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Jupiter in Taurus: How Your Sign Can Attract Abundance

by Terry Lamb April 02, 2012 12:20 AM EST
Jupiter in Taurus: How Your Sign Can Attract Abundance

We are living in extraordinary times, when we have amplified access to our power and potential. Prosperity is at our fingertips with Jupiter in Taurus in this year of the Mayan prophecy, but we must free our ingenuity to access abundance.

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Even though Jupiter leaves Taurus on June 11, the positive aspects will linger because of the connection with powerhouse Pluto. Anything that we launch now will stick with the tenacity of Pluto, and keep growing over the next nine years. Here’s how your Sun sign can best attract abundance in 2012.

Your place to prosper is in finance. While other things grab your attention, your ways of seeking prosperity just happen to dovetail with your higher priorities.

Your place to prosper is anywhere you want -- you have the Midas touch! You’ll have to sort weeds from flowers, but your flowers will blossom and bear fruit over 12 years.

Your place to prosper is within. You need to connect to your source, find your center and allow your prosperity to emanate from that space of infinite possibilities.

Your place to prosper is through your social networks. Resist the urge to stay in your shell. Keep the contacts flowing and you’ll be rewarded.

Your place to prosper is through career promotion and business opportunity. You’ll have to work hard -- but there’s gold at the end of the rainbow.

Your place to prosper comes from sharing deep insights you’ve been pulling together into a worldview that helps others. Yes, it really is a valuable contribution -- don’t be shy.

Your place to prosper could be in managing others’ money, but on a deeper level it’s about swimming in the unconscious realms and understanding what makes people tick.

Your place to prosper is in relationships. It’s through close commitment and partnership that you will find joy and abundance now.

Your place to prosper is in doing the work. If you apply yourself consistently, you’ll create the foundation you need to succeed. Your health is key to your success.

Your place to prosper is through creative pursuits. You are a fountain of creative ideas, and opportunities abound.

Your place to prosper is through a gift from within -- your private self. There are rewards in sharing your innermost self.

Your place to prosper comes through connection with others. Your contacts are like gold now, and what you write and teach are sources of abundance.

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