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Monthly SexScopes: September 2014

by Chani Nicholas August 27, 2014 06:16 PM EST
Monthly SexScopes: September 2014 Getty Images

September is much sweeter than August, and much softer than October. It’s not all together a time to rest, but in comparison to the months it’s sandwiched by, we can all imagine being poolside at a five-star resort sipping our favorite beverage. The full Moon in Pisces is on September 8 (or early morning on September 9 depending on where you live) and it’s definitely got deep emotional healing written all over it. This can be incredibly beneficial to our sex lives because sex can be tremendously healing if that is our intention for it.

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The Autumn Equinox falls on September 23, with a new Moon in Libra on September 24. The equinoxes and solstices were thought to be very potent days by the ancients (and many moderns) due to their potential via the change of winds and the change of season. This time always marks a turning for our lives and of our relationship to the natural world. Our sexual appetites and rhythms may also change with the weather. Lack of warmth outside can cause us to spend more time in bed, getting warmer with our sweeties. Or, sleep could become more of a priority than sexy-time (truth talk). It all depends on how the winds roll us about! Here's a look at how September will play out for you in all-things sensual.

If there's something you want to get started in your intimate relationships, this is the time to prepare for its arrival and/or co-creation. Nothing can arrive and happily stay unless there's room for it when it gets there. What do you want to bring into your intimate partnerships? What types of intimate relationships do you want to create in your life? What active steps can you take to help bring this about? If this is a point of pain for you, if this is something you've been struggling with, it's time to support your visions and your dreams by seeking out the professional opinions of those you respect. Talk it out. Challenge yourself. Besides, you have all kinds of seriously fun flings helping to bolster your self-confidence, so much so that you can literally leverage that in any way you wish. But lay the ground carefully in all of your relationships this month because most of October is going to be about you retracing your steps through this domain of your life. If you have intentions to manipulate, distort or degrade any of your counterparts, this will come back on you a thousand fold. However, if you lay the groundwork for real relationships, the kind where you can frolic, fight, f*ck, feel, flirt and find yourselves, then October will be a much softer retracing of the steps you are currently taking. For the majority of September, the focus is on your health, which includes your sexual health as well. Get checked if you are due for tests. Get connected to what your body needs in terms of being able to have greater self-expression in the sack. Get familiar with the ebbs and flows of your sexual energy, and instead of demanding that you be at peak performances all the time, open yourself (and your partners) up to all the many ways of having sexual intimacy. It doesn’t always need to be wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am to blow your mind.

While the red-hot rascal Mars is still in your Seventh House of intimate yumminess and fierce foes, your ruling planet, Venus, is frolicking in your Fifth House of red-hot romance. In other words, there's a pretty big "hell, yes!" in all aspects of your love life. Not that it’s gone off without a hitch or that you shouldn’t still keep your wits about you, though. Whatever transpired in August -- especially the end of August -- around commitment, limitations and situations that seemed unstable in your relationships may still have your knickers in a knot and your feathers all a-flurry. But things are softening and loosening their grip somewhat, so take advantage. The more that you can let go, the less everyone else will have their backs up and their swords out. Besides, now that some of the storm has passed, perhaps you can get to the passion that’s under the performance or you can get to the passion now that the boundaries have been better set down and laid-out. The full Moon on September 8 is highlighting your Eleventh House of good friends and better allies. The deal with this particular lunation, though, is that it exposes some kind of distortion, projection or fantasy you're living in your romantic life. Perhaps it’s someone in your social circle you're confused about, or perhaps it’s just another layer of the relationship dynamics you've been finding your way through for the past few weeks. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: you need to see people for who they are -- not for whom you want them to be. Otherwise, you get kicked in the pants and land on your ass. Wouldn’t you rather have a sweet kiss on the lips? Even if you're kissing frogs, you need to be aware that that's what you're doing. Frogs are fine for a time, as long as you aren’t waiting for them to turn into a prince (or what have you).

