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Neptune's Move Into Pisces: How Will It Affect Your Sign?

by Sherene Schostak January 31, 2012 09:17 PM EST
The major astrological event of the week is the advent of Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, entering his home sign of Pisces for the next 14 years. On February 3, 2012, Neptune will infuse your dream and sleep zone for the long haul. Get ready for one of the most spiritually charged phases of your entire life. If you’re not already an artist, poet, photographer or spiritual seeker, don’t be surprised if your course changes radically -- starting this week. It’s a subtle yet powerful influence that will not be missed. Watch your dreams like a hawk from now on, Aries.


The week starts off with a sweet grounded Moon in Taurus which is the perfect preparation for the exciting shift taking place on Thursday. Neptune, the planet that rules all things fashionable, glamorous and mystical is moving into your social zone where he will take up residence for an extended 14-year stint. Your circle of friends could feel more like a meeting of angels and spirit guides over the next several years. There’s no question that you’ll be drawing some very interesting, artistic and compassionate folks into your world over the next decade. Have you died and gone to heaven? It sure feels that way.

Your career is about to move into an entirely new and mind-blowing dimension thanks to the big planetary shift taking place in your professional zone on Friday. With the planet of glamour, fashion and spirit moving into the top portion of your horoscope to stay for the next 14 years, you’re getting ready for one of the most soulful and fulfilling influences of your life. No longer can you separate your worldly pursuits from the needs of your spirit. They are one in the same and you’re no longer willing or able to compromise, Gemini. How fabulous is that?

There is a colossal cosmic shift taking place this week, and one that you’ll be thrilled to discover if you haven’t already heard. Neptune, the most mystical and magical planet of them all is moving into your sector of higher thinking and long-distance travel for the next 14 years. Get ready to alter your entire philosophical approach to life. You’ll realize life without spirit and fantasy is not worth living. From now on you’ll plan more vacations without the usual guilt. You are being shown how important it is to attend to the needs of your soul -- just as important than taking care of all of your loved ones, Cancer.

Are you ready for a major infusion of glamour, art and mysticism to rock your world for the next 14 years, Leo? This is the big week when Neptune comes home to Pisces for an extended stay in order to spiritualize our lives in unprecedented ways. You’ll be feeling this magical influence most keenly in your sex and transformation zone. Lucky Leo, your sex life is about to become more dreamy and other-worldly than you could ever imagine. Not only will you transform every layer of yourself from the most subtle to the most obvious, your libido is off the charts.

Prepare for an overwhelming romantic deluge in your partnership zone crashing onto your shore this Friday for a beautiful 14-year cleansing. Neptune, the ruler of your relationship house is coming home to his very own stars this week bringing waves of oceanic bliss in your one-to-one dealings. Soulmate connections become an everyday occurrence. The only downside to this mystical influence is the potential to be duped by the negative side of Neptune. Your powers of discrimination are watered down as your heart is virtually open to all. This i excellent for romantic relationships but potentially disastrous for business boundaries.

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On Monday the Moon is in your house of sex, transformation, and other people’s money, so life is nothing if not intense until Wednesday. At that point it just gets deeper and more poignant, as your ruler Venus, currently in romantic Pisces, opposes sex-hungry Mars. This could make you feel like you urgently need to start an argument with someone or make love to them, or both, in any order you feel like. By Friday, when mystical Neptune moves into your work zone, you feel like you must fuse your everyday life with your dream life. Go make some art, just by living.

The reliable Taurus Moon in your house of relationships has you thinking about the realistic meaning of one-to-one partnership as the week opens. But come Wednesday, the vibe turns decidedly sexy with the opposition of your libidinous ruler Mars to lovely, romantic Venus. Whether you’re single or currently have a significant other, the second half the week is all about coupling in every possible configuration. Then Neptune moves into your creativity zone on Friday, where it will infuse your life with magic and art for the next 14 years. Paint, draw, dance, design, write and repeat.

This momentous week begins on a workaday note, with the Moon in your house of scheduling and everyday errands. The good news is that you can steadily get things done until Wednesday, when you may want to simply stop your regular life to go out and party. Venus (in your home zone) opposes Mars (in your career house) making both domestic and professional endeavors very flirtatious, wild and sexy. Feel like cooking an aphrodisiac meal for your lover? Perfect. By Friday, everything turns to magic pixie dust as Neptune moves into your fourth house of nurturing for the next 14 years.

With the Moon in an Earth sign at the start of the week, life flows effortlessly and your mind works like a creative and well-oiled machine. By Wednesday, however, your thoughts turn to more carnal matters. With romantic Venus in your communication zone opposing Mars in your house of adventure, you want to whisper sweet nothings and then take immediate action on them. This is the perfect time to send sexy SMS messages to your lover and then meet up for tryst. When Neptune moves into your house of thinking on Friday, your mind is infused with 14 years of magic.

You’re thinking about home and domestic issues as the week begins, but by Wednesday you may be in a whole new place, Aquarius. Alluring Venus (currently in your money zone) opposes feisty, aggressive Mars (in your house of sex for several months). This can bring everything in your life to a boiling point. Do you want to make love or war, or both at the same time? Just make sure that you don’t argue with your partner over finances. When magical Neptune moves into your house of possessions on Friday, you feel less need for stuff, and more need for spirituality.

It’s one of the most momentous weeks of your life, Pisces, so prepare! Early in the week life is rather mundane, but by Wednesday things take a turn for the magical. First romantic and beautiful Venus, currently in your own sign, opposes Mars in your relationship zone. There couldn’t be a sexier, more loving and passionate transit, so use it well. On Friday, your mystical, poetic ruler Neptune moves into your own sign, where it will stay for the next 14 years. If you’ve always wanted your life to be like a Hollywood movie, now is your time to shine. Glamour is everywhere.
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