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Monthly SexScopes: April 2014

by Chani Nicholas April 01, 2014 04:13 PM EST
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It looks like April will be anything but boring, in fact it contains some of the most intriguing, inventive, disruptive and explosive astrology of 2014. Beginning with a vibrant new Moon in Aries on March 30 lit up via a conjunction with Uranus, April begins with a bang and does not let up. The month will contain two eclipses: a lunar eclipse in Libra on April 15 and a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28. This alone would make for a powerful month, but April has more explosive tricks up her sleeve than an over-achieving teenage magician. In between the two eclipses, a Grand Cross between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Libra will occur. A Grand Cross is exactly what it sounds like, two sets of opposing planets perfectly aligned so that they form an intersection, junction or in astrological terminology squares (90 degree angles). Oppositions create tension, duality and/or balance. Squares create friction, movement, discomfort and/or change. Cardinal signs are responsible for beginning or initiating seasons; they are active, energetic and forward moving.

Because the Grand Cross acts like a backdrop to the month and will take the next few weeks to line up, other planets besides the four involved will be activating this energetic pattern. First the Sun will light up the configuration April 1 through 8, and then Mercury will have its turn from April 14 to 16. The real fireworks will begin when Jupiter squares both Uranus and Pluto on April 20 followed the next day by square from Uranus to Pluto on April 21. Not to be outdone, Mars will follow suit and square Jupiter on April 22 and then oppose Uranus and squaring Pluto on April 23 -- just in time for the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28.

This month is not for the fearful or faint of heart but it is for the courageous, the risky, frisky warriors, the magical madams and the daring divas. In terms of our relationship to our sexual selves, this month asks us for honesty, creativity, ingenuity and an ability to appreciate what is in the moment without clinging to it. Mark down the dates mentioned, become an observer of your own experience within the given astrological terrain and promise yourself that you will take nothing for granted. Now eat your breakfast and tie up your laces because the race has begun. Ready. Set. Gone.

Because this astrology is highly inventive, creative and out of the ordinary the below horoscopes are a new spin on some pertinent information. Enjoy!

She knew that there was nothing holding her back, save her own trepidation, about stepping out and moving beyond self-imposed limits. It wasn’t like her, or any Aries for that matter, to feel like she was tethered to an inauthentic self image, but something new was itching to come in to being and it scared her a little. It scared her because she knew that to fully invite it into the room, to acknowledge it and to validate it was to feed it. And if it was to be nourished, it would eventually grow stronger, threatening to take her over completely. It was time to reinvent her relationship to herself, even though (and especially because) there was an indescribable need to go towards a romantic partnership. She secretly feared this new devotion to her own experience and expression because it had become far more captivating than anyone else’s. Of course there was the lunar eclipse on April 15 that was happening in her Seventh House of partnerships, which was bound to have her significant others kicking up a fuss and/or creating a situation that temporarily had her losing consciousness, forgetting all that she had learned about herself and instead obsessing about another. However, she knew that this too would pass with the Moon's waning light. Knowing this, she devoted herself to exploring her sexuality without exploiting herself or anyone else. She played with gender roles, sexual preferences and coupling configurations in her imagination and lived out appropriate fantasies when they struck her fancy. She knew that gender was a construct, sexuality was a fluid state of being and that sex comes in as many forms as people do. In light of the wild ride that April’s astrology had promised, she wrote out in fire-engine red lipstick on her bathroom mirror a promise to herself: I live every day as close to my truth as I possibly can. I am not ashamed of my desires and I allow myself to engage in as many of them as is safe, kind and honest of me to do so.

Feeling the impending eclipse in her sign on April 28, she made certain preparations for its arrival. Knowing that the month would be a full-on freak show of unforeseen possibilities, eruptions and innovations, she steadied herself the only way one can in an ever-changing world: she meditated. She meditated and she did what she could to clear out the psychic cobwebs that had collected over the past year. Namely, she danced alone in her room to the most evocative music she knew. She danced with the ghosts of her past, the longings of her heart, the daydreams that refused to dissipate into the darkness and with the feelings that were erupting on an almost daily basis. She let it all move through her, like a night with a perfect lover, she gave up control and let be what needed to be. She gave her grief a home and she knew that doing this would help to heal long-forgotten traumas and discover new wells of ecstasy. She was wise enough to understand that the two often walked hand-in-hand, and in order to access joy we needed to confront and understand our pain. She actively shifted the way she was thinking about the polarity between the two, and instead decided to see one as a continuum of the other. She was patient with her libido for it seemed to be doing strange things these days, erupting at the most inopportune times and then disappearing at the most unfortunate moments. No matter, she thought to herself. There was something very deep and rich and invigorating taking place below the surface and she honored this transition first and foremost, knowing that all else would find its way eventually.

