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Jupiter in Aries: The Fortune in Discontent

by Jessica Shepherd January 25, 2011 01:28 PM EST

Jupiter is everyone’s darling - and for good reason. This is the planet of generosity, luck, faith, hope, optimism, abundance, and related to all those people who give us exactly that, of teachers, kings, gurus, and those who share inspiration & wisdom.  When the chips are down in the rest of the birth chart, astrologers always look to Jupiter for CPR. Like Venus, he shows us where we can experience some respite and relief, if not outrageous good fortune.

Jupiter has entered Aries (1/22-6/3/11) where he will fly in the sign of the Ram in record time (Jupiter takes up to 12 months to transit a sign). Aries folks will hustle to take advantage of the outrageous good luck in the stars but it won’t be hard: Aries born are self-starters who have enough pluck & brass to not underestimate their self, which is one of the ways we can sleep through the opportunity to make an area of our life better, always promised by this transit. Jupiter rewards the bold, and his Aries transit will make this clear.

However, Jupiter's luck isn't always obvious. Though his main objective is making life better, sometimes what we earthlings perceive as difficult, are actually positive. For instance, let’s say you just discovered you have mold in your urban house. Not good right? But you always wanted to move to the country, so what begins as a real pain actually turns out great. Or let’s say you’ve been dissatisfied in your marriage for some time. Jupiter enters your 7th house and you’ve really had it - because you’re ready for things to be better. So some attractive new being comes along who makes your needs obvious. Or death. Jupiter appears in a lot of death charts. When you’re terminally ill with cancer, death is a fortunate release from bondage. A client’s stepfather just died; at his Jupiter return.

The trick to tapping Jupiter’s outrageous fortune is allowing yourself to sit with what it is you truly & deeply want right now. You may discover restlessness or even deep discontent. If you are restless to make this area of your life better, take that as a sign that yes, you can. Then believe in your ability to do that.

If you know your birth chart: in what house is Jupiter transiting? Don't know? Look at your SUN sign, ie ARIES born. Both areas are under Jupiter's beams.

Jupiter in the 1st House or ARIES born:  self-image, body-image, makeovers, the decisive choices that direct your life, how you act and appear to others, your life journey, your vehicle for individuation, your point of view, leadership.

Jupiter in the 2nd House or PISCES born: money, what you most value, self-confidence, investing in your self, taking risks that require courage, your ability to provide for your self, personal safety, body esteem, self-esteem.

Jupiter in the 3rd House or AQUARIUS born: self-expression, communication, the appearance of omens and synchronicity, neighbors and siblings, journeys of the mind, learning/teaching, education.

Jupiter in the 4th House or CAPRICORN born: home, parents, clan, security, roots and personal legacy, the past, psychological introspection/integration, endings, where your heart is, understanding what the soul most wants.

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Jupiter in the 5th House or SAGITTARIUS born: lovers and love affairs, art, expression of creativity and talent, luster, getting noticed, self re-creation, playmates, karmic partnerships, short term relationships, dating.

Jupiter in the 6th House or SCORPIO born: befriending the body, environmental psychological and spiritual hygiene, mentors and apprenticeship, work life balance, co-workers, self-care, daily habits and routines, health.

Jupiter in the 7th House or LIBRA born: partnership, negotiation, compromise, interdependency, bridge-building, building of trust, empathy, ongoing adaptation to partners' changing needs, marriage- commitment.

Jupiter in the 8th House or VIRGO born: psycho-sexual intimacy, psychologists & therapy, death and grief, shared resources, repressed and unconscious material, sexual and trauma healing, healing betrayal.

Jupiter in the 9th House or LEO born: higher learning, travel, religious and spiritual teachers, questions of morality, long journeys overseas, expanding your possibilities, belief systems, religious dogma vs. wide-open spiritual perception.

Jupiter in the 10th House or CANCER born: how you appear to the public at large, public image or status, your calling card or career, bosses and higher-ups, recognition, the world stage, personal mission, doing what you love.

Jupiter in the 11th House or GEMINI born: distant friends, acquaintances and groups, long-term plans and goals, people you want to be like/who you admire, social networks, individuation-breaking away from the status quo.

Jupiter in the 12th House or TAURUS born: consciousness and quietude, restorative activities, spiritual pursuits, enjoyable time spent alone, connection to all of life through art/beauty/music, nature, retreat from life, contemplation.



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