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Neptune: Mystic Whirl

Neptune: Mystic Whirl

Everything we cannot see or touch is Neptune's domain. Our fantasies and our hidden agendas are both born from Neptune's influence. We're lucky it's the second last planet away from the Sun, or these powerful undertows might be just too much to handle.

Your Neptunian sign comes from a 14-year cycle. So you share that sign with everyone born in a period about a decade and a half -- it's the sign of a whole generation and reflects the collective consciousness of that batch of humans.

Gauzy, opaque, and glitzy by turn, Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and the Twelfth House. The elusive planet reigns over a broad spectrum of the world's affairs -- entertainment, intuition, and spirituality all play out in Neptune's arena.

The smoke and mirrors of Hollywood's entertainment industry -- film, television, music, and celebrities of all kinds -- are perfect mediums for Neptune's doings. Our love of the story and the desire to escape are served well by this underwater ruler. The Harlequin romance, the noir mystery, the soap opera, and many other entertainment genres are happy playgrounds for Neptune.

The dark side of this influence may manifest in drug use, which includes alcohol, tobacco, over-the-counter and prescription mood alterers. When spirituality and emotional growth are neglected, or the pain of a life trauma is dulled instead of transformed, the escape into substances may be a strong Neptunian pull.

Fashion's glamorous dictators have power because of Neptune. Women are especially susceptible to the whims and mutations of this high-powered industry, which spends heavily to influence our subliminal self-images. Some women have fun with the trends, creating their own; others feel constantly blown by the changing winds of fashion's swings.

This same energy urges us to embrace our spirituality, our need to connect to a greater reality than our own human drama. Our intuition is an important conductor of guidance from our spirits. No matter what form spirituality takes in our lives -- strict adherence to an established religion, meditation or yoga practice, new age philosophy, the desire to be hypnotized or to explore psychic healing -- the impetus comes from Neptune.

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