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The Moon and Your Mood: Planning November by the Moon

by Kosmic Kelly October 08, 2014 07:10 PM EST
The Moon and Your Mood: Planning November by the Moon Getty Images
Align your actions with the rhythm of the cosmos by tuning into the divine Moon. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet. Its changing sign and phase provide clues to the cosmic mood. Here’s your Moon planning guide for November.

November 1-3, Pisces Moon
Water, water everywhere! Trust your instincts and follow your feelings. The divine and inspired Pisces Moon can help you discover buried treasure -- in your heart or in life -- and share it. Time at the spa or in or near water can be rejuvenating.

November 4-5, Aries Moon
The pace picks up as the impatient Aries Moon combines with quirky Uranus. A spur of the moment choice can turn out for the best, even if it creates short term chaos. With Mars ruling the Sun and Moon now, it’s time for action, bold choices and being decisive.

November 6-7, Taurus Full Moon
The Taurus full Moon evokes a sensual and tactile feeling that will inspire you to pamper your body, indulge in good food and wine and splurge on anything to do with comfort. Security and stability, especially to do with money and regarding commitment, are also important.

November 8-9, Gemini Moon
The light Gemini Moon balances the intense feeling of the Sun in Scorpio. Use this 2 day period to talk, share and connect with friends. Follow your curiosity. Interaction, ideas and insight will be highlighted. Splurge on books, podcasts or training programs.

November 10-12, Cancer Moon
Home, family and domestic themes are highlighted, and you may be focussed on protecting what you have, or who you love. Venus and Saturn cuddle up too showing that quality time with those in your inner circle will help nourish your spirit and create feelings of safety now.

November 13-14, Leo Third Quarter Moon
The third quarter Moon represents a turning in the matrix. Energy shifts as goals crystalize and you become clear on what needs immediate action. Do what sets your heart on fire. With the Moon strengthened by a link to lucky Jupiter (also in Leo) a little effort or risk can pay off in a big way.

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November 15-17, Virgo Moon
The Virgo Moon adds a practical and grounded quality that combines with the Scorpio Sun to create a strategic approach for success. You know what you want; now the Virgo Moon can help you put the right plan in place to get it. Topics to do with service, support and healing may also arise.

November 18-19, Libra Moon
The Moon in Libra highlights relationships and other people, but you may need to let go of on old issue this month as the balsamic Moon phase highlights the past. This is a powerful time of release so let go of any baggage or old fear and pain, especially if you want to create more space for love in the future.

November 20-21, Scorpio Moon
The private, hidden and mysterious energies of the Scorpio Moon are especially strong this month. You may prefer to retreat, step back from daily life, or turn your attention towards a private matter. Money, intimacy and trust are highlighted.

November 22-23, Sagittarius New Moon
The Sagittarius new Moon ushers in a fresh and uplifting quality that can help you reconnect your sense of purpose. New meaning will be possible, especially in relationships as Venus in Sagittarius participates in the new Moon festivities. A new chapter begins and exciting adventures await.

November 24-26, Capricorn Moon
The Capricorn Moon can help you create progress on long term goals. Mars, also in Capricorn, adds confidence, energy and drive. Step into the role of leader if you have to, but take charge to get moving on your ultimate plan, especially regarding career success.

November 27-28, Aquarius Moon
The Aquarius Moon highlights a tribal and group energy that can help you connect with like-minded people about a wide variety of topics, especially anything quirky, esoteric or unconventional. Exotic rituals, travel that’s a bit unusual or an unexpected opportunity are likely.

November 29-30, Pisces First Quarter Moon
Dreams of escape and adventure may be hard to ignore as the Pisces Moon encourages daydreaming and fantasy. Imagine your dream life then, where you can, incorporate elements of it into your everyday world. Creative outlets, especially to do with music, will be uplifting.
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