Love Signs

Love signs

Venus, often called the Planet of Love, is a feminine sign and rules both Taurus and Libra, as well as the Second and Seventh Houses. Venus represents love, sensuality, romance, beauty, culture, affection and one's social appeal. Venus is about how we feel when we are interacting socially with others -- romantically, professionally or even platonically. Its placement in our chart provides insight into what we are attracted to and what is attracted to us. Your Venus sign defines what you love and how you love it and is therefore referred to as your Love Sign. Venus (in conjunction with the Moon) governs our emotional life and unions of all kinds. Imagine Venus as a warm buzz -- it does, after all, rule your sensory organs and all the spots that feel good emotionally and sensually.

Having Venus in Capricorn is a sure sign that the game of love will not be rushed. A better question might be whether things will get off the ground at all! Those graced by this placement are cautious to the core, not ones to jump into love or meander through various flings. Rather, the tender care of another is what will bring this lover into full bloom. That said, once insecurities and fear of rejection are shoved aside, those with their Venus in Capricorn can be loyal and true lovers who will work hard at making their relationship click. Don't expect a fountain of feelings to flow from these folks, however; expect them instead to be relatively private, albeit sensualists in the right situation. That situation is likely to be one where emotional and financial security is virtually guaranteed. Now that's not too much to ask, is it? Well, hard worker that the Goat is, those with this placement can expect to spend much of their time doing the work which will ultimately lead to relationship bliss. The fruits of this labor? A faithful and devoted lover. Not bad!

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