To say that she wanted to get down-and-dirty with almost everyone she was coming into contact would be an exaggeration, for sure, but with some truth to it. At the very least one could say that this Gemini was opening to others in a way that was raising her to higher levels of flirtatiousness. But this new swagger in her step was born out of an understanding of her value, so even though she knew that her latest attractions were simply just flirtations; they were also invitations to understand herself on a deeper level, they were initiations, spiritual in nature and revelatory in their effect. She knew that taking time to consider which ones to engage in would be a key component to having a successful swing at April’s astrology. With a lunar eclipse in her Fifth House of love affairs on April 15, she wondered if it wasn’t time to set a new pattern in this area of her life (since eclipses were such powerful pattern setting times) and, if so, what patterns would she like to set? With this question in mind, she set out to see what she could conjure as guide posts for the month ahead. This is what she came up with: As the heavenly bodies do their dance in the sky and therefore in my life, I offer up my pattern of self-denial in love and I call in the courage that I need to ask for what I want. I enter into all new romantic interactions with my attention on what I need from moment to moment. I honor my lovers by honoring myself first, and I know that the more I give to myself the more joy I have to share with all those around me. And I have a lot to share.

It was a little overwhelming at times, this feeling of freedom. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t felt free from time to time, but there was a new level brewing, bubbling over the brim. She could not deny the excitement, although she sometimes experienced it as whole-hearted trepidation. She knew that this astrology was anything but secure, stable or reliable, and at times her Cancerian need for safety could not reconcile the discombobulated feelings that were erupting. She knew that if she really wanted to live her life, she couldn’t sit around waiting to exhale. She couldn’t take for granted her one shot at living, and she could not let April’s astrology steamroll her into submission -- oh hell, no! Jupiter had been with her for far too long to let this happen. Jupiter with its whispers of wonder and promises of peak performances had been boosting her sense of self all year. It may have been very subtle at times and then without warning become wildly overwhelming, but one thing was for sure: Jupiter had been egging her on, begging her to take her gifts seriously, to take back unearned projections and to reclaim her space in the world no matter how few or how many she would be visible to. While doing so, it become far less attractive to give her power over to another. In fact, part of this newfound freedom was about understanding that she no longer wanted to make anyone into a demigod and that revelation was the real experience of pleasure. She understood, finally that everyone she experiences via sex, romance and partnership is there to help her understand herself. This meant that her sexual pleasure was now a sacred act of self-realization, regeneration and renewal. No wonder she was so excited.


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Since so much of April’s astrology was focused on how she used her powers of thought in both local matters and broader philosophies, in conscious and unconscious ways, she decided to entertain all innovative inspirations and wild wonderings as sacred guests of honor at her table. In fact, she spent a great deal of time preparing the table itself for she wanted to make a good impression, specifically one that showed she cared about the kind of potential magic that was bounding through the doors of her mind. She left the windows open, to air out the place and set aside some of her ideas for the altar of New Beginnings. She knew that the old ways (no matter how well they'd worked in the past) would not help her now. She could always return to past patterns if they proved worthy but for now it was time to see what else was possible. She knew that the lunar eclipse on April 15 would highlight this, and that the solar eclipse on April 28 would catapult her into a new level of visibility at work. Therefore, she honored the innovative currency that was coming her way, as it was a sure shot to getting the exposure she needed. The love affairs she engaged in now were only going to last if they could keep up with this new current running through her life. And, if not, then she’d have to keep it moving. It wasn’t personal; she just had some big fish to fry and needed to keep her wits about her to utilize that solar eclipse on April 28 to the best of her ability. If lovers stimulated creativity and added to her life, then she'd be more than willing to wander with them for a spell.

