Karma Signs

Karma signs
Saturn is the Planet of Karma! Saturn is a strong disciplinarian and teaches us our lessons this lifetime. At times, this planet can be restricting and inhibiting. Joy is experienced once the lessons of Saturn have been learned. This is your Karmic lesson, based on the sign Saturn was placed in at the time of your birth.

Because you undervalue yourself you are afraid that no one else will value you either. And yet this is what you desperately want. Popularity is your goal -- and yet your own inferior attitude continuously sabotages your achieving it. If feelings of jealousy and the inability to act spontaneously don't push people away than it is the cold and callous facade you've developed to protect your own vulnerability. Romance, creativity and children may be an issue in your life too. Your challenge is to connect to and find value with your own core self -- reaching through all of those outward layers you have developed in protection. If you are really able to value yourself you have the chance to recaptured a child-like sense of joy which may have been missing from your serious adult life.
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