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Monthly SexScopes: How to Flip Angst into Bliss this August

by Chani Nicholas July 29, 2014 06:24 PM EST
Monthly SexScopes: How to Flip Angst into Bliss this August Getty Images
This month brings some pretty hefty power plays, conflicts and opportunities to work through anger, fear and resentment. Sexy, right? Well, it can be. If we understand what's pulling at us, pushing on us and prodding us, we can bring all of that into the bedroom -- as long as we also bring a great deal of consciousness and compassion with it.

Power is an obvious dynamic in bed and, if ignored, we can miss out on some very interesting roleplaying and fantasy fulfillment. Both the full Moon on August 10 and the new Moon on August 27 feature a strong Saturn signature. The full Moon squares Saturn, and on the new Moon, Mars and Saturn are conjunct, squaring Venus. When Saturn is in the mix, we know we need to take responsibility for our side of the equation. When Mars is in the mix, we know we need to check our anger and aggression. When Venus is in the mix, we know this is going to affect our relationships, our erotic energy and our creativity.

One of the more interesting ways to work these astrological aspects is to play around with gender dynamics (Mars and Venus as aspects of our sexual self, and Saturn as societal rules). Why stay within the lines? Why not play both sides of the spectrum and everything in-between? Gender is fluid, free and open for exploration. Go ahead and see where it can take you!

With Jupiter in your Fifth House of luscious lovers who will laugh all day while lounging, licking, tickling, tantalizing and tormenting you (in the best of ways), you're more than likely to be focusing on all kinds of romantic and/or creatively orgasmic situations. August 18 is the perfect day for a date, but getting off doesn’t have to require partnering -- especially when you have so many fantastic projects to work on. You can use erotic energy in many ways and, in fact, this month your sex life feeds your creative one -- 10-fold! Your ruling planet, Mars, is up to some very naughty business in the coming weeks, however. This could entail pain, which if you like could also lead to pleasure. But it’s important that you be conscious of how you work this energy. When we let everything go unchecked, it’s easy to become a victim of almost any situation. However, when we claim our desires, love the part of ourselves that others have rejected and burn brightly with the passion in our hearts -- we are unstoppable! If and when you are able to apply this kind of clarity to your love life, you'll be able to make major headway. Use the full Moon on August 10 to clear misgivings with friends and those you work closely with. Use the new Moon on August 25 to seed some good deeds in your work life.

So many rules, Taurus. So many limits and loves that appear to be lost -- but are they really? Is love ever truly lost? No. This month may serve up some demanding dances, some devastating duals, but it’s only for your good, your gain and your learning. One way you can use this energy is to get bad with the bondage. Playtime is one very healthy way to work out power dynamics if it's done with a lot of love, compassion and well thought-out negotiations. Put it this way: you might just be fit to be tied (or do the tying)! There is certainly the need to constructively work out power dynamics in a playful way, otherwise it may be all-out war. The full Moon on August 10 is not the friendliest, and it occurs in your Tenth House of all-things public. It will be hard to hide any relationship drama and discontent -- so don't. Get your ass to a sex therapist, intimacy workshop or anything else that helps you open up about the issues at hand. The new Moon on August 25 wants you to start something new in your romantic life, while at the same time you're being held accountable for every single facet of your romantic encounters. It’s still important for you to hunker down at home and build a good base there (especially around August 18). Have faith in your ability to create a sanctuary, one that has room for your wildest of inner ones.

Erotic tales must be told. Write them, speak them. Read about the ones who create them. Try mentally taking on the opposite gender of whatever you generally identify with. What is it to live a life where your sexuality is at the center? What is it like to let this part of you out of the bag? What would it mean to risk your comfort for your freedom? If you could talk dirty to your dames and dudes, what would you say? If you already do, can you be more authentic with your word play? Could you be more vulnerable? More relaxed? More at ease with your fantasies? More accepting of your own dirty, distasteful and downright devious desires? If you can, this month holds untold moments of bliss for you. It all comes to a delightful climax around August 18, and benefits everyone involved. There's a health or work issue that could pull on your ability to play as provocatively as you would like, but this astrology is about you getting hella creative, so work it out, whatever you have to do. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Ninth House of timeless travel and tall dark strangers. So let yourself wander, explore and expand your known reality. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Forth House of hearth and home; Build a love nest and get cozy all up in it!