Things definitely get tweaked and piqued and perked in your love affairs this month. On September 9, your ruling planet Mercury will square Pluto, and on September 13, it will oppose Uranus -- all from your Fifth House of love affairs, creative self-expression and children (the outcome of all that self-expression without enough protection). In English, this means that anyone you're sleeping with, creating with or parenting is about to get an earful from you -- or you from them. It’s time to clean a little house and get down to some of the real raw feelings you folks have for each other. This can be explosive -- especially because on September 8 there's a full Moon causing emotions to run a little higher than usual. But this can also be life altering. So, the question is: what needs to be altered in this domain of your life? Quite often when we take the reigns and saddle up before the astrology comes for us it works to our favor. The other component to all this drama is that Mercury will go retrograde come October, which means you'll backtrack through the same steps you're about to take. You don’t get to dodge this inner work, and it runs deep. It runs right through your sense of self, right through every childhood issue you can think of. So get on your knees and clean up that ancient gunk. Free yourself of the past pressures that haunt and hound you. You need this -- and you’ll get special help from the Equinox on September 23 and the new Moon on September 24. These are both like reset buttons for your romantic romps. Reset the dial to fantastic -- and then commit to making that happen!

As recent commitments, limits and decisions have most likely changed your love life radically, it might be time to ponder how you feel about everything that went down. Passion propels us into many-a-situation that's for better or for worse. It's up to us to be the judge of what we've agreed to keep and what we have had enough of. You're the most sentimental of the zodiac, which makes you one of the fiercest lovers out there -- and also one of the biggest babies when it comes to cutting your losses and hitting the road. Whatever you've been working on these last two years in your sex life, love life and creative life has been tested and brought to its limits in the past few weeks. If you're keen in your care for your creative impulse (which is to say your erotic one) then you will have made some fairly fundamental strides as of late, and you’ll keep keeping on for the first half of this month. Sex is serious business, or at least it needs to be for you right now. Not that you need to be Debbie Downer under the sheets, but it would serve you and your partners well if you knew what was what, and what was expected from all the people in the project of playtime. While a lot of the focus will be on communications with your loves this month, there’s a need for you to get clear on things at home. Who are you living with? How are you living with them? Is your home a place where you can be yourself -- and therefore be yourself in bed as well? Or are there eggshells you're still afraid to crack?

With the Sun and Venus in your Second House of me and mine, it’s high time you brush up on your solo lovemaking moves in September. Yes kitty cats, it’s masturbation month! Or at least it is for you. If we don’t have a “home practice” or at least some practice of pleasuring ourselves, how will we ever be able to let anyone else? It’s not suggested that you be alone this month, but it does look like you might need some me time, little lions: me time. That said, there's also a time to find some friends and see what you can bring about. The full Moon on September 8 is just such an occasion; it wants you to merge your (ahem) resources with those of another (or others). There's some cleaning out to be done with this Moon, though. It’s not free from its own sorrows and soul wounds, but that's the great mixed bag of life, is it not? Knowing that pain is present with the pleasure can be so incredibly freeing. It can be freeing because then we don’t get lost in a fairytale of tainted truths and dangerous liaisons. Make room for the whole experience. The new Moon on September 24 is a powerful, playful and precocious Moon that will bring you some very unexpected and fortunate gifts. Stay open to them. If it’s a trip, say yes. If it’s a date, say hell yes. If it’s a date with destiny, make sure you wear that cute new outfit that flatters you so much. Really though, Leo, you're carrying a pretty stacked deck right now. If you play your cards right, the end of this moth could roll out to be a whole bundle of beauty and big love.

There is a lot of helpful attention you can benefit from right now, and you should take full advantage of it. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in the house You (your First House), so it’s about time you threw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. Call some attention to yourself for goodness sakes! Strut your stuff and show the Virgo equivalent of cleavage (or chest hair): your smarts! Intelligence is such a turn-on to the person who’s the right match for you. And why don’t we as a culture laud the mind as much as the booty? It’s not as easy to package and sell -- but neither are you. Be proud of that fact! Wear your unique, earthy, quirky, natural, real, salt-of-the-earth, not-afraid-to-get-to-work sexiness without shame, without fear and without apology. It’s supported this month. It’s supported and it’s also challenged by your sneaky behaviors that might just sell yourself short. You know all the ways in which you might be more comfortable serving others than you are at being appreciated? Some of that, mixed with some of the ways in which you might be currently looking at loved ones with rose-colored glasses. Take them off, pronto. It does you no good to be the doormat. It does them no favor for you to unconsciously screw yourself over. It does nothing to boost your sex life either -- unless it’s done constructively, consciously and with consent. You can play secretary, but when the fun and games are over, make sure your needs are tended to. The full Moon on September 8 releases a giant can of healing whoop-ass in your Seventh House of relationships. Sex is healing. Sex is whatever kind of healing you need it to be. Sex is love. Sex is art. Sex is power. Sex is play. Sex is whatever we bring to it. Bring your best and that's what you'll get.