Since so much of April’s astrology was tied to her relationships to other people, namely her friends and those she shared financial matters with, the Princess of Perfection (not) decided to get wise to the wisdom the sky was providing her. She got sage on it by getting real about her projections about friends and the groups of folks she gathered with in all the multiple settings she lived in. She knew that the projections weren’t all hers to claim, and that under the current skies it was more than likely that folks would project a great deal onto her as well. So, she practiced her sidestepping, hip swivel in preparation for staying out of all drama possible. She saw that the lunar eclipse on April 15 would light up her Second House of financial matters, making monetary honesty of the upmost importance. She got her checkbook straight and her taxes in on time. She also saw the solar eclipse occurring in her Ninth House of travel on April 28 egging her on and begging her to go on an adventure. This didn’t have to be an adventure to a physical location, but a sensual Taurus new Moon/solar eclipse in this place in her chart was asking for an experience that would bust her out of her Monday through Friday bra. So she let it. She made sure that she set aside some time at the end of a silly, crazy month to let her hair down, treat her body to some good loving and to care a lot less about convention and a lot more about what’s really true.

She knew that she was in the hot seat now so, like a true queen, she took it in stride. She refused to rush into reaction or to temper her tempo just because others were tugging and tampering with her flow. Oh no. She acted like she had all the time in the world even though the tick-tock of the clock was deafening at times. She stared down the barrel of April and spied the lunar eclipse in her sign on April 15 but she did not flinch. She knew she may lose a little composure, fray a little at the seams and she might even (goddess forbid) look unattractive during an honest response to all the pressure that she would be under, but that was all par for the course. She had made peace with the pressure because she knew that the current astrology was forcing her to go deeper than she would go under clearer skies. She had made peace with the process because she knew that being broken open wasn’t a bad thing -- quite the contrary. Being broken and opening was a necessary stage in the developmental process, so she threw herself into the arms of April like it was a long-lost lover who had just returned from the war. Speaking of lovers, hers were offering up reflections that were often hard to look at, but isn’t that what true love is about? Offering each other an unflinching look into a mirror so clear it feels like it cuts to the core of us? It’s not always sexy, but it’s honest and honesty is the only way to real intimacy, which is exactly what she was catching a glimpse of.

She knew enough to know that whatever happened behind the scenes -- in dreams, contemplations, fantasies -- were just as weighty as things that happened in front of other people. There was a balance of the two activities for her this April. Neither situation appeared to be easy in nature, but this was life she was dealing and ease wasn’t in the equation in the first place. The lunar eclipse on April 15 looked like it was asking her to take some time to go inward, so she would because if she didn’t, she knew life would most likely force her to rest. This wasn’t the most startling of the eclipses though, it was the solar eclipse on April 28 that would occur in her Seventh House of relationships that had her on the edge of her seat, truth be told. She was paying special attention to this dark Moon because it was a potent time to set new patterns in her relationships and she knew that this was no small feat. Therefore, in preparation, she scoured her internal reactions to her lovers, business partners and intimate relationships. She checked and double-checked for signs of her usual unconscious tactics of suffocation, jealousy, manipulation and depravation. She kept on the lookout for relationships that no longer supported her growth, her authority and her sovereignty. She kept watch for the relationships that allowed her to express the depths of her passion, the heights of her devotion and the steadiness of her love. And when she located those interchanges, she honored them with her adoration. She willingly served these sacred ties and celebrated them with her attentions and affections like any priestess would serve her Goddess.

It was true, she adored her freedom. But more than that, lately she had begun to imagine a new kind of freedom, one that involved her self-expression, creativity and the natural sexual magnetism that comes with being a fully self-expressed person. This was a rockstar quality that was overtaking her, and she wasn’t at all opposed to it. She was free, wise and she knew one thing for sure: this wildly creative energy was either hers for the taking or for the projecting -- and the former was far superior to the later. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t be attracting others of the same caliber into her stadium over the next few weeks, far from it. The trumpets had sounded and this was by no means a game of tiptoeing through the tulips. This month’s sport was more of a full-body contact and a full frontal nudity kind of rally, and she was ready. The lunar eclipse on April 15 was threatening to unravel the secret pockets of shame she was coveting. So, in preparation, she revealed their contents, first on paper and in that process also to herself. In this way, she would be sure to be protected from unwanted exposure by making her own peace with these monsters first. She knew that there was nothing in her life that was so bad she couldn’t at the very least share it with herself. Shame, blame and guilt were obstacles to self-reflection, accountability and ultimately to growth -- and she wanted to grow. She wanted to grow strong roots, a firm trunk and bendy branches that could dance with the wind and any lovers it blew her way.

