Monthly SexScopes: July 2014

by Chani Nicholas June 19, 2014 08:06 PM EST
Monthly SexScopes: July 2014 Getty Images
July brings with it some rocky and exciting terrain -- especially when it comes to sex, intimacy and relationships. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will roll through the Uranus-Pluto Square asking us to reevaluate the state of our love affairs and our appreciation of ourselves. July 12 brings a very transformative and jarring full Moon in Capricorn, and July 26 brings a new Moon in Leo that is ruled with the grandiosity of Jupiter and the passion of Mars newly in Scorpio. This month will not disappoint!

Listen, come July 16 -- you're in a whole new game that requires a whole new strategy. This is the game of love, and it plays by its own rules. You're entering into a year-long trip of being endlessly supported by cosmic erotic enhancers (think celestial viagra). But there's a catch! There is always a catch. The catch is your ego, that sneaky, tricky enemy that parades around as if its your friend but really it’s trying to keep you all to itself. The way it could work for the next 12 months is that you fall for every other ego out there. Just because it shimmers doesn’t mean it’s gold. Lust is fun until you wake up broke and hungover in a ditch somewhere. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Keep checking your appetite and see if there are actually any nutrients in your romantic diet. Otherwise, go out and have as much (safe) fun as you want. It’s time to expand, Rammie!

There's a lot of pressure on you this month to say what you mean and mean what you say --especially in your intimate relationships. Communication is everything right now and it's time that you come clean and/or face some more challenging communication dynamics that you may have been avoiding. Relationships get tested and shaken, but within this you get to see who is really there for you and worth putting your energy into. You don’t need to waste your precious erotic energy with people who don’t appreciate all that you have to offer. Don’t be too afraid that you will be alone if you reveal who you are and what you need. In fact, this kind of dedication to the truth only ensures that you draw to you those who are more in alignment with you. You don’t need to sake permission from anyone to be loved. Love yourself as a starting point, and everyone else will follow suit -- or fall to the wayside.

July brings some rocky relationship terrain for every sign -- and it doesn’t go any softer for you. There will be moments of understanding just how precious sweet connections are there will also be moments of knowing that you need to let go of your older expectations. Far too often we're married to thoughts and images of what love and sex should look like or be like, and it ends up as nothing of the sort. Focus on what you do have in terms of connection to others -- but also connection to yourself. There's a certain obsessiveness to this month that can be dangerous to become overly involved with. Remember to detach with love when you're no longer getting what you need in a partnership. Instead, refocus on giving that to yourself. This is the way to happiness. Your mind, communications and connection to your community is getting a boost in July -- and for the next year to come. Use positive thought to attract what it is you want by refusing to dwell on what it is you think you aren’t getting from others. The good thing about sexual fulfillment is that there are so many ways to achieve it, so many ways that aren’t reliant on any one person. Find new ways to get your sexy back!

This is no ordinary birthday month especially if you are born within a day or two of July 4, 8 or 12. These are hot-spots for all Crabs, but especially so if it's also your birthday. This is no month to hide, pretend, refuse or confuse your purpose in life. It’s also no time to play it safe in relationships and sex. Because of your intense need for intimacy, you may very well be one of the most (secretly) sexual signs of the zodiac. There is no greater aphrodisiac than our needs. Our needs drive us, move us, find us and haunt us. You need relationships and intimate exchanges that are real, honest, upfront and clear. No wishy-washy boundaries please! No tip-toeing around the garden of anther's feelings because you're too scared that you'll lose them. No way, no how. This is your month for a total revolution, revitalization and renunciation of any and all things you feel may stand in your way of please, love, sex and joy. Go get it!

The first three weeks of July have you hard at work backstage. It’s time to do some deep battle with the demons of your past, but not without a great golden boon come mid-month. Come July 16, it’s time to open the floodgates. In fact, you won’t have to open much, for the next 12 months the world will be opening to you. Do not miss out on this opportunity by being petty, fearful, ungracious or resentful. Do what you can to forgive those that you need to for this is a time to let your luminous, lustrous beauty shine. Shame and regret do nothing to move us forward -- save for redirecting us momentarily. You are the sexiest, sweetest, baddest, bodacious and beautiful you that there ever was and ever will be (which should be your mantra for the Leo new Moon on July 26). If you don’t agree, then you need to seriously check yourself because if you don’t give yourself the permission to feel so, no one else ever will. Besides, sex is so much better when we feel our own unique sexiness.


