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  • Soul Mate Compatibility
    Soul Mate Compatibility

    Soul Mate: The one special person you share your joys and sorrows, triumphs and despair, and with whom you can be most yourself. Discover whether you are with your Soul Mate and how you can enrich your relationship. Start out with a free sample preview right now.

    2 Person Reading
    " I've been with my boyfriend on and off throughout life. We've known each other since childhood. This chart was so dead on it's..." read more
    -- Cheryl, U.S.
  • Couples' Composite Reading
    Couples' Composite Reading

    What are the dynamics of your relationship? How can you transform the challenging aspects of your partnership into your greatest strengths? This reading holds the answers! Start off with a free sample reading for two right now!

    2 Person Reading
    " I've never gotten a reading of my relationship to my husband before. We've been together 23 years and quite frankly I was amazed..." read more
    -- Elaine, U.S.
  • Friends and Lovers
    Friends and Lovers

    This unique reading will give you a revealing insight into your relationship from each other's perspective. What attracts you to each other? How do you bring out the best in each other? What are the strengths in your relationship and what are the challenges? Start out with a free sample preview!


    2 Person Reading
    " I would give this a 10 if given that choice. I've received several sample readings and also purchased a few, but nothing as good..." read more
    -- Phyllis, U.S.
  • Passion Potential
    Passion Potential

    Explore how you engage love, lust and sensuality in every aspect of your lives. Get intimate clues on how to bring out the best in yourself and your lover. This is a must have reading for lovers everywhere! Sample a free extract of your full two-person reading today!

    2 Person Reading
    " Wow, what a reading, most things were spot on. I can't believe you can be so accurate with just a birth date. We will enjoy going..." read more
    -- Monika, Australia
  • New Astrology Love Match
    New Astrology Love Match

    Preparing for a future together? Wondering if you'll last? Chinese astrology and Western astrology come together in our New Astrology Love Match reading to give you a unique view of your relationship! Find out if your Sun (Western) Signs are as compatible as your Chinese Signs, and learn more about what you both need when it comes to romance. This reading will tell it to like it is, giving you an honest assessment of the future of your relationship. Try a free sample today!

    2 Person Reading
    " Excellent! Unique combination of Western and Chinese astrology. Well done for offering such an interesting and different chart.
    -- Emma, Australia