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Monthly SexScopes: May 2014

by Chani Nicholas April 28, 2014 06:59 PM EST
Monthly SexScopes: May 2014 Getty Images
Newsflash: May will be much more mellow than April was. In fact, anything will be easier than April was! The biggest event in May will be the mutual reception between Venus and Mars, meaning that they'll occupy each other's sign, and also be opposing one another. Not only that, Mars will also station direct after a lengthy 10-week retrograde cycle. All this is to say that there's a ton of material to dig into pertaining to gender, equality, balance, relationships and finding peace.

You are likely to be switching roles this month, and the heavens are highly encouraging all kinds of gender-bending activities. Most of us adhere to a fairly rigid sense of gender appropriate behavior, but few ever stop to consider why this might be? Who would benefit from normalizing something so fluid and changeable? Who cares who wears a skirt? Who cares who puts out fires? And why must we limit ourselves to only "male" and "female" when there are so many variations on those two tired old themes. This month's astrology is begging you to get experimental and recreate your relationship to your own desirability. Beauty is a funny thing. We don’t feel beautiful just because we look it (models are often some of the most insecure people on the planet). We feel beautiful when we're sitting in the driver’s seat of our life, taking risks and kicking ass. When we feel desirable, we become desirable to others. When our own company is the best company to have, everyone else starts to think so too. When we're both on our game and open to connecting to life as well, all sorts of shenanigans ensue. After last month, it’s hard to tell who will be up for more activity, but it’s really not up to you, your datebook or your preferences. The cosmos is on its own clock and it’s still tick, tick, ticking away (read chip, chip, chipping away at all your defenses) -- and it’s apparently time to deal with the demons that take up too much space in your lower chakras because, truth be told, they aren’t paying rent anyway. On May 19, your ruling planet, Mars, goes direct. This is an important day for you especially in your relationships but also in your own personal energy. Most of the tension will start to ease by month's end.

The Sun has landed back in your stable sign, and it's helping all of us to anchor the insanity that was April. The solar landing in Taurus reintroduces us to our bodies, sensuality, comfort and feeling good. Taurus is also very self-sufficient. When we apply self-sufficiency to feeling good in the body, the ability to please oneself -- by oneself -- blossoms. Masturbation happens all across the animal kingdom, far and wide. It’s unnatural to consider it immoral, actually, but humans have a long history of being silly about it. In honor of your sign and these facts, here's another thought: Did you know that the clitoris is the only human organ whose sole purpose is pleasure? Totally true, look it up. The penis has nothing on the clitoris in this department, as its physiological function is to procreate. So who has sex for pleasure now? If there is a clitoris near you, your sacred job is to please it! This month, you're host to the asteroid Juno as she saunters through your sign. Juno is the Divine Consort, kind of like an asteroid version of Venus. Juno uses her creative energy to produce sacred partnerships -- or a hell of a lot of envy and controlling behaviors, especially in Taurus. May 14 brings with it a full Moon in your Seventh House of partnerships, and that entire week is full of tests and teachings on the topic. You aren’t getting away with much these days in your romantic affairs, so you may as well bite the bullet and make the commitments you want to make -- and be really clear about the ones that you don’t.

Multiplicity is your jam -- so are your hands and arms. Dexterity is your mode of operandi. Get this: Even though 70 percent of people with a clitoris orgasm through its stimulation (though some like it not one bit; always ask your partner), there are more zones to make the body hum with hallelujah. There's the infamous G-spot -- and the far less known U-spot. The G-spot is inside the vaginal canal and along its front wall. A spongy playpen of ecstatic entertainment, the G-spot is connected to the clitoris via a myriad of nerves and needs to be approached with the reverence reserved for a queen -- a "come hither" finger motion and a fresh tube of lube. The U-spot is found surrounding the urethral opening and also needs to be approached with clean, lubed fingertips and/or gentle (at least at first) tongue action. The full Moon on May 14 occurs in your Sixth House of details, details, details. Therefore, make sure to put the above pointers in your sleepover kit. Also your ruling planet, Mercury is back in your sign, so the more tidbits of new information you can gather the better. On May 28, there'll be a new Moon in your sign. This is like a personal refresh button for you to press, and it’s important for you not to get too swept away by poetic pretenders or your own delusions of others -- especially those in positions of authority. There could be quite a few fun forays with new and unconventional friends this month, especially from May 2 to16. Let yourself go on some adventures. Relieve some stress and revive your spirits.