There’s no getting super sexy this month without you getting super down with your own deal. The planets are talking self-confidence in spades -- not that you have it, but that you need to work on it. Work on it like it’s your ticket to intimate bliss, because it is! There are a whole lot of rules that you'll need to work through with your romantic partners: what is good for you, what is good for them and what isn’t on both sides? This process is exceedingly important and is next to impossible if you don’t come at it with a solid sense of self-worth. In your fantasy world, what would you ask for in a partner? In your dreams, what would you refuse to put up with? What are the disparities between what you're living and what you're dreaming about? And why on Earth are those things different? Why on Earth would it be okay to not ask for what you really, really, really need and want? The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Eighth House of shared resources, and if you aren’t being honest about how you feel about what you are putting into the pot, you'll get bent out of shape. Being bent in bed is one thing, a fun thing, but being that way emotionally is not hot. Not for you or anyone else. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Third House of communication. This is the perfect opportunity to get clear, concise and honest as hell about what you're thinking and feeling. If you do, there are all kinds of avenues you can explore with your partner(s), ones you may have been afraid to up until now, but ones that open you up to so much more pleasure.

With Jupiter now in your sign, you're much more likely to feel lucky in all things -- especially love. Playfulness can be at an all-time high, and the planets seem to be suggesting that you try some gender-bending to deal with the tension. The first half of the month gives your faith a run for its money. It's highly recommended that you use the first couple of weeks to ask for what you want with a clear, strong, unapologetic voice, like, "Babe, I'm super horny and want to tie you up and do all sorts of naughty things to you” or whatever the urge may be. You can be playful, you can be creative and by all means lay on the charm -- but be honest and true to your heart. Use August 2 to make big plans with lovers that leave you undone. And use August 8 to ask the powers-that-be to help you unleash your wild beast without shame, second-guesses or regrets. Then use August 18 to plan the most epic sex-a-thon you've ever had. This is the perfect time to get clear on the kind of confidence you need in order to achieve the big dreams Jupiter is bouncing around. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth -- the kind of truth that might shatter your previous place in life. This opportunity is directly followed by a test of your character. If you begin by being honest, you’ll pass with flying colors. The full Moon on August 10 is bound to bring many of your relationship dynamics to the surface in some potentially harsh and fairly unfriendly ways. Again, honesty and integrity are what you want to cultivate -- especially as it pertains to your sexuality, your sex partners and your folks of all intimate flavors. The end of the month demands that you keep it real about issues that arise at home. You do have lucky Jupiter on your side, but that doesn’t mean you get away without paying your bills.

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You’re going to be forced to talk about things this month. You’ll be put on the spot and it won’t be comfortable if you resist too much. Your sensitive heart can’t really handle too much verbal conflict, but sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself. This is one of those times. This opportunity uncovers a side of yourself you may have been separate from for a long time -- namely, the side of yourself that has the balls to ask for what it wants! Especially when it comes to sex. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Sixth House of health. It’s not good to stifle your needs for too long, it wears on the body. Say "no" to the things that you don’t want to serve but have been. Boundaries! The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your First House of self. This is your rebirthing Moon. This is the time to recommit to your self. Your sign is called “The Virgin” but the word used to mean one who belonged to themselves. It had nothing to do with being sexually chaste. In fact, virgins had loads of sex, but for sacred ritual. Virgins were women who belonged to The Goddess. During sex, they would embody Her and engage in the act for a healing and the raising of consciousness. Their body was her body. Give your sex life to something bigger than just your gratification or your partners. See the divine in your partners and devote yourself to serving it. But mostly, see that in yourself and choose to reaffirm your connection to it!

Your ruling planet, Venus, is having some fun this month -- serious fun! So you should, too, with friends of all flavors. For the polyamorous among you, this will most likely be a month of unending play-parties. Even for the monogamous among you, the heavens are urging you to consider some group activity. This doesn’t have to be anything out of your comfort zone. In fact, it looks like it's quite relaxed in nature, but some sort of public erotic fantasy roleplaying would suit you. This is especially potent around August 18, so make a special effort to go out on the town and turn yourself on. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Fifth House of perfect and potent pleasures, although it’s tethered to a pretty intense need to take responsibility for all romantic endeavors. We actually have access to a greater amount of freedom when we know exactly what we are committed to. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Twelfth House of letting go and giving up what needs to be gone. This is a precarious new Moon; just after, Venus and Mars make their way towards a rumble of sorts. This challenges your own personal limits, boundaries and agreements in relationships. It can also be a good test of what you find appropriate in your intimate situations. Let yourself be pushed (lovingly) to the edge, maybe even a little over. You just might find that you like it better over there.

Well, Scorpio, you have your work cut out for you this month. This is a really good time to cut the crap -- both your own and the onslaught from others. This month can fortify your inner Boss-Ass Bitch and, in other ways, could just make you into a Cold-Hard Cad. Stick with the former; it’s way more fun. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Fourth House of homemade pies and beddy-bye time. Get some good loving going on at home. This is the kind of astrology that makes you want to wander around naked for days with your lover, going from bed to kitchen and back again. So how to work the Boss-Ass Bitch into domestic bliss? There can be all kinds of love dished out indoors. Just because it’s domestic doesn’t mean it has to be dumbed down. Home is where we can let our guard down and try things that might otherwise be too dangerous out in the world. The heavens are recommending gender-bending bonding for everyone -- so try some at home. No need to cling so tightly to what’s appropriate in the world when you're in private. Put on a naughty bra and panties if you don’t usually. Try on a jock strap and fill it with a fun toy. Every day can be your birthday when it comes to sexy-time. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Eleventh House of friends and allies. Sounds like the perfect time to wander down to your local adult toy store and enroll in a wild, erotic workshop. Take charge -- you’re the Boss!

