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Local Space: Astrological Relocation

by Michael Erlewine June 09, 2011 05:58 AM EST
Local Space: Astrological Relocation Michael Erlewine

 Astrology has been very useful for me in looking at relocation, understanding why I live where I do and what to expect if I travel to this or that other city. How is astrology used for relocation?


Just imagine at your birth that your mother handed you to your father for the first time. You dad holds you up, looks into your eyes, and carries you outside. As he stands in the early morning light with you in his arms he can see the Sun in the sky to the East, the Moon setting somewhere to the west, and Venus bright in the sky not too far from the Sun. The Sun, Moon, Venus and all of the planets are each in a particular direction in the sky from the place where you were born.


Moreover, the line that can be drawn from each of these heavenly bodies is also a direction on earth from where your dad stands, a direction and line that runs through a series of cities and places. Are those cities important to you in your life? That is the question.


If the planet Venus stands for love and compassion, not to mention affection, valuing, appreciation, and appraisal, what happens if you relocate or travel along the birth line of Venus later in life?


In the early 1970s this was a question I asked myself. At the time there were no PCs or Macs, no home computers of any kind, and not even programmable calculators. The common 4-function calculator was just being born and I did not have the mathematical trigonometric background to calculate all these sky-map lines in the heavens and on Earth. It was a real learning experience to master the math I needed to figure all this out. I was a complete unknown in astrology, just somewhere in time in my tiny office puzzling all this out.


In the beginning I had only books with trig tables and I did everything by pencil and paper. It would take me an entire day to calculate one chart. Of course later on, when the 4-function and programmable calculators appeared, it was easier. And the home PC made it much easier still in the late 1970s.


I called the locality astrology I developed “Local Space,” the space surrounding a birth or event and today this relocation technique is on most professional astrological software, even if some call it by another name. I didn’t invent the math, but I was the first to clarify and popularize this technique.


My initial article on Local Space was published in astrologer Charles A. Jayne’s “Cosmecology Bulletin” in 1976 and here is a quote from what I wrote back then that describes this technique.


“Here is no "subtle plane", but a personal landscape painted in bold and clear strokes and tailor made to fit the psyche of each individual. Here is a world where the modern man is learning to move across the face of this earth in an endless dance of adjustment and tuning of his radix -- of his self. Individuals driven in particular directions on a checkerboard world, unable to resist travelling toward a goal that is no particular place on earth so much as it is a direction imprinted within them, the direction of a force or planet, "There! Where Power hovers", to use Don Juan's expression. In a word, here is perhaps the must vulgar astrological system, where the obvious is enthroned and the subtle unnecessary.”


The Pull of a Force Drawing us Closer


As the above quote suggests, relocation and the endless day-to-day adjustments of our living quarters that go with it may not only be the obvious move to another house or another city as much as it is a need to fulfill something deep within us, the pull of a planet, the pull of a force drawing us closer, an inner need and desire to know that force better and to experience it. Think of planets as medicine that we may need to fulfill ourselves. If we need discipline we move to, travel to, or vacation in the direction of the planet Saturn, and so on.


Getting away on a vacation and having that unexpected rush of freedom and delight as we move for a day or part of a day into almost another world, a world we feel free to experience, as we soak in an undefined quality that we just can’t seem to get enough of. Later, heading home almost in a swoon, some little part of our heart is just too tender to touch, as we reluctantly leave the place. What are the qualities of the special place? Astrologers have been concerned with events that emerge in time by Local Space Astrology allows you to bring on event by changing your position in space. You can do it now.


Places do have power and Local Space is a study of the power of places over us and how to choose places that will fulfill us. I include here two examples of my own Local Space chart to give you some idea of how this all works. These charts will soon be available as part of our new on-line chart service which is coming soon.


When I first discovered my Local Space chart, of course I wanted to see if any of the planet lines ran through cities I knew or had lived in. Although I have lived in several different places, the one major move in my lifetime up to that point had been from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (my birthplace) to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Of course what I wanted to know was: in what direction was Ann Arbor from Lancaster and was it in the direction of any planet in my chart? That is, what degree and direction did Ann Arbor occupy on my radix or birth horizon?


And here rolled in a great shock wave. It turned out that Ann Arbor is right in the direction of my natal Jupiter position on the local space chart -- within two degrees. In other words, a move to Ann Arbor was a move in the exact direction of my natal Jupiter. Jupiter rules my Ascendant and its position just above the 7th house cusp makes it very prominent in any analysis of my chart. And of course it was in Ann Arbor that I discovered astrology, became an astrologer, and also found music and became a performing musician. Jupiter represents the life path or vocation (the way we go) and here I had moved directly into Jupiter and found my vocation.


I was amazed by such a coincidence and set out to answer some of the other questions that now began popping up in my mind. What about the other places I had lived or to which I had traveled or thought of travelling to? The history of my travel came before my mind... some places of joy and learning, others of sorrow and pain. I plotted the directions and calculated the charts for all of these places and what I found through reading these charts was overwhelming. It marked my initial surrender to what now appears to be, at least for me, a major discovery in my personal astrological life, that of an astrology of local space.


Anyway, there you have a brief introduction to Local Space. I hope you found it interesting.






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