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Mercury Retrograde Does It Again!

by Heather the CosmosGal April 28, 2010 03:35 PM EST
Mercury Retrograde Does It Again!
Every time Mercury goes retrograde I always feel the effects. One year, it hit me really bad. I remembering having a huge fight with my boyfriend and on the way home from work this young woman put her car in reverse at a red light and gunned it backwards without looking, resulting in a destroyed front end of my Mercedes. I couldn't believe it. It was 6pm in Burbank with heavy traffic right in front of NBC Studios. It was obvious she was trying to back up a 100 feet to make an illegal U-turn in front a palm-tree lined median. Insanity.

This year, Mercury does it again. I've been having so many delays, so many miscommunications, so many curveballs that I just laugh to myself and think, "Damn that Mercury!" And it was very apparent this past weekend.
First, it started when I met up with college friends at a bar in Hollywood. Two of my friends flew into town for our friend Jessica's bachelorette party. Before the big party in Vegas we decided to meet some other friends from college who weren't able to make it to Sin City. We all know that drinking and driving is "no bueno," as we like to say, so we opted to take the Metro. After meeting with our friends for a few hours we decided to head back.

Unfortunately, we had just missed the train by seconds so we decided to head back up for one more quick drink. We walk into the Delphine at the W Hotel and ordered four shots for all four of us. It was so sweet and yummy, we decided we needed one more round. We got the bill and it totaled $85.00. Wow. This Metro idea suddenly turned into a very expensive ride. Here we are trying to kill 20 minutes and we basically just blew $100. Needless to say, we were surprised because it wasn't as if we ordered shots of Patron.

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After some huffing and puffing from my boyfriend and friends, my girlfriend's husband dished out 30 dollars in cash. I then told the bartender to put the rest on my card. The bartender then handed it to my girlfriend's husband, Adam, who was pretty wasted by the way. He signed my card without thinking and took the receipt. I quickly said to him, "You know that's my card your signing for, don't you?" He responded saying, "Yeah, whatever, I'm not thinking, it's fine. All I'm thinking about right now is how pissed I am because of that bartender."

I told him to let it go and that we wouldn't ever come back. As we started heading down to the Metro again we could hear the train take off. Second time we missed the train! I got my receipt from Adam and then saw the amount of the charge. $85.00! I asked Adam if he took the cash back and he said, "No." "Great!" I thought. We need to go back. As soon as we walked in, I could tell by the look on his face that he knew he was in trouble. I explained what happened and he said he'd make it right. After getting the manager, and a ton of confusion, we finally straightened it out, or so we thought.

We got the bill back with the new charge minus the $30 and it was still off. The total now at he bottom said $96.00. I took one look at it and told the manager the amount wasn't right. She explained that we ordered 9 shots from the bartender and that's why it was $96. I couldn't believe it. Somehow this guy added on another shot in the process of all of this mess.

Finally, several minutes later we were able to get through as to what was really going on, and what amount should be charged on my card. Once the right amount was charged, we booked it and ran back downstairs only to miss the Metro by seconds a third time. We waited a whole hour for that Metro because every time we missed it, we'd have to wait another 20 minutes. I just kept looking at my boyfriend and my friends saying, "Damn that Mercury in Retrograde!" We could feel the tension all night after this and it only got worse from there. The next day my boyfriend and I had some miscommunication problems, too, on the way up to the Vegas bachelor/bachelorette party.

More on that next. Stay tuned for part two!   
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