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by Marjorie Orr September 11, 2013 10:12 AM EST
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 The Microsoft IPO chart, 13 March 1986, looks over-hopeful and due for a disappointment in 2013/14 with transiting Neptune conjunct its Jupiter till Jan 2015. That’s not good commercially. But where it runs into major major trouble is 2015/16 first with tr Neptune square Saturn which is uncertain, worrisome and panicky. Followed in 2016 by Solar Arc Uranus Mars square the Sun which is a fairly stratospheric shock and setback.

 There’ll be a few rays of sunshine next year but not enough to set them on a radical new trajectory. 

 Bill Gates looks thoroughly frustrated in 2013/14 with tr Pluto square his Mars and not happy career-wise with tr Neptune square his Solar Arc MC Moon. 

 His relationship with Microsoft is under huge pressure through this period – perhaps him getting itchy fingers about his baby and wanting to get back in to re-organise. 

 Steve Ballmer, 24 March 1956, is fairly similar to Bill Gates both having the super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo. Ballmer’s Aries Sun is conjunct Gates’ Midheaven so a good business combo and B’s Uranus is conjunct Gates’ Ascendant Uranus – so good for an IT business. 

 Their relationship chart is quite ferociously strong with potential for it going badly wrong as well as right. There is a composite Jupiter Pluto square a massively pressured Mars Saturn in Scorpio which in turn trines Uranus. As long as that fearsome energy was focussed jointly in pushing the great behemoth ahead then all would be well – when that kind of energy gets personal then it turns very nasty. 




Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has bought much to everyone’s surprise the Washington Post from the Graham family who were long term owners. 

  Even in the extraordinary internet retail world he’s always gone his own way for expansion rather than profits. This year Amazon's global sales soared above $61bn (£39.7bn) and climbing. Though they still made a small loss partly because of poor EU sales and partly because of major new investments. They are now moving more towards digital services, cloud and film on demand as well as kindle tablets and aiming for the hungry Chinese market as well. He seems relentlessly determined.

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 A former programmer said of him "Bezos is super-smart; don't get me wrong”. "He just makes ordinary control freaks look like stoned hippies."

 Born 12 Jan 1964 he’s a Sun Mars in Capricorn with Sun in a controlling trine to Pluto (Uranus) in Virgo and a ruthless Mars at 135 degrees to Pluto. Plus he’s got an emphasised Jupiter in Aries on the point of a Cardinal T Square to Mercury in Capricorn opposition North Node – so not short of confidence and the go-to spirit. Plus a scientific Saturn Venus in Aquarius square Neptune. 

 His visionary Neptune is well marked being on the point of a mini Grand Trine to Sun trine Pluto – so a hint of the megalomania from that. With his Mars and Pluto being conjunct Neptune midpoints and Neptune being conjunct Sun/Uranus. So not short of inspiration and dreams which he’s clearly got the guts and forcefulness to put into action. 

 The tr Uranus square tr Pluto are hitting his Jupiter in Aries clearly putting him in the mood for more adventure. Though a dead tree business like the Washington Post does seem marginally odd. 

 Started on 6 Dec 1877 the Washington Post has a communicative and thoughtful Sagittarius Sun in a serious square to Saturn in Pisces. With Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus and square Mars – so open minded, argumentative, crusading. 

 It’s a reasonably good mix with Bezos since on the relationship chart there is (probably) a composite New Moon which suggests a complementarity of skills; plus a hugely enthusiastic composite Mars Jupiter though Saturn tacked onto the end of that conjunction opposition Uranus suggests there will be hitches and glitches along the way.   


  Amazon incorporated on 5 July 1994 and is a Sun Cancer (= catering to the public) trine Saturn (= businesslike) trine Jupiter in Scorpio (= money attracting) with a Moon Mars in Gemini, Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and Venus in flashy Leo. It has a strong 5th Harmonic (quintiles) so good at getting it together and a marked 17th. 17th is about difficulties and trials that lead to triumph and leave a lasting legacy behind. 

 There’s certainly indications of challenges and pressures on the Amazon chart in 2014/15 with its 13 degree Cancer Sun – so a transformation of its aims would seem to fit – though it won’t happen easily with a sluggish tr Pluto sextile Saturn as well. However that enclosed Water Grand Trine probably does need jolted out of its comfort zone. 2016 looks like a rip roaring success with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Amazon Pluto. 


  Jeff Bezos’ relationship chart with Amazon Inc is instructive. There’s a super controlling and super confident composite Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter and a good-for-business Earth Grand Trine of composite Venus trine Jupiter trine North Node in Virgo. With the composite Sun square a visionary Neptune; plus a Yod of Uranus sextile North Node inconjunct Sun – so innovative with leadership ability and forceful.


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