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Love is Blindness

by Sherene Schostak September 24, 2012 07:48 PM EST
Love is Blindness
"No one can love you
'Cause no one can free you
Lovers can't touch you
'Cause lovers might reach you, yeah

I'm so alone, so alone
but better than a wretched worldv better than a broken pearl
I'm so alone, so alone
but better than I ever was" 

-- Oceania (Billy Corgan, Pisces)

The final days of summer threw us into the tides of a Pisces Full Moon/Blue Moon while drudging all of the Neptunian (illusion and delusion) and Chironic (the wound that never heals) issues to shore. Wrapped in the seaweed of what feels like archaic longing we may chose to go to sleep from the overwhelm. Either that or you can bet your unconscious gods and demons will create such primal stirring that you simply cannot sleep. Either way, inner archetypal forces are attempting to communicate with us.

Are you paying attention to the stream of messages streaming forth from the realms of the infinite? Pisces asks us to think in metaphor and imagery like a poet. Messages may come in the form of an overheard conversation, a song lyric, a dream, an animal that crosses our path or a seemingly random scrap of paper on the sidewalk. At the very least, the message will come in the form of an overpowering mood or a sense of feeling totally drained. When we feel utterly depleted it is very often because of poor boundaries, letting others suck us dry, or simply not making enough soul/dream time to care for our inner world.

"Translating Neptune from emotional pathology to creativity is no mean feat, and takes enormous effort. Neptune in each of us is always ready to complain that our relationships have let us down. At the time such complaints sound legitimate, but they are very different in tone and motive from the recognition of deep-rooted incompatibility. Yet the posture of dreary martyrdom is no solution either; it is only the other side of Neptune's coin. Learning to distinguish oneself, the loved one and the divine source may, for the Neptunian, provide a more modest but workable form of redemption."

-- Liz Greene

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It is very important that we ground and reconnect with spirit during this time. Do not underestimate the power of your dream images. By all means, write down each and every fragment even if the censorship of the ego tries to convince you it’s all total nonsense. As Freud said: dreams are the royal road to the unconscious ... and sadly the illimitable Self has limited resources to awaken the sleeping limited self ... dream work, meditation, music and art may be some of the most potent means available. If we make the time to pay attention to what the unconscious is trying to communicate with the limited and one-sided consciousness, new worlds will open.

The higher side of Neptune is the infinite creative potential that it bestows. The unconscious side quickly devolves into addiction, masochism, victimization and needless suffering. Neptune clouds our vision of Saturnian reality for better or worse. The glamour is fantastic, the theatrical merit: sublime. But in the realm of romantic relationships is where the waters of Neptune can either heal or drown -- usually a combination of both. Neptune and Chiron have both spent most of 2012 in Pisces, so the themes dominant during this Pisces full Moon are simply ongoing themes coming into greater illumination now.

Neptune and the Dedication to Suffering:

"In order to discover the more creative face of Neptune, where the impossible love becomes a doorway to the riches of the inner world, one must first face honestly the fact that one has an investment in the beloved’s unobtainability; and that much of the suffering has roots which stretch back to the 'family romance' of earliest childhood."

-- Liz Greene

I spent the day next to water re-reading one of my favorite astrology books of all time: Liz Greene’s: “Neptune and the Quest for Redemption.” If you have strong Pisces, Neptune or Twelfth House themes in your horoscope (as I do), this is a must read. I will share some of the gems from one of my favorite chapters in the book: “The Liebestod” (which means “love death” taken from Wagner’s aria: Triston und Isolde).

In this chapter, she discusses how the Neptune-bound individual is strangely invested in frustration, suffering and sacrifice driven by a relentless longing to merge with a love that is ultimately unobtainable. The barricade might involve a love triangle, geographical incompatibility, addiction or some deeply rooted psychological, emotional or physical problem that makes the relationship impossible or unfulfilling.

Idealization casts a long, dark shadow.

-- Liz Greene

Perhaps we are all a bit Neptune-bound at the moment, under the influence as it were. Between the full Moon, Neptune and Chiron all inhabiting Pisces, we are all somewhat drunk on our illusions and praying for time before the next disillusionment kicks us in the Saturnian teeth? How long can we sustain the love buzz, clinging to the need to remain in the unconscious perfection of Eden ignoring the looming energy of the inner serpent that threatens to expose the maya? We are flawed, we are alone, we are wounded and we are aging. Can we accept this harsh reality and love ourselves and our intimate “others” in spite of such harsh, mortal limitations?

As Dylan Thomas so brilliantly stated in his Death and Entrances poem, “Death is all metaphors.”
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