As a Water sign, your main agenda is to merge, emote and feel. This month's full Moon (even more important for you as the Moon is your ruling planet) occurs on May 14 in Scorpio, another Water sign. This beauty takes place in your Fifth House of play, pleasure and love. It doesn’t come without strings attached, however. Saturn is a part of this jam, and it’s not a planet that likes to be messy (unless that’s in the rulebook). Saturn wants order, definition and containment (ropes, chains and handcuffs are welcome if agreed upon). This is something that you have been working with for the past two years and, if you have yet to, you need to get really clean about how you use your sexual and creative energy. This full Moon emphasizes those lessons. This month is also full of lessons on how to resolve the issues that you picked up from your relationships to your parents. Whatever is still unsettled, unresolved and unknown will come up for conscious contact. Meet it bravely because if you do, you're bound to transform some very deep material that has kept your from being fully present with your intimate partners. Your deepest needs for connection and acceptance are bound to surface. If you want to make the best of this full Moon, it’s highly encouraged that you get to work on these issues. If you do, your playtime is bound to be much more pleasure filled -- kind of like the clitoris itself, which is so much more than the little “bean” that is obvious to the eye. The clitoris is actually mostly an internal gland made from erectile tissue that is the same as the penis (we all start with female organs in the womb, the penis is actually a version of the clitoris). The clitoris swells, gets hard and moist when aroused. It's such a shame to only think of it as a surface organ when in fact it’s so much more. That’s what this month is like for you: so much more than what meets the eye. Dig deep!

This month’s full Moon on May 14 occurs in your Fourth House of home, security and foundation, which means it’s time to take a look in these areas. Can you do something for yourself that would help you become more grounded and anchored in yourself? This is important because the planets are pushing up against your erotic boundaries in big ways now too, challenging you to get creative, inventive and experimental with your ways of relating to your erotic self. With the Sun in Taurus, we're reminded that all life is a beautiful sensual journey of exploring and appreciating the physical without getting overly attached to it. To honor this season, take time to explore your own physical anatomy -- or that of your partner's. There are a million facts about the human body that most of us skim over, especially the sexually explicit parts. For instance, did you now that the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings? That’s a whole lot of stimulation. These are intricately connected to a network of 15,000 more within the pelvic region, which means that a clitoral orgasm involves so much more than the surface area we see. Orgasms have become cheap and pedestrian, unexplored aspects of self-realization. It’s a shame because we walk around in a highly sophisticated network of inner awesomeness and yet we so often settle for a rub and tug. Your astrology wants you to go to another galaxy with it all -- pronto, pretty kitty!


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The full Moon on May 14 has you feeling the need to get something weighty off your chest. Whatever it is, it needs to be tempered, weighed and considered. It has to do with defining yourself and your current relationship to power, sexuality and transformation. In many ways you're ready to explore and move into a renewed, reinvigorated relationship to your career around May 21 as the Sun moves into this domain of your chart, and again on May 28 when the new Moon occurs there. Take some time to consciously consider the next few moves that you would like to make in this arena. You'll also benefit greatly this month by revaluating your sense of self-worth -- especially as it shows up in your relationships. Make it a priority to better understand what you share with others and why; sharing out of guilt and pity no longer cuts it. Your sex life is hopefully an evolving playful exploration in consciousness and healing. This doesn’t mean that it has to be vanilla -- far from it. But it does need to be what you want and not just what others need. Your challenge, especially around the full Moon, is to make sure you advocate for yourself so that you get to experience physical, emotional and spiritual connection via your sexual relationships. Again: any self-worth issues that need to be addressed will be especially prominent this month, especially around May 19. Use the energy to re-establish and honor your self-worth.

Hang on! Sweet release is just around the corner, Libra. On May 19, Mars -- who’s been in your sign for 5 months and retrograde for 10 weeks -- is finally stationing direct. This means that Mars' backtracking since the beginning of the year is almost finished. For you, this has been about issues around your body, your boundaries, your desires, your drive and your willingness to fight for what's right. It’s likely been a little uncomfortable, frustrating and aggravating for you -- everything that isn’t pretty but is essential for individuation in your life's direction and in your relationships. This month is going to remain on that track, but a little less in your face than April was. Mars retrograde teaches us about our internal desires, what really drives us, what motivates us. It’s the kind of transit that lets us know that mere sex isn’t enough; we need something deeper. We need a reason to take our clothes off now, not a moral one but a motivational one. The things that used to get us off no longer hold the same kind of sway. This may feel like a drop in our libido, but in fact it’s a deepening of our understanding of the erotic. To get down to the core of what drives us is a turn on. To no longer be so distracted by wanderlust and worldly trophies is to be free -- free to define yourself, your sexuality, your drives and your deeper self.

Your ruling planet, Mars, is finally going direct this month (cue: jump for joy!). Seriously, this has been one doozy of a retrograde for you, but Scorpio hasn’t had the easiest astrology in the past few years, so you're probably used to hearing that from others. The good news is that astrology like this has a tendency to make you far more self-aware than you would ever choose to be. The other good news is that you are through the harder parts of it. May 14 brings you a full Moon in your sign, which will inspire you to do a few things: (1) Get sturdier in yourself, more comfortable in your sexuality and more accepting of your physical structure. (2) Take responsibility for your happiness and your expression of your feelings. No more victim; it isn’t sexy. (3) Listen to your partner even though it's the last thing you want to do. Don't get caught in a tug-of-war with your beloveds; you won’t win. Or, if you do, you’ll feel so lousy you won’t care. Just listen to them instead. Another thing that this month is practically begging you for is to learn some new tricks in the bedroom and be of greater service to your lovers. Don’t rely on the same-old same-old. Get spiritual with it. Get your maid outfit out. Get nerdy with an anatomy lesson. Did you know that the clitoris gets erect and hard when it’s aroused and then relaxes after orgasm, just like a penis? They both do, it’s true. Now go see for yourself!

Hey now. You may just be holding the sexiest hand at the card table! There's a tremendous amount of experimental energy in your chart this month, and it’s not too shy, timid or bashful. This is a month for you to take some romantic risks, engage in sexual exploration and languish in lengthy lovemaking sessions. The astrology looks like it wants to reinvigorate your love life --but you have to be an active participant in the process. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. Our sex lives are no different. It takes courage to confront the places that we've gotten comfortable in, where it’s safe, where we aren’t challenged, where we can hide out. If you're having troubles in the intimacy department, this astrology can really help you -- or blow your sh*t up. You have to work at keeping the whole thing afloat. There is a new Moon on May 28 in your Seventh House of relationships, so it would be in your best interest to make a conscious effort at the end of the month to clean up that area of your life. Old heartbreak takes up space that we can’t afford to have occupied. Rituals to release old lovers help; so does throwing out that t-shirt you’ve kept all these years. Why live in the past? Why keep holding on when you could let go and open up to something far more invigorating, alive and enriching. Think of this month as stepping out into a big playpen of possibilities. Like Burning Man -- without the dust. Like Coachella -- without the bathroom issues. Like you -- without the stress of feeling unworthy of getting what you truly want.

The Sun is in your house of sexy until May 21. Make the most of it. We're always at our sexiest when we're at our most creative. We emanate more life force, more energy, more passion and more of what nature naturally contains. The key to getting your groove on this month has to do with your ruling planet, Saturn, which will oppose the Sun and conjoin the full Moon on May 14. Having Saturn in the mix means that you need to be extra reliable, responsible and respectable when dealing in matters of the heart. This astrology wants you to flourish in a tempered manner so that you can mindfully move forward. What this means in terms of your sex life is that you may need to plan a thing or two -- especially because it looks like your career will be picking up some steam or possibly getting complicated as well. Your home life may also feel a little rocky, or some out-of-date survival issues may rise up, which can definitely interfere with sexy time. Use this opportunity to dig deeper into your intimacy issues. Fear of abandonment is a major turn off and not something you want to put on your partner. However, if you're willing to do the deeper psychological work, your love life could be a very rewarding place to explore. In short, don’t let your fears drive your partners away. It’s always beneficial to understand our parents' relationship to sexuality, and how sex was talked about (or not) in childhood. You aren’t here to keep reliving your parents' shortcomings. You're here to realize your own potential as a creative being having a physical experience.

Go where you have yet to go this month, Aquarius. Dare to move even further into unknown territory, like verbalizing what you want in romantic affairs. In fact, written erotica could be very helpful to you right now. Read it or write it, it matters not. What's important is that you express ideas about sex, gender, sexuality and all things that may be taboo. Identity is generally a fluid thing; sexuality even more so if we allow it to be. The astrology, especially from May 3 to May 16, looks like it wants to shock some sense into you if you're living in the dark and unconscious of your deeper desires. For some of you this will show up as unknown sexual desires, and for others it could manifest as something entirely different -- like a sudden desire to procreate or unexpected pregnancies (use extra protection if this isn’t something that sounds good to you). Basically it’s about coming to terms with whatever is out of the ordinary for you. It should be fun, exciting, stimulating, disturbing and unnerving. It could be a burst of creative energy and a drive to experiment. It could be a new way of expressing yourself, your style and your sexuality. It could be being attracted to someone so far from your normal type that you're taken aback and completely shaken. Whatever it is, let it infuse your life. Let it be a renewal. Let it be revolutionary -- even if scary!

There's a revolution brewing. Can you feel it, Pisces? A revolution of self-worth is occurring the first two weeks of May, and you'd be wise to take advantage of it. This revolt has a lot to voice about sharing. How do you share yourself? Do you do so freely? Are you stingy? Do you wish you could give more freely in some relationships and have better boundaries in others? Are you in a relationship that is going well but you know that you could go deeper or that your partner could? All these issues have a way of finding their way to the surface this month, so you'd be wise to make the most of the patterns the planets are weaving into your life. However, you won’t get very far by dealing with them at face value. What you're really doing, on a soul level, is digging into your deepest self-worth issues -- and whomever you are romantically linked to is helping you do so. Sex for you this month should be used for healing above all else. There's plenty of pleasure in your chart -- which is completely valid and wildly healing in and of itself -- but try not to get lost in the frivolousness of entertainment. There's a much deeper current in your chart that says sex is a revolutionary act of self-love -- radical self-love!
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