knowledge, the better -- and this suits you just fine. Delve into mysterious topics that interest you, and take your time digesting new information. Wisdom is your reward.

You'll enjoy the calming influence the year of the Snake brings, especially after the intense energy of 2012's Dragon year. Be sure to spend lots of time near water to refresh your spirit.
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