Karma Signs

Karma signs
Saturn is the Planet of Karma! Saturn is a strong disciplinarian and teaches us our lessons this lifetime. At times, this planet can be restricting and inhibiting. Joy is experienced once the lessons of Saturn have been learned. This is your Karmic lesson, based on the sign Saturn was placed in at the time of your birth.

Fear of emotional rejection and personal inadequacy result in your trying to overcompensate either financially or sexually. This fear also can manifest itself through self-fulfilling prophesy. You fear being taken advantage of, this is the energy you put out and as a result you often find yourself involved with people who take advantage of you financially and emotionally. On the surface the problems seems purely material but is actually emotional -- and it is this fact that you are usually in denial about. You might try coming to terms with your motivation and stop blaming others. Through self awareness you can break the cycle and you could find yourself not only healing yourself but also those around you.
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