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Ms Aquarius asks, My off/on relationship is confusing me. Should I stay or go?

by Kosmic Kelly May 16, 2012 05:40 PM EST
Ms Aquarius asks, My off/on relationship is confusing me. Should I stay or go? Kelly Surtees
Q: “My off/on relationship is confusing me. Should I stay or go?” (Birth Data supplied)
A: As a late born Aquarius, you’ve been under the influence of Neptune, which makes life in general confusing. Neptune finally moved off your Sun in February 2012, which is a little like a fog slowly starting to lift.
As you look back on 2011 you’ll see life then had a surreal quality. Under Neptune’s touch it’s hard to see reality and sometimes you’ll ignore the truth.

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As such, it’s no wonder your relationship was confusing you. Unless your lover is prepared to make commitments and keep his promises, he’s not the man for you. Don’t get sucked into to giving him endless second chances.
Getting grounded and focussing on healthy limits is key, as now that Neptune has left your Sun, you’re refocussing on personal goals and priorities.

With both your relationship planets, Venus and Mars, in Aries, and the emotional planet, the Moon, in Aquarius, you’re quite independent. You need a partner/relationship who respects your space.
Professional goals are highlighted under a Saturn/Jupiter cycle in October 2012, so put your energy into creating success in your career then.
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