Your sexy-time comes to you via cerebral streets this month. Try reading the philosophers and thinkers that turn you on. Yes, sexually. Who really gets it? Who allows themselves full expression on a sexual level that resonates with you? The astrology is also very much encouraging you to go on the road either with your love or to date new ones. It’s definitely time for you to try new things with new people. Engage in practices with long traditions of understanding the connections between spirit and matter. Open up that tantra book you got for your birthday last year but have yet to open. But more than open the book, it’s time for you to actually try the practices. Get spiritual with your sweeties. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Third House of communication. This full moon is tethered by two pretty tactless energies, Mars and Saturn. They don’t care much for feelings. This could mean that there are some difficult conversations you need to have. But if you do, this could help your intimate relationships immensely. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Tenth House of career and public life, and while this is a great time to seed new ideas and potential clients, what really needs tending to are your unresolved desires, conflicts and unloved potentials. Don’t let resentments fester; flush out those wounds so you can enjoy the expansion taking place.

Listen: whatever is going on in your social circles needs to be looked at and dealt with. It’s affecting your mojo and that’s a no go, you know? Whatever boundaries you need to put up between you and others, and whatever limits you need to place in relationships that might be too reminiscent of a bad family dynamic, needs to be dealt with. If you can tend to those issues, the month will roll out much easier than it will if you do not. Otherwise, a tremendous amount of your erotic energy is bound up and angry instead of eager for a good time. And there are good times to be had this month for you -- it’s just that they're coupled with reality checks and your need to deal with a few demons. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Second House of financial affairs and self-esteem. You have to feel good about your goods in order to get some action. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Fifth House of romance and love affairs, which lends itself to being a great time to ask someone sexy out on a date -- or to take your sexy self out on one if there's no one worthy in your orb at the moment. As stated previously, this month is feisty; if you're afraid of conflict, you’re going to be terrified by most interactions. Instead of running for the hills -- you're so good at climbing them -- let the challenge of dealing with others turn you on. It’s better to get all riled up than be dead inside. You can use the passionate energy for going out and finding something more satiating than quarreling.

The full Moon on August 10 lights you up. A full Moon in your sign will do that. It’s a good time to pay special attention to your body and the parts of your identity you've been ignoring far too long. You're getting quite a lot of attention this month, but not all of it is as pleasant as you might desire. It’s a mixed bag. On one hand, you have what looks to be an epic love affair happening; on the other hand, it looks like you have a tremendous challenge occurring at the office. Can you be the boss and the lover at the same time? Can you be open and easy, and still in charge and in command? Do you need to be? That really is the better question to ask. It could be that your love/lover/sweetie/partner is softening you so much that you're quite unrecognizable at work. It could be that work is taking you away from the love that you want to spend more time exploring. And explore you must. This month and specifically leading up to August 18, you're under a beautiful influence that's luring you into the arms of some good loving. If this isn’t met, however, with an exceptional amount of courage and a fantastic work ethic, it could all just disappear. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Eighth House of mutual aid and financial partnering. Look to see who is around to play ball with you. Again, there are many mutually beneficial partnerships around you, but it’s important that you apply your good sense to them. A good lay isn’t always the same as a good partner.

Many good things have been happening for you on an internal level, which may not be the most obviously fun -- but can be the longest lasting. Take any and all of these good graces and apply them to the things that you serve -- mainly your love for all-things pleasurable. There are ways in which you can dedicate yourself to serving your lovers that can be wildly fun and mutually beneficial ... without putting yourself down, without forgetting about your needs and without leaving yourself outside the room. The astrology this month wants the whole of you to enter your love life. Don’t swim out of sight before you get a chance to show up. The full Moon on August 10 lights up your Twelfth House, the place where you have the opportunity to come undone or spiritually reboot. Shoot for the latter. It’s an intense Moon that can be beneficial if taken seriously. The new Moon on August 25 occurs in your Seventh House of relationships. If you spend this full Moon right, you’ll be well cleared for some good pairing come the end of the month. Plant seeds for spiritual partnerships, ones with meaning and depth. If this is your intention, the sex is bound to be mind-blowing. You are a Fish in search of meaning, which is not to say that you can’t have casual affairs, by all means please do if that's what you desire. However, this new Moon is digging at something a little deeper, a little sturdier and a lot more likely to last.
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