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Love in the Year of the Rabbit

by The Astrologer's Daughter January 10, 2011 06:40 PM EST
Love in the Year of the Rabbit
The Rabbit (or Cat as it’s also known) is considered a very lucky sign in the Chinese zodiac. Beginning with the new Moon of February 3, we enter a cycle where the wisdom of the Rabbit reigns over our Earthly affairs. How can we work with this energy to be lucky in love? Whether you’re desirous of new romance or enhancing an existing relationship, here are some strategies to help make 2011 a memorable affair of the heart.

Practice Patience

Rabbit is more yin than yang, thriving on gentleness, kindness and diplomacy, so this is not a year to force your romantic agenda on others; instead, gently respond to all the loving connections around you. Harmony and humility rule the day, and sweeping romantic gestures that rely on bravado will likely fall flat. Coming out of the Year of the Tiger, which encouraged aggressive action, practicing patience and discretion may seem challenging at first. Compromise and negotiation is what Rabbit is trying to teach us. See what naturally flows your way as opposed to trying to manipulate an outcome or entertain grand expectations. Likely, romance is closer than you think and not as dramatic or distant as it may have felt in the past. The astute judgment and intuition imparted to us by this gentle character of the Chinese zodiac helps us recognize suitable partners. It may take more patience and less adrenaline than you’ve been accustomed to in the past, but love will thrive all the more for your willingness to receive. The chase, at least this year, is a strategy of the past.

Cultivate Your Personal Space

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We can take this as a metaphor for cultivating our inner peace and creating a sanctuary in our domestic space. Rabbit flourishes with furnishings that reflect a gentle way of life. The luxurious comforts of home encourage downtime in domestic bliss. Does your environment generate serenity and allow you to clear your head? This may be as simple as creating an altar (placing some candles, miniatures of your favorite goddesses or spiritual figures, flowers or fragrances) or finding a place (such as a cafe, library or church) where you can connect in a way that cultivates inner harmony. Romance blossoms in a Rabbit year when we are willing to be generous with ourselves first. As Rabbits tend to dole out wisdom generously, they need to prioritize their relationship to themselves and their immediate environment if they want to create space for love to grow.

Pay Attention to Detail

Love blossoms when we’re attentive to the needs of others and offer our counsel and affection. This is not a year to jump headfirst into romance but rather strengthen existing commitments to those we love. This way, we become more responsive and put ourselves in the right frame of mind to accept new love in our lives. This is a year to listen and respond to what's in front of us. Remember: more yin than yang! Romance is in the details. There are many ways to nurture our loving bonds -- both to others and ourselves -- that come from paying attention to the seemingly mundane aspects of daily life. Rabbit is a serviceable creature and knows instinctively how to treat others. This is a year of quiet humility and respecting others’ space – as well as our own. Rabbit’s luck is about a quiet confidence, a willingness to go with the flow and prioritize serenity. By cultivating gentleness, we’re able to see real opportunity in romance. Be willing to be in the moment and pay attention to the little things.

Play the Field
While generous of spirit and gentle counsel, Rabbit is pretty strong-headed when it comes to personal preferences. You wouldn't think this graceful character would thrive on the mental athleticism it takes to play the field; save those games for the braggart Dragon or playful Monkey. However, Rabbit also understands that we may have to get our feet wet to find a worthy partner. Take your time until it feels right. Rabbit ultimately makes a happy and cooperative companion, but plays smart in the beginning. Suitors will be plentiful this year, so never fear! Relying on intuition and quiet confidence, this is the year to allow love into your life rather than chasing it blindly. Meeting a variety of potential lovers will ensure you know what you're getting into before settling on someone. Remember: good love is worth the wait!
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