Like a good Capricorn, she was ready to utilize any advantage granted to her. So when she looked at the upcoming lunar eclipse on April 15, she saw the perfect tool. With it she would chip away at any hesitation she had toward fully showing up for her career. This was because the full Moon in Libra would occur in her Tenth House of life purpose -- a tall order, but she was never shy in stature. In fact, she would need her sturdy spine to help her weather the storms April was threatening to bring. She knew that to survive such an onslaught would take every ounce of integrity she could muster. Dishonesty would only make her suffer an unusual and cruel amount at this point, so she shed her last incongruent layers of clothing. Dressing in nudity was better than being wrapped in a lie. While standing on this honest ground, she understood that the solar eclipse on April 28 would bring about an opportunity to meet with lovers, love affairs and all muses with a greater sense of self, even if completely exposed. She understood that like a piece of clay in the kiln that she was being warmed to unbearable temperatures so that a firmer shape could form -- and that firmer shape would be able to hold many-an-ounce of the precious liquid of love. Fluids are an essential component to all endeavors of the heart; water brings us together and allows our DNA to merge and our hearts to flourish. Every Earth sign needs an appropriate amount of moisture so that the soil can be fertile. She kept this fact in mind as she ventured off into the month at hand, promising herself not to be so sturdy that she broke into small bits and withered away like dust into the wind.

She stood at the intersection of radical self-knowledge (that could only lead to total emancipation) and a fear that was so engrossing it could cause total self-destruction. The key to handling this combination with any amount of grace (let alone success) would be to refuse to let the secrets that had bound her thus far to do so anymore. So she got to work, straight away. She emptied her closets of old moth-eaten shame shawls, too-tight jeans of jealousy and out-of-date distortions of self, and threw them to the curb. Next, she made room in her daily datebook so that the new and innovative ideas that were beginning to percolate could actually land in her everyday life. She new that creating space equaled creating magic, and she fancied herself fairly enchanting. Along with the space in her daily life she was actively cultivating, she also made space for passion planet Mars and the lunar eclipse on April 15 in Libra that were both working her Ninth House of expansion, travel and exploration. She had been working the edges of her edges in her sex life, and April’s astrology had made her want to risk even more of her carefully constructed, rationally composed persona like an offering to the Goddess of Erotica. The lunar eclipse on April 28 would serve to ground her possibly via some family drama or house politics, so she knew that flying away fully wasn’t an option. But certainly she could find time for an exciting (yet safe) romp with a tall, dark and lovely stranger, couldn’t she?

She knew it was time to own her sexiness. All Water signs were responsible for the merging, blending and coming together of disparate parts, so who could possibly be a better lover than she? Besides, this was no contest. This was a game that everyone could win, and she certainly wanted many to play. But first, she needed to get real with her worth, not just her usual escapist response of, “I sort of know. Oh yes, sure. I’ll look at it later, though.” She must have a completely honest declaration of ownership. Something more along the lines of, “Yes, I AM one bodacious, bountiful, bombastic, badass beauty!” This kind of declaration cannot be said in truth until the opposite beliefs are faced, teased out or tickled to near-death. So, she gathered her gumption to do so. She also got very honest about the ways in which she'd been spending her hard-earned cash. She paid special attention to the things that she bought that she neither needed nor wanted, and meditated on why she would waste her energy (money representing energy) on such things. She knew that changing her relationship to her self-worth would automatically shift her use of the dollars she earned. Most of all, she knew that April was about getting to the root causes of her suffering and exploring new avenues of joy -- and understanding that these were not at all separate from each other. April 15 would bring a lunar eclipse to light up her Eighth House of shared resources, making it essential that she knew her worth and didn’t sell herself short. The solar eclipse on April 28 would stimulate a new beginning in her Third House of communications, making the months-earlier declarations of worth much more poignantly heard.
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