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Issues with friends, groups and associations only increases through the first two weeks of July. There is no way to get around it. You need to address the issues that others are bringing to the table -- especially if there are romantic entanglements that you're trying to evade. Speaking of romantic entanglements, the full Moon on July 12 wants to help you out -- but only if you're willing to let go of what those situations are that take your power from you. If you are in good standing with those you whom with share intimate space, there's no shortage of transformational, eye-rolling good, good loving to be had. It’s akin to spiritual awakening type of lovemaking. Not for the faint of heart or mere tourists though. This is the kind of event that you only want to share with those you feel are really down for who you are -- and a mutually beneficial sharing of erotic energy.

You are about to undergo another round of intense interactions in your career. The first two weeks of July do not let you slow down in any way -- which may disrupt your sex life. But what has been slow or simple this year? However, what you can keep your sights on is the fact that Mars, having been in your sign for the last 10 months, is now transitioning into Scorpio on July 26. Phew! Having Mars in your sign for so long means that it went retrograde, and a retrograde Mars is no walk in the park -- unless you enjoy walking in parks with rabid dogs! It’s most likely moved you and your partners around in ways that were not so sweet, not so Librian. With this transition, some of that intensity will be lifting and shifting into your house of money and property. Mars can, however, show you just how intense your desires are. It can show you just how intense you are, just how much you need to be in touch with that part of yourself and that there is no shame in that -- no shame at all.

You haven’t had the easiest of years. The past two have been testy, for sure. However, starting on July 16, there's a new narrative in town and it's telling some pretty sweet tales of success. Your confidence will most likely be on the rise and/or situations that aim to boost yours will be abundant. In fact, there may just be so much abundance in this area that you have far less time to do some of the other things you love to do, like spend Sunday afternoon in bed with your sweetie. However, opportunity like this only comes along once every 12 years and only lasts for a year. So, if your love life suffers, it’s only for a little bit. Besides, you need the bolstering. You need to be reminded of the opportunities that life can bring and you need to be reminded about the possibilities that are there for you. The other date to rejoice about? July 26. Not only will there be a new Moon in your Tenth House of career, but your ruling planet, Mars, will be ingress into your sign. Hallelujah! This means that a tremendous amount of your own natural resources will be available to you once more -- including your irrepressible sexuality. Get ready!

By mid-month, you should start feeling like you're back in the driver' seat again. Go out on a new adventure, on many new adventures, with many new and fascinating people. Don’t get too caught up in the hubris of the moment, though. Don’t get too swept up by praise or let yourself be placed on pedestals either. If it seems too good to be true, then it is. Flattery may get your everywhere, but it also gets you nowhere really fast. The point is, you don’t want to squander the opportunities that are coming your way romantically, sexually or otherwise. You -- above any other sign -- love a good gallop, but you love it more when there's actual meaning in the journey, which is another very important component to this month. Your sexiness is found in your willingness to drop into your deeper feelings about life. There is nothing healthy about being well adjusted to a bad situation. Have the strength to go your own way and the romance will follow.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, is stationing direct this month. This is very good news for you, as it allows you to gather more steam and move forward with greater ease. However, there is so much action happening to your partner -- or through potential partnerships -- that the first two weeks of July might not feel like ease at all. Others are likely to push you, prod you, harass and awaken you to speak your mind and get down to articulating what it is you really want. This of course could help reinvigorate a lulled sex life. It could also end a tenuous one. This should push your emotional boundaries (unless of course, you're dead inside) and turn you on to what could very well be a far more intense sexual connection. Vulnerability is the price we pay for intensity. It’s not cheap, but it’s well within your means. The full Moon on July 12 is no small deal for you -- or your partnerships.

You're about to benefit greatly because of all those that you share intimate relationships with. This is in no way exclusive to sexual partnerships but definitely includes them. In fact, you're being urged by the universe to not only increase time spent with others but be open to all the new people who are now appearing before you as potential partners. In short, you're looking really good, like really good -- so why not create a little more time for play? In truth, it’s not all about play actually. A good deal of the people that you will meet this year will go onto help your tremendously in your work in the world as well. Sometimes getting ahead can be a whole lot of fun. The month is not without its glitches however. The first few weeks rumble with unsettling breaks and changes, which may mean the loss of some folks in your life before the great gain that the next 12 months promises. Let go of the apples that have already fallen from the tree and confident in knowing they are no longer a part of your eco system.

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, moving into your Sixth House of health and daily living affairs, it’s time for you to expand the ways in which you move through your days and relate to your body. It has been said that an orgasm away keeps the blues (if not the doctor) away. It’s important that your body feels like it has the right to expand and experience intense states of joy and ecstasy this month (and always). You don’t need a partner to do this, of course, but you more than likely have met one in the past year. Experiment with subtle -- or all-out -- exhibitionism, not in any kind of degrading way, but in ways that feel freeing, opening and affirming. Your health is getting a boost as well as your work, but the planets are urging you to take the creative expansion you've been undergoing for the last year with you. Don’t forget to have fun, Fishie!
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