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Neptune into Pisces: Limitless

by The Astrologer's Daughter March 27, 2011 09:20 PM EST
Neptune into Pisces: Limitless
I just saw the movie Limitless after swearing I was going to save it for video (can you still say that?) I mean big deal. Man finds pill. Mind gets superpowers. Man gets in trouble. I didn't think concept was all that enticing. How many fast cars and fast women was Bradley Cooper going to have to ride before realizing being limitless is somewhat limiting? This isn't a movie blog so I'll just stop there. (It ended up being worth the price of admission for the record.) It dawned on me, however, that being limitless - at least in the way this film demonstrates it as an overwhelming sense of mental clarity - has more than a tincture of the sorts of experiences we'll have access to when Neptune enters mystical Pisces on April 4th. I realize it's a bold statement, but Neptune is capable of magic and if you wield its power correctly I think it may even unleash a couple of the unused percentage points in our brains.

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No it won't be about jumping off cliffs compulsively or figuring out algorithms to beat the stock market, but then again ... when we are absolutely clear ... we are so better able to direct our energies to those things that matter to us. I related to the way Bradley Cooper craved that little clear pill in the way that I crave meditation -- a very Neptune in Pisces exercise. Sure, it takes a lot more time and discipline than popping a pill but there is such a distinct difference in the way I think and operate before and after making myself sit and clear my mind for 30 minutes of all the extraneous garbage or anxieties it has collected. There are scientific studies which link deep states of meditation to benefits to the brain as well which you can google. And the benefits of meditation aren't reserved for those who sit cross legged in the dark, you can get that feeling of clarity after a yoga class or great run by the beach. The thing they all have in common is that we're able to zone out; which is a curious concept being that zoning out is exactly what it seems to take, oftentimes, to zone in with our full attention. The difference is our attention is not only focused but expanded and usually that is a time when our 6th sense can creep in; it finally has some space! In Limitless, this clarity and ability to absorb information at rapid speeds and recall data from long-forgotten memory banks is linked to this pill giving him access to his full brain power. It's totally possible to experience this ability to transcend limits - at least your own personal ones - when you determinedly zone out. Neptune is Pisces wants to teach us more about this. Life isn't a Hollywood movie, but I think Limitless demonstrates how creativity can deliver on themes reflecting universal shifts of energy or thinking and give us a hint of what's entering the collective conscious.

I saw evolutionary Steven Forrest speak last weekend and while he didn't pull his punches about what it may mean for Uranus to enter the war god Aries (the Japanese Tsunami and apocalyptic aftermath took place on the day this cosmic shift took place, interestingly enough) but he offered some good insight about what it might mean that Neptune is entering Pisces beyond what I stated above. He conjured up images of the most crass characters and pitiless monsters among us and said to imagine that they too find themselves transfixed by the Milky Way or enamored by a rose (playing on the heightening awards to beauty that Neptune in Pisces promises); that no matter the karma points one has been logging, we will all have increased access or attunement to the sublime in one way or another. Neptune in Pisces is equal opportunity. Forrest also warns that this shift can elevate being a couch potato to an art form. Zoning out may make drifting an addiction in and of itself, rather than a way to raise our awareness or better our lives. There is always the choice. And he asked the question: what will be the universal affect of each one of us meditating a few more minutes a day, tapping into that place that transcends our separateness, recognizes beauty amidst the most disastrous of circumstances? We may find it an absolute necessity to find that place within ourselves more often just to be able to deal with life in these externally uncertain times. If we can intentionally access that Neptune in Pisces energy that is becoming available to us we can transform our lives for the better … and not subject ourselves to the skin deterioration or bad guys that make Limitless a Hollywood movie.
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