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Laura DiLeva
Laura DiLeva

Laura DiLeva is an astrologer, writer and the mother of two children. Her blog, the Fifth House Haven, helps parents understand their children better through astrology.Her articles educate parents on the fundamentals of astrology and show how astrology can be an important tool for raising kids.

Laura has written two women’s fiction books that center around the life of mother and astrologer, Ariel McManus. Her books, Ariel’s Office: Moon Void of Course, and Ariel and the Lady of the House: Moon in the 8th are written under her pen-name, Laura Lynn, and can be found wherever e-books are sold.

Laura is professional writer who has worked as a journalist, newsletter editor, Web editor, and marketing communications professional.

Aside from writing and her life-long passion for astrology, Laura has practiced the Tarot for over 20 years. She attended Western Michigan University where she earned a Master of Arts in English with an emphasis in professional writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She currently resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

To check out Laura’s books, go to Amazon’s Kindle eBooks and search for titles by Laura Lynn. And feel free to contact Laura at laura.reina@mac.com.

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