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Nathalie Wood - a tragic beauty

by Marjorie Orr November 30, 2011 09:57 AM EST

Natalie Wood was a radiantly beautiful actress who managed the transition from child to adult star and then drowned aged 43 in mysterious circumstances. She had the most horrific mother imaginable with a Sun, Mars, Pluto conjunction Cancer in the 10th – controlling, very forceful, the ultimate nightmare of a stage mother who pushed her into acting aged 4. Her mother according to legend told her to remember the day her dog was killed by a truck to evoke emotions for a film scene; and she also lied to young Natalie about a film scene where a footbridge over rapids had been rigged to fail – she fell in with cameras rolling and could have been drowned, leaving her with a lifelong fear of water. The Mars Pluto mother is deadly. As if that wasn’t enough her 7th house Saturn in Aries (= forced early to be self reliant) is in a wide square to her Sun (Mars Pluto) so nothing she did was ever enough. Life was exceptionally cruel to her. She did have a sugary sweet Jupiter in Pisces opposition Venus so could turn on the smiles to cue but basically she was very tortured. And an 8th house Uranus trine a 12th house Neptune would do nothing to give her equilibrium being very highly strung.

When she died in the early hours of 29th Nov 1981 the transitting Saturn Pluto conjunction was moving through her 1st house pushing her deeper into her emotional issues and away from career ambitions. The tr Saturn Pluto conjunction had just finished opposing her natal Saturn and would soon be square her 10th house Sun, Mars, Pluto which is very heavy duty, deeply depressing, highly stressful and really pole axing. I doubt she’d have survived the next two years even if she had not drowned, presumably accidentally. There was little happening on her Solar Arc directions vis a vis her natal chart – though transitting Saturn was conjunct her SA Venus and tr Jupiter was conjunct her SA Neptune and opposition her natal Moon – which suggest emotional separation but also perhaps a merciful release.


Robert Wagner, whom she married twice, doesn’t have an easy chart being part of the Saturn opposition Pluto Moon square Uranus generation – so used to very tough times and difficult emotional relationships with women. Plus he was a Sun, Venus in Aquarius so fairly detached. There’s almost no cross over in their chart – he certainly had a Cancer Moon but not conjunct Natalie’s Cancer Sun. His Sun squared Natalie’s 8th house Uranus and Natalie’s Moon squared his Mars – so it was hardly a meeting of souls.


Their relationship chart which was exceptionally argumentative with a Sun Mars conjunction opposition Mercury and a passionate Venus Pluto trine as well as a cool Venus square Saturn. It would blow very hot and very cold.


Her own chart had a fair amount of Neptune around at that point on the midpoints – hinting at confusion, drink, poor judgement and possible poor physical co-ordination.


The only thing on Wagner’s chart which is notable is

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He certainly had a short fuse with a 3rd house Mars Mercury and she of course had that mind blowing Mars Pluto Sun conjunction in her 10th so she’d not be backwards about stamping her foot either.


Like Natalie, his chart didn’t have much going on directly at the time of her death from transits – though it was a heavy time in his life with the tr Saturn Pluto just off the square to his 8th house Pluto – so tremendous financial and psychological pressures. Tr Pluto was just off a conjunction to his Solar Arc Neptune so the previous months would have been devastating. Tr Uranus was opposition his Solar Arc Uranus suggesting a definite jolt and break with the past. Tr Uranus had just crossed the conjunction to their composite Venus which would have pulled them apart emotionally over the previous months as well. The only exact transit he had was tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto midpoint which is trapped anger, frustration – and could as easily be explained by having to cope with a tragic accident.


Christopher Walken, on the boat himself that night, is a vague, creative Sun in Aries opposition Neptune, with a controlling trine to Pluto and an assertive sextile to Mars in Aquarius. His Jupiter in Cancer which is kindly disposed may have calmed Natalie’s raging 10th house Cancer planets somewhat and his Venus was widely conjunct her Taurus Moon which is comforting. But her Saturn in Aries blocked out his Aries Sun and his Saturn squared her Venus so I’d doubt there was much going on there – tho’ she did evidently have a tendency to flirt with danger, not surprising with Sun, Mars, Pluto in her 10th.




Looking at Robert Wagner’s chart at the moment he does have a nasty year or two coming up – with tr Pluto opposition his 8th house Moon, exact again late this December and repeating in 2012; and tr Pluto conjunct Saturn and square Uranus in 2012. Plus tr Uranus following suti. So tr Pluto and tr Uranus are bouncing his Cardinal T Square all over the place – and it’s difficult enough at the best of times on a 2nd/8th axis onto the 5th. Hugely emotional, very deprived, real hardship and major jolts.


Christopher Walken looks very highly strung at the moment and through 2012. Oddly his Solar Arc Mars is at exactly the same degree/sign as Wagner’s at the moment – 23/24 Aries – despite them being born 13 years apart. So a nasty setback for both of them.

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