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Now When Will Kim Kardashian Have Babies?

by Kiki T. August 23, 2011 11:54 AM EST
Now When Will Kim Kardashian Have Babies? Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Everyone’s big question after a wedding is always, “When are the babies coming?” Now that Kim Kardashian has had her multi-million-dollar wedding to Kris Humphries, when can fans expect them to start their family?

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Lucky for Kardashian fans, the major excitement is just starting now! As a Libra, with a mid-degree Sagittarius Rising, Kim’s Fifth House (which is the house of children) is ruled by Taurus -- making Jupiter (the planet of expansion) currently touring that area of her chart. As it goes, the Fifth House is also the sector that rules true love, so the marriage is an auspicious sign that can progress to family ASAP. Up until June 2012, Jupiter will be in Taurus, touring her house of children, and it will be at its strongest for her closer to the end of 2011, through the beginning of 2012. So, don’t be surprised if there is a new cast member to Keeping Up with the Kardashians sooner than later!
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