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John F Kennedy - clear warning signs

by Marjorie Orr November 20, 2013 12:54 PM EST
John F Kennedy - clear warning signs Getty Images

The assassination of President John F Kennedy, born 29 May 1917 3pm Brookline, Massachusetts, occurred on 22nd November 1963, an amazing fifty years ago. Amazing since the shocking event is almost as clear in most people’s minds as the day it happened. Since then the conspiracy theories have multiplied, there have been inquiries, books, films and constant media coverage – and still the questions swirl.

Retrospective astrology always has the benefit of hindsight yet it would have been perfectly clear in advance that JFK was in possibly the most dangerous few months of his life then with his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Pluto. Plus his astrocartography (plotting his chart on the map) indicated Dallas was on probably the riskiest longitude for him with his destructive Pluto Midheaven line at its strongest there.


There was certainly an eerie syncronicity between JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooter, 18 Oct 1939 9.55 pm New Orleans, LA, as is often case between murderer and victim even if they have never met.


Oswald was certainly consumed with rage having Pluto opposition an 8th house Mars in Aquarius square a grandstanding intense Mercury Venus in Scorpio in the 5th, as well as trine/sextile a drama-queen Jupiter in his 10th. His Libra Sun was in a low self-esteem opposition to self reliant and hard Saturn in Aries. His Saturn opposition North Node squared Pluto opposition Mars which is fairly fearsome. His life had been one long vengeance spree against authority figures.




When JFK was shot tr Pluto (backed by the conjunction to tr Uranus) was trine Oswald’s Capricorn Moon stoking up his feelings; and his Solar Arc Moon had moved to sit exactly midway between his Mars and his Pluto which would magnify his rage even more. Plus his Solar Arc Saturn opposition Sun had moved to sit their midpoint exactly on his Uranus which would bring high tension.


Oswald’s Pluto sat in JFK’s 10th house conjunct his Neptune Saturn so he’d feel the urge to control JFK and given the Oswald’s Pluto opposed his Mars that meant destroy. Oswald’s Sun opposition Saturn fell across JFK’s 1st/7th so a significant relationship, all the more so since Oswald’s Capricorn Moon was conjunct JFK’s North Node. And Oswald’s Uranus was conjunct JFK’s 8th house Mars – so an explosive chemistry.


JFK must have represented all the things which brought the red mists down for Oswald – the ultimate authority figure, rich, hugely successful from an influential family.


Their relationship chart – tho’ they had never met – had an explosive Mars Uranus in the 8th. The tr Saturn square Neptune at that point was in hard aspect to their composite Sun and composite Moon; with the tr Uranus Pluto midpoint exactly square the composite Saturn.


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Amongst the many questions which repeat is whether the marriage between Jackie and JFK really was a love match.


From the outside it looked like one of these rich-family marriages of convenience and status. In reality they were a very strong combination, offering a good deal of support to and affection for each other.


She was born 28 July 1929 2.30pm Southampton, NY.




His Gemini Sun was exactly conjunct her 7th house Jupiter and his Jupiter Mercury Mars in Taurus also fell in her 7th so he was very much her other half. Her Aries Moon fell in his 7th which is also a good marriage placing with her Sun in his 10th so she’d help his ambitions. Both had Venus in Gemini.


Their relationship chart indicates an extraordinarily deep-connection with an 8th house exact New Moon in Cancer suggesting they were truly a complementary pair, more whole when together. Admittedly that New Moon was conjunct Pluto Mars also in the 8th and square Saturn – so mixed in would be a great deal of aggravation, control, frustration and probably fear. For good and for ill they were locked together especially with an exact composite Saturn square Pluto. The relationship chart also had Jupiter Venus in the 7th which would give them an aura of great happiness and sociability.


She had grown up with a distant (separated) father Black Jack Bouvier, 19 May 1891, who was a gambler, drinker and womaniser so her husband’s wandering tendencies wouldn’t seem that out of the ordinary. Her father had his Taurus Sun in her 7th and Neptune Pluto in Gemini conjunct her Jupiter, with Mars in Gemini conjunct her Venus and his Venus in Aries conjunct her Moon. So she would be drawn to adventurous men.


The previous Lunar Eclipse to JFK’s death in July 1963 (the eclipse effect covers the following six months) was a Cancer Sun opposition Capricorn Moon which impacted in a challenging way conjunct and opposition the USA’s Cancer Sun. And that Lunar Eclipse located to Dallas put the tumultuous, anarchic Uranus Pluto conjunction straddling the Midheaven with Pluto in a brutal conjunction to Mars. So there were clear signs that Dallas was going to be in the eye of a storm.


The chart for the shooting is not too noteworthy at first glance but looking deeper the 22nd Harmonic, which usually points to iconic events or individuals, it is exceptionally strong with a shocking, life-changing Uranus breaking the heady Camelot Mars Jupiter dream.


JFK’s own personal chart has equally a very strong 22nd Harmonic which indicates clearly from a Venus Pluto Moon Mars T Square that his place in history would always be intimately connected to the tragic manner of his passing.


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