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Iran attack - is it going to happen?

by Marjorie Orr November 08, 2011 01:20 PM EST
Iran attack - is it going to happen?

Even the Russians are getting alarmed at the prospect of Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities as the war drums grow daily louder.


We seem to have been looking at this one for years. But here goes again.


The December 10th Lunar Eclipse at 18 Gemini/Sagittarius does key up Iran as a significant area with Pluto conjunct the Descendant (= hostile neighbours) with Mars which squares the Lunar Eclipse and is in an intemperate, high-risk trine to Pluto conjunct the IC. So the axis are heavily marked which is always a pointer to that being a zone of high activity.

The Lunar Eclipse also falls square to the Iran 1906 Mars in Virgo – so will provoke anger one way or another. The previous Solar Eclipse of 25th November at 2 degrees Sagittarius also has a New Moon square Mars and an exact Mars trine Pluto – so will undoubtedly have an unpleasant effect.


The Iran chart itself has a bullish, over-confident Solar Arc Pluto square Jupiter approaching over the next six months – so it isn’t going to be backing down on its macho rhetoric. Though there’s a good deal of hardship coming up with tr Pluto sextile the Iran Saturn from late February to May and on and off till late 2013. With high insecurity in Jan/Feb and real danger come March and again Nov/Dec 2012.


Israel of course has that rashly pushy Solar Arc Jupiter opposition Mars at the moment plus a panicky tr Neptune opposition Mars – which isn’t a great combination. It could lead to serious misjudgements. It looks highly emotional till late November with tr Pluto square the Solar Arc Moon and trine Solar Arc Venus. And angry/trapped/overly assertive from late Nov thro’ December with tr Pluto opposition Mars/North Node. Emotional upsets come by March, again Nov/Dec 2012 as tr Uranus squares the Israel Venus.


The Israel/Iran relationship chart does have tr Pluto trine the composite Mars from late November which looks ominous – power struggles, ruthless, risky. With a real jolt come late Feb/March.


So tensions will continue to run at fever pitch with a fair likelihood of a clash.




Nicholas Sarkozy reputedly called Benjamin Netanyahu a liar in a conversation with Barack Obama who retorted he had to deal with him everyday. Never speak with microphones around!

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Sarkozy’s intense and stubborn Mercury in Aquarius opposes Netanyahu’s ruthless Mars Pluto in Leo so it is not a quiet mix. Netanyahu is a Sun sextile Mars and Sarkozy is a Moon Mars sextile Sun – so both are inclined to flare up noisily. Their relationship chart has an angry composite Sun in opposition to Mars and a controlling trine to composite Pluto. Worse it has a one-upmanship power-struggling composite Jupiter trine Pluto trine Sun – so all in all two egos jostling for supremacy. Tr Saturn is conjunct the composite Jupiter at the moment exactly, and returning till Sept 2012 – so a decided chill.


Netanyahu’s ultra-determined Mars Pluto conjunction falls conjunct Obama’s Sun Descendant Uranus – so that’s none too easy as well, prone to flare ups. Their relationship chart has a chained-together Saturn square a trapped 8th house composite Pluto. With an irritable Mercury Mars also in the 8th. Thrown together by circumstances and having to make the best of it – is about as good as it gets.


There are intense discussions ongoing at the moment between them until late this month and then there is a distinct chill this December and into 2012.


As to the UK. David Cameron doesn’t get on with Netanyahu any better than anyone else with a composite Sun in a cool trine to Saturn and a sextile to Mars. That relationship is sagging badly come this December and beyond.


Mind you David Cameron’s chemistry with Barack Obama is fairly tricky to put it mildly with an explosive composite Uranus Mars Pluto Sun conjunction in their relationship chart. There are tensions at the moment with tr Pluto opposition the composite Moon (DC’s 6 am birth time being accurate) and that will worsen sharply into January 2012.


The UK relationship with Israel, not great at the best of times with an evasive Neptune opposition Venus square composite Moon, is on red alert with a hostile tr Pluto opposition Mars till late November and further damped down by tr Saturn opposition Venus, square Moon and conjunct Neptune from late Nov through till October 2012.


The UK/USA relationship chart indicates fierce debate between the two countries at the moment till late Nov with tr Pluto square the composite Mercury with a dip in good feeling in mid to late Nov – and a really undermining, disappointing tr Neptune square Mars in 2012.


The UK relationship chart with Iran is certainly blocked with feelings running very high in very late December with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Venus and tr Saturn opposition Pluto.


On the basis of the above, my guesstimate would be that it is less likely that the UK would take part in any action against Iran. And if it did it would be very much from the rear.


Netanyahu’s own chart is confident through this month and very pressured/at high risk from late Nov to late Dec. Solar Arc Saturn is exactly square his Pluto at the moment which can be trapped though it does also have overtones of war – and he’s not a man who takes kindly anyway to being trapped.

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