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Know Your Capricorn Boss

by Jo Tracey January 11, 2010 03:39 AM EST

If my present boss is reading this now, I will ask him to turn away for the next few hundred words and come back next week. Is he gone? Cool. He’s a great guy, but doesn’t need to hear this. OK, now we can talk freely...

I like to know the Sun sign of a boss just so that it cuts out some of the getting to know you foreplay, so to speak. Being a Pisces, I need to emotionally connect with everything in life to feel, well, connected- and that goes with work and my relationships at work. In order to feel “connected”, I like to know a little bit about who the person is outside the office as well- it makes them seem so much more human. This doesn’t mean that I like to socialise with them outside of work- I let very few people I work with get that close to me- you have to be pretty special for that.

This is the bit I don’t want my boss to read:

From a manipulative viewpoint, it also gives me an indication as to how far I can push and how they will react to certain issues, challenges, stuff-ups... which allows me to spin in the appropriate direction. Given that Pisceans rarely relish conflict and tend to adopt the passive aggressive approach instead, this saves a heap of stress.

Sub consciously I have adopted this practice over the past 22 years relatively successfully... except for when, shortly after I started working for The Bank, I came across a Capricorn boss who just would not let me past the workplace mask. Work was work and home was home. Mr G suffered through the Christmas parties, but didn’t enjoy them. He never attended the monthly Thursday night inter-branch get-togethers and would come out of his office only when absolutely necessary. I was Managers Assistant in the (suburban) branch, so my role was his number 2, his right hand man, but the rules were very clear- they had to be- I had my own lending authority and was also partially responsible for cash settlements. He was the quintessential old style Banker. I was petrified of him, but the clients loved and respected him.

Management comes naturally to Capricorn and is a natural progression on the Capricorn career ladder. She may take longer than some other signs to make it to the top, but she will never really be satisfied until she gets there. Once at the pinnacle, her success generally lasts longer than that of the more vocal and outwardly inspirational signs.

 Whilst the Capricorn boss is not a naturally charismatic leader, she is able to direct troops and inspire through experience and sheer hard work- this is one sign that leads by example.  She will expect you to work equally as hard and will not tolerate laziness, corner cutting or dishonesty. She knows how to manage upward, makes clear boundaries and will immediately address and performance issues which threaten the achievement of her goals.

Capricorn bosses dislike over-familiarity in the workplace and generally adhere to traditional work practices. They prefer an office to a partition, standard hours to flexible, work from the office rather than tele-commuting. Capricorn bosses also dislike surprises, sudden change, new ideas, disorganisation and casual Fridays.

These managers like order, stability and structure and rely heavily on experience- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Although a cardinal and initiating sign, Capricorn will push for change only when their security is being threatened. In many cases, such reticence is warranted, and disaster is avoided. In other circumstances, however, real efficiency improvement can stall.

Mr G often mistook the quantity of hours spent in the office for improved productivity and could never understand that occasionally you just had to break out for a while or risk breaking down. This is a common failing of Capricorn boss who will struggle into work sick when others would be at home ensuring they didn’t spread the virus around the office. Mr G would push through and be sick and cranky for months while the rest of us would have a day or two at home and recover properly.

Whilst Mr G was the only Capricorn I have directly worked for, I have seen other Capricorn leaders over the years who insist on signing into their laptops, pickleberries or whatever while on a family vacation simply because they just can’t let go. There is almost a fear that through absence they will become dispensable or less valued- and Capricorn is afraid of nothing more than feeling useless.

Not all are like this. I have also seen Capricorns who deliberately leave these devices at home so they won’t be tempted. Interestingly, the Capricorn leaders who have learned how to let go and relax are also those that adapt better to change and progress.

Capricorn works best in a formal corporate structure where policies and procedures govern day to day operations- in such an environment, their experience and worth shines through and their efforts are rewarded and appreciated. Capricorn has difficulty in shining in more fire dominated workplaces or industries.

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Mr G taught me a lot about productivity, efficiency, boundaries and compliance. For a young, emotional fishie only a couple of years into the workforce, these were lessons I needed to learn.  The work ethics I learned with him are with me today (hopefully my current boss is still tuned out) and the detachment he taught saw me through 10 stressful years in Credit and as Manager of my own branch. I always just wished he knew how to let go and have some fun...and I never even found out the names of his kids.


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