This month has you working behind-the-scenes of your love life. There may be relationships you're having in your head -- either in secret or against your better judgment -- that threaten to dismantle the strides you've made recently. This is a month for you to plan your year ahead; it's a time for you to do all the behind-the-scenes work you need to do before you're back in the spotlight come September 23. What do you want your next year to be like? What kind of relationships would you like to manifest? What kind of intimate connections do you need in order to evolve? This month (especially the events that lead up to September 12) sheds light on the ways in which you might choose mates who derail your progress. Once you catch wind of such shenanigans -- stop it! Don't let your next year get off-track by the loss of a lover who wasn’t par for your course. The other thing that might occur is that said lovers are going through their own trials and tribulations, and you need to let them do so. Be there for them, but also keep an eye on your own pile of work collecting dust on your desk. Come October, you'll be rocking and rolling and you won’t want to get caught saying, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” The Sun enters your sign on the 23rd of September, and the new Moon in Libra is on the 24th. Use this time to start new projects that launch you forward. These are SexScopes, but this is a time for you to deal with your issues of overly romanticizing everyone and everything so that you can get a move on in the real world.

With the traditional ruler of your sign, Mars, still in your domain until mid-month, you're being encouraged to continue believing in the powers that have graced you with the groove lately. The past couple of weeks have most likely tested and teased your limitations (perceived and real) to the point of what seemed like no return. But here you are -- back and better than ever! If you're awake and doing your work, you've been altered by the later weeks of August, and you now know your strength, your sex appeal and your secret to success: Never. Give. Up. Ever. Much of this month brings a focus to your friends and the other folks who support your business, your dreams and your dealings in the world. If you're single (and wanting to snuggle) go to as many functions, networking events and gatherings as you can. You're looking good right now to the world and at work; it would be a shame not to use some of that for play, too. We're always better on the job when we're treated well afterhours. Speaking of having some fun, the full Moon on September 8 is in your Fifth House of playtime and pleasure chests. Ask yourself, “Have I gone to the big kids' toy store lately?” If the answer is "no", the next question is, “Why not and what's stopping me?” You don’t have to buy anything; it’s the mere act of going that can remind you that sex is for play. Sex is for pleasure. Sex is for everyone who wants to have it. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you do for a living or what you don’t do for a living. Going into an environment that reminds us that sex happens in all kinds of ways for all kinds of reasons can free us up of some of the cultural baggage that may be getting in the way of letting the good times roll.

You're looking good out there, and there will likely be a lot of focus on you this month. Romance is to be found on the path with the most heart. That means that the things you do will attract the people you want to be intimate with. If you're in the fields, the careers and hot on the trails that have the most purpose for you, you’ll be more in line to meet the hotties with humor, humility and a hankering for awesome types like you. You don’t have to have "made it" to get the person of your dreams, but it does bode well if you're on our path and working towards making the best life that you possibly can for yourself. Ambition and the willingness to take risks is wonderfully attractive. The interesting thing is that this is barely risky for you right now because there's so much on your side. The only trick is to keep remembering that. Make sure that one act of remembering happens at the close of every day. Lie in bed and recount all of the fortunate things that happened to you from Sun up to Sun down. This keeps the gravy train running, and is the surest way to invite more love into your life. That, and leave your expectations at the door. The close of this month wants to bring you an out-of-the-blue gift from the gods around the new Moon on September 24 and 25, which occurs in your Eleventh House of friends, groups and groupies. If there's something you'd like to start with a group of like-minded folks, this would be the time to put it in motion (bearing in mind that a Mercury Retrograde in this area of your chart will take up much of October, so plan to do some re-planning). But it looks like the fortune comes to you in the form of a trip, journey or some wild piece of wisdom from a friendly source. Keep your bags packed and your dance card free so you can hop, skip and skeedaddle when the opportunity comes.

Search, Capricorn. Go far. Open wide. Walk, run and ride your way to a greater love. This month wants you to wander -- especially in your sex life and your love affairs. Why cling to things you know too well? Why not venture out past midnight and break your curfew? Try something new for goodness sakes. Try sorting the judgment out from the joy (it really doesn’t belong there) and the fear out from the fun (the two totally clash). Ask someone out on a date if that’s something that terrifies you, or let yourself be asked out if that's more challenging. Wallflowers get out on the floor, and dancing queens make some room. Challenge yourself to explore. Watch your misguided meanderings as well. The astrology wants you to both go for broke and keep your wits about you. There are a couple of tempting tides that may have you betting on a horse that's past its prime. In other words, keep your eyes open on blind dates -- especially around September 10. Juno, the divine consort (an asteroid that is like a second Venus) is in your Seventh House of intimate partnerships, helping you get on the romantic rollercoaster of life. The other piece of this month's astrology is all about your career. There are some challenges brewing here, and whatever happens in the coming month is bound to be revisited in October. Yes, there's another Mercury Retrograde on its wonky way, and it's all about your business. How you look and what you do out there in the world is about to be heightened come the Fall Equinox and new Moon on September 24, and then reworked. Step carefully. Move mindfully. Make space to be wrong. Make time to revise.

Love could not be more readily available for you now. If you aren’t feeling it, get someone near-and-dear to you to snap you out of it. Do not waste these days. Open yourself up to the love and fun in front of you. Sex can be playful, powerful, full of feeling (yes, the f-word) and mind-alteringly good. With Jupiter having just moved into your Seventh House of intimate partnerships and wedding bells, this entire next year is meant to bring you closer to those who have spontaneously erupted into your line of lovers. Why not catch a break? This is your spoonful of sugar, and you can always bet that there'll be more medicine to go down, so soak in the sweet. September is most definitely more docile than August and more downplayed than October. Much more so. The focus for you will be about facing the subtleties of your fears; how they show up, how they guide your choices and how they impact your view of the world -- which is going through a shift, by the way. Both this month and next lead you through a series of situations that has you pondering what it is that you believe in. What you held as the vessel of truth may start to show the cracks that create unstable containers. Your mind is changing. This is a good thing. Leave room for the ways in which it needs to expand, explore and investigate -- all on its own. You'll spend a lot of this month being challenged on your beliefs, and a lot of next month revising and reworking your thoughts on things (as well as travel plans and educational endeavors). Keep an open mind so you don’t have to pry open the doors to your ongoing development.

Being stretched is a good thing, and being the most flexible of the zodiac, this month is no real stretch at all for you. But there's much emphasis on who you're with at the moment. Don’t get lost on that. There may be a temptation to gaze endlessly into the pools of tender beauty that are the eyes of your beloved (and why not take time for some of that?) but do remember the "you" of the two of you come the full Moon in your sign on September 8. It looks like it wants to reveal an essential wound in terms of your identity. Vitality is a tough thing to get to when we're carrying the burden of self-doubt for too long. Sex is the vital life force of creation, or sex is how we get to it. With so much focus on your partners right now, you can bet that a majority of the work you're doing with them is actually more of a reflection of your relationship to yourself. Our sex life is only as good as how we're able to show up for it. Our sex life is only as good as how much of ourselves we can bring to it. Sure, many can get to an orgasm, but what about getting to a full-bodied, aged to perfection vintage bottle of blow-your-mind-and-heart-wide-open? It’s in a totally different category. It’s in an entirely different price bracket. It takes a very distinguished palate to appreciate it. However, if you can pay the price, you can enjoy the show, and the price is commitment. Not your run of the mill traditional approach to ball-and-chaining it. No, no. This is about commitment to the moment. This is about commitment to yourself in the moment. This is about commitment to the intimate relationship you're having in the here-and-now so that you can decipher whether or not it’s good for you. This is about being present so that you can give yourself the opportunity to show up and enjoy what's in front of you ... because there's so much there!

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