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Kay Taylor
Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor is a clear and accurate clairvoyant channel and astrologer working with individuals and couples for over 25 years. Whether in person or by phone, a private session with her is an elegant integration of psychic reading and transpersonal astrology that can help you understand your life on all levels, from the spiritual to the practical details of daily life. She is skilled in hypnotherapy, past life regression, spiritual healing and psychosynthesis counseling, allowing you to explore and perhaps heal your issues more deeply.

Kay is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer through Steven Forrest's Apprenticeship Program, and has also studied psychological astrology extensively. She is passionate about teaching people how to deepen, clarify and use their intuitive skills, and to integrate these natural abilities into their personal lives and professions. Kay lectures at astrological conferences and teaches intuitive development and astrology via teleclasses and workshops, as well as at retreats in California and Europe. For more information, please feel free to write:

Check out Kay's blog, An Intuitive Life.

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