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New Year Resolutions: Let the Moon Guide You!

by The Astrologer's Daughter December 14, 2009 07:24 PM EST
New Year Resolutions: Let the Moon Guide You!
The North Node of the Moon represents energy potential, and is massively influential as it draws us in the direction of what will be most fulfilling in our lives. It demands the conviction of our vision without having had the trial-and-error to guarantee us that what we undertake will be successful or a complete flop. It compels us to seek a new path and to imagine, What if?

The South Node, on the other hand, is simply what is. It represents qualities perhaps mastered in childhood or in past lifetimes.

While it's a comfortable extension of our life and circumstances, the South Node is considered more of a gift to others than to ourselves -- one that we give blindly and often by rote. The North Node -- its sign, placement and house -- is that precious potential that reveals itself to us with the exhilaration and mystery of the Magician. It's as if the universe, if we dare listen, keeps conspiring ways to pull us out of our comfort zone and place us on a path that promises freedom.

This year, look to the North Node and make a resolution to meet it halfway. While it offers no guarantees, it does offer dramatic tension without which there would be no need for faith. It's the decision of the hero within all of us to say yes to the adventure and take one shaky step at a time toward the path of our dreams. In your chart, the North Node is aptly represented by the lucky horseshoe-shaped symbol.

Also, read for the sign associated with the house in which your North Node falls. For example, if your North Node is in Aries in the Sixth House, read explanations for both Aries and Virgo (the sixth sign). Good luck!

Aries North Node (Libra South Node)
Make a plan in the New Year to do something totally selfish. While it may make your Libra South Node gasp, it's a thrilling proposition that will actually enliven existing relationships. You've had past experiences of being overly dependent on others, as well as wishy-washy in pursuing your own set of interests. Set out to do one thing a month –- no matter how small -– that is decisive and, more importantly, all your own. It could mean going to a movie solo or enrolling in an exercise class that excites your hidden passions for heart-racing athletics or competition. By the end of the year, you may find yourself taking fearless road trips in pursuit of adventure. You are ready to explore that part of you that doesn't take no for answer and boldly goes where your South Node fears to tread.

Taurus North Node (Scorpio South Node)
With emotions as thick as the marble fist of Rodin's 'The Thinker,' a resolution of Taurus North Node individuals should involve divesting themselves of the burdensome responsibility of feeling like they have to get to the root of every matter. While this an admirable quality in certain situations, it's possible you have overused your investigative natures to the point of becoming meddlesome or confrontational (surely this isn't the first time you've heard that!). The trite expression 'It is what it is' would be a good expression to apply when you think you smell a rat. Opening your narrowed eyes to the possibility that abundance comes in other forms besides emotional upsets would add a replenishing lightness to the New Year. You have the resources to cultivate simplicity, and need only give yourself permission to more deeply explore your easygoing nature.

Gemini North Node (Sagittarius South Node)
This is the year to ask yourself where you have been missing the trees for the forest. While we are usually asked to see the bigger picture, for Gemini North Nodes it's about tapping into that part of them that sees wisdom and magic in the day-to-day stimulation that unfolds in our lives. With a South Node in Sagittarius, these folks have already filled their tank with ponderous philosophies and need permission to explore more immediate matters that affect their everyday adventures. Making a commitment to do crossword puzzles and explore more social connections through work, community or online resources will add zest to the New Year.

Cancer North Node (Capricorn South Node)
Cancer North Node people can be incredibly hard on themselves and not even realize they are blocking avenues to love simply by wearing their steely independence on their sleeve. Since you want to go in the direction of Cancer, exploring your vulnerability and letting go of having to do everything right and on your own will be incredibly healing for you. Being around tight-knit families and hanging out with nieces and nephews will give you a real-world demonstration of the kind of energy in which you're learning to swim. Resolve to donate time and tenderness to children rather than being the one to get them the most expensive gift. It's about sentiment over materialism with this sign, and taking baby steps (even if it means writing one gushy card this year) will start chipping away until your hidden reserves of tenderness can flow more easily.

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Leo North Node (Aquarius South Node)
Because you are so naturally an iconoclast, try doing something that actually plays to the crowd. With your soul's intent pointing in the direction of the showman, taking that risk of getting applause would demand a shift toward performance and expressions of vulnerability, which is out of your comfort zone of ideas. Risking exposure through the realm of the heart, and not the mind, is where your secret lies in enjoying a more fulfilling and lucky New Year.

Virgo North Node (Pisces South Node)
While it probably hasn't been your knee-jerk inclination, make a resolution to volunteer yourself as coordinator of a special event, be it an extended family picnic or a sales event at work. In this lifetime, you're ready to learn about your knack for exquisite detail and service. You have spent enough time in the pond of emotion -- yours and others. Rather than needlessly drain yourself, you want to build a new foundation from which people can count on you for a different and exciting set of skills. While you are quite sensitive and gifted at sensing others' emotions, you're craving a more practical application of your gifts. Say yes to opportunities that offer your systematic intuition a chance to blossom, and enjoy more concrete and material results of your efforts.

Libra North Node (Aries South Node)
You have become a little too used to taking big risks and damning the torpedoes. This year you may find that it is surprisingly more thrilling to act in duet with someone else and take the road more traveled -- or at least the one that considers the needs of others. Hone in on resolutions that include a significant other and cultivate the relationship with your inner artist as well. You are much more sensitive than you may give yourself credit for and have great potential for applying your aesthetic sense. Resolve to collaborate on an artistic project, whether it is choosing new drapes for the kitchen or co-writing a script. You have powerful reserves waiting to find expression through teamwork and exciting artistic pursuits.

Scorpio North Node (Taurus South Node)
For those with the North Node in Scorpio, it's about accepting help in the New Year. Used to shouldering the brunt of responsibility and stubborn as bulls about how you want things done, the quality of your work would actually improve if you allow yourself to merge assets with another individual –- both emotionally and financially. Also, make a point to explore your inner psyche this year even if you're fearful about looking foolish or coloring outside the lines. Scorpio North Node people need to learn that emotions aren't always neat and practical. Seeing their way through things with their feelings, no matter how messy it looks, will actually unlock hidden potentials and energize their path to brighter opportunities in the New Year.

Sagittarius North Node (Gemini South Node)
With a nodal axis of Gemini and Sagittarius, the dynamic tension in your life straddles information and intuition, facts and faith. Sagittarius North Node individuals are discovering the application of faith and intuition in their lives and learning to rely less on every little detail. Expanding your field of vision may begin with you saying no to one "bad" Gemini habit. Identify situations where you may overly rely on logic and see if you can't feel your way through to a successful conclusion. Start small by seeing if you can intuit your way back to a location without having to keep referring to a map or listening to your GPS. If you don't start using your intuition and taking small leaps of faith, you're less apt to develop those qualities that could greatly improve your life. At the very least, it will be an adventure that will thrill your North Node.

Capricorn North Node (Cancer South Node)
While your maternal instincts and caring nature can be a gift to others, resolve to explore your sense for business and independent enterprise. While you may feel unsure of your leadership abilities away from home, your North Node promises some beginner's luck as you explore territory outside of your comfort zone. While you will still be able to offer your maternal gift to others, say yes to roles in the community or at work that draw upon your secret CEO capabilities. You're ready to learn that taking on a public role does not undercut your tenderness or ability to give. Start small by agreeing to preside over something close to your heart or with which you're already familiar, like the PTA or a book club. If you can set some specific baby steps to take in 2010, you'll find that you'll enjoy being counted -- and it actually will increase your ability to care for others because you're honoring yourself at the same time.

Aquarius North Node (Leo South Node)
It's always time for Aquarius North Node people to explore their hidden philanthropist and act on their original ideas. In 2010, resolve to get involved or at least educate yourself about a humanitarian cause. See if you can use your powers of leadership and influence to raise awareness for something close to your heart. This may mean participating in a Breast Cancer Walk or attending a forum on community issues. You are ready to combine forces and ideas with like-minded people that titillate your intellectual streak. You're learning that there are different ways to receive applause; undertakings that consider broader causes and different groups will benefit greatly from your participation.

Pisces North Node (Virgo South Node)
Resolutions will feel riddled with the passion of possibility if you decide on the theme of faith. As a Pisces North Node person, you are doubtless a whiz with facts and details. But you will thrive if you start acknowledging the power of intuition and faith in your life. Resolving to go with the flow in certain situations and relegating the details to someone else will lighten your load and ease that critical voice that can become a killjoy. Explore interests that fascinate you this year, and while you can heed your more practical side in certain situations, let emotional responses be your guide when it comes to pursuing hobbies